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Sep 3, 2020
Animated women at copier
By Joel Metzler

After you’ve gone through the process of picking out the perfect copier/printer for your business needs, you’ll need to know how to use it. Luckily, we make sure you are trained and ready to confidently use your new machine…

Aug 27, 2020
Women and man next to Xerox machine
By Michaela McMellan

Year after year, copier/printers get released with new and better performing technology and features. You may have a machine that’s working fine, but newer models can be enticing. 

Aug 18, 2020
Cartoon girl holding a copier
By Michaela McMellan

When investing in a copier/printer for your business, you're going to want a high-quality multi-function printer (MFP). Due to this, the machine will be bigger than an inexpensive desktop printer.  

Aug 14, 2020
Man changing toner
By Michaela McMellan

Have you received any calls trying to sell you toner over the phone? Be cautious with these calls, you may be talking to a toner phoner. These scams happen daily. Business owners have lost money with no recourse to recoup their losses.

Toner phoners are telemarketers who attempt to sell…

Aug 13, 2020
Person changing toner
By Michaela McMellan

Have you ever wondered what to do with your left-over toner cartridges?  

You may have several empty cartridges…

Jul 16, 2020
Two animated humans wearing masks next to a copier
By Michaela McMellan

COVID-19 changed the workforce in ways nobody could have imagined. Remote work became the new normal and masks became required in most social settings. After several months of lockdown, businesses are opening back up; people…

Jul 9, 2020
Hand changing copier/printer toner
By Matthew Eberhart

Having a service solution for your machine is a must if you want to ensure a long product lifespan and avoid unexpected repair costs.