Xerox VersaLink B620 Printer Review: Pros, Cons, and Cost

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Xerox VersaLink B620

You're on this page because you're curious about the Xerox VersaLink B620. But shopping for a printer today is different from before. Many consumers today are searching for the ideal printer online. That means sifting through thousands of printer choices and wondering if the printer you're looking at is really worth the money.

We have over 35 years of experience selling printers, and we've seen how printers have evolved into computer-like devices that can do more than just print. We've gathered a lot of knowledge about the modern printer's capabilities and how they can enhance efficiency.

Our partnership with Xerox is a testament to our expertise. We’re familiar with their products and are ready to share insights on any of their cutting-edge machines.

Now, you might think our expertise could bias our reviews. But we understand that today’s buyers, like you, are savvy and discerning. You’re not looking for a sales pitch; you’re seeking honest, comprehensive reviews you can trust.

That’s why we’re here to guide you through the pros and cons, the features and flaws, of the machines we offer.

So, let's get started with an honest review of the Xerox VersaLink B620. We'll review everything from its impressive specifications to its flexible configuration options, ensuring you have all the information you need to determine if it's the right match for your business.

Note: The VersaLink B620 is the newer version of the VersaLink B610

Xerox VersaLink B620 Basics

Here are some general statistics and information, such as print speed, volume, resolution, and cost:     

Print Speed: Up to 65 ppm (pages per minute)    

Recommended Average Monthly Print Volume: Up to 30,000 per month    

Duty Cycle: Up to 300,000 pages per month    

Processor Speed: 1.2 GHz (gigahertz)    

Print Memory: 2 GB standard    

Maximum Print Resolution: 1200 X 1200 dpi (dots per inch)    

First-Page-Out Time Printing: As fast as 4 seconds    

Cost: Starting at around $1,049      

For a look at the dimensions of the VersaLink B620 base model, see the picture below: 

Dimensions of the Xerox VersaLink B620

Xerox VersaLink B620 Key Features  

Now, let’s look at some of the key features that come with the VersaLink B620 printer:

Touchscreen Interface and App Gallery

Like all modern VersaLink and AltaLink printers, the Xerox VersaLink B620 has a customizable five-inch color touchscreen tablet. The familiar and intuitive layout makes it easy to accomplish printing tasks.

You can tailor the user interface to your business’s goals by choosing from the numerous Xerox App Galleryapplications. A few examples include:

  • Summarizer: An app that creates summaries of documents you can view, print, or email from your printer. The app works through credits, and you can purchase 250 credits for $49.
  • Xerox Note Converter: An app that lets you convert your notes into MS Word documents or text files and transfer them to yourself or a different email address. The price is per device and is $49 for one year.

Here is an example of the Note Converter app:

Xerox Note Converter App

  • Intelligent Filer: An app that provides AI-powered categorization, standardized naming, and file location suggestions for your documents. You can use the app on 500 documents for the price of $49.

The Xerox App Gallery contains several applications that can aid in office productivity. For more information on the different kinds of apps, read the following blogs:         

The touchscreen interface and app gallery utilize Xerox’s ConnectKey technology. This innovative ecosystem allows you to download and customize your workflows. You can convert hard-copy records into accessible cloud-based documents and even control your printer from your smartphone.        

Printer Security     

The VersaLink B620 has a comprehensive four-point approach to security that’ll help prevent, detect, and protect against cyberattacks at all points of vulnerability.        

According to Xerox’s website, these include:     

  • Network intrusion and data transmission    
  • Protection from unauthorized access    
  • Stringent data encryption     
  • Added security to individual documents    

One security measure Xerox takes is a comprehensive Firmware Verification test upon printer activation. Xerox adds another security layer by having external partnerships with organizations like Cisco. Available on all VersaLink machines, Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides dynamic detection and classification of other Xerox devices on the network.        

In a digital world where cyberattacks are increasing, it’s crucial to know what security measures companies are taking before making a purchasing decision. To learn more about printer security, read these blogs:         

Additional Configuration Options for Xerox VersaLink B620        

Let’s look at the different configuration options that will allow you to customize and upgrade your machine in ways that best optimize your business needs:  

Standard Printer Accessories:

  • A 550-Sheet Output Tray
  • A front-side USB port.
  • A 100-Sheet Bypass Tray.
  • A 550-Sheet Tray 1

Optional Printer Accessories:     

  • Wireless Network Adapter
  • Up to three additional 550-sheet paper trays. 
  • 2,100-Sheet Tray (Requires Caster Base)  
  • 500+GB Hard Disk
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Printer Stand
  • The Caster Base                

Depending on the accessories you choose, the weight and dimensions of the printer will vary. You should always consult your print provider to ensure the additional upgrades you want to include are worth the investment.     

Here’s a look at what the VersaLink B620 could look like with additional upgrades:   

Xerox VersaLink B620 with Accessories/Options

2 Pros of the Xerox VersaLink B620        

To better understand the advantages of purchasing the VersaLink B620, let’s review some of the main pros associated with the machine:   

1. Large Printing Capacity       

The B620 has an average monthly print volume of up to 30,000 pages and a duty cycle of up to 300,000 pages per month. This printer is built to handle a sizable printing capacity for small-to-medium-sized workgroups. 

It's worth noting that while the B620 can print up to 300,000 pages per month, you should follow the machine's recommended monthly print volume instead. Doing so will avoid overworking your printer and ensure it has a longer lifespan.

To learn more about print volume and duty cycle, read these blogs:       

2. High Print Speeds at Compact Size

At a compact size and weighing only 65.8 lbs., the VersaLink B620 delivers an impressive print speed of up to 65 ppm. The A4 machine takes up less space but gets just as much done.

The B620 is a powerful machine that can easily fit under a counter or on a desk, making it ideal for smaller businesses or home offices.

To learn about printer size and space requirements, check out our blog on the difference between both sets of measurements.

2 Cons of the Xerox VersaLink B620        

Now that we’ve covered some of the positives regarding the VersaLink B620, let’s go over some of the negatives you should consider before purchasing:      

1. No Color Printing Capability       

The main downside to the VersaLink B620 is that it’s a monochrome printer, which means it can’t print in color. If this is a requirement, you should opt for a color printer, such as the VersaLink C620.      

2. Single-Function Solution Only     

Another notable downside to the VersaLink B620 is that it’s a single-function machine, which means it can only print. 

If you require a multifunctional black-and-white printer, consider the VersaLink B625. This model retains many of the same abilities as the B620 model but can also copy, scan, fax, and print.    

For more information on multifunction or all-in-one printers, read these blogs:     

Xerox VersaLink B620 Cost    

As previously stated, the base cost of the VersaLink B620 is around $1,049. This doesn’t include optional upgrades, installation & setup costs, or maintenance plans that you may want to include upon purchase of your machine.      

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to buy a separate Wireless Network Adapter (Wi-Fi Kit) to set up Wi-Fi for the VersaLink B620 model. The Wi-Fi accessory costs around $69.99.    

While the VersaLink B620 is a relatively cheaper option than other multifunction printers, such as the AltaLink B8100 series, it is a long-term printing investment, which is not inexpensive.       

Some vendors may offer trade-ins and the option to lease your printer rather than purchase it outright. Leasing a printer breaks down its total cost into more affordable monthly payments. For more information on consumer purchasing options, read these blogs:         

Who Is the Xerox VersaLink B620 a Good Fit for?          

The VersaLink B620 would be a good fit for:          

  • Small-to-medium-sized businesses that need a black-and-white printer with a hefty monthly print volume.   
  • Those looking to purchase an efficient yet compact printer with advanced technological features, such as a touchscreen and App Gallery.  
  • Those looking to make a long-term printing investment for their workplace.         

If you fall into one of these categories, you might be a candidate for the VersaLink B620. However, you should extensively evaluate your specific printing goals with a business consultant before purchasing.  

Who Is the Xerox VersaLink B620 Not a Good Fit for?     

The VersaLink B620 would not be a good fit for:       

  • Businesses that require an all-in-one or MFP option that can print, copy, scan, and fax.  
  • Those who require color printing capabilities.   
  • Businesses that need a machine to handle a large print volume (over 30,000 pages per month) 

If you fall into one of these categories, this model is not for you. To help you choose the right model, read our blog on how to choose a printer for your budget and business needs.         

Think the Xerox VersaLink B620 Is Right for You?        

The VersaLink B620 is an option for small-to-medium-sized businesses that print in black-and-white and need a machine to handle a print volume of around 30,000 pages a month. 

However, workgroups that want a multifunction device or require color prints will have to consider other options.

Finding the ideal printer to handle your monthly print volume and achieve all of your printing requirements is not easy. You need to do your research, which will be tedious and time-consuming.

So, what should you do when your time is limited, and you don’t have the expertise to make an informed decision? We highly recommend you consult industry experts for assistance and lean on their advice to make the right buying decision.   

We’ve established ourselves in the printer industry thanks to our 35+ years of experience in the field. But we’re driven by our customer-first mantra, built on giving you accurate and unbiased information to help you make the best purchasing decision for your situation.

If you’re interested in the VersaLink B620 or want to discuss your current print environment, reach out to us. We will find the right solution for you, whether it’s with us or not.