What Is Document Management Software?


Have you ever received a bill at the end of a nice dinner just to realize the appetizers, drinks, and sides that you ordered added up faster than you expected?

This is exactly what can happen with your printers/copiers, too. Maybe a department printed more than anticipated last month. Or maybe another department mistakenly printed all of their documents in color, which is far more expensive than black-and-white.

These common mistakes can lead to excess printing costs that leave you confused and your monthly print invoice higher than normal.

With document management software, like Y Soft's SafeQ, you can take back control of your printing costs and save money on your business's bottom line.

Featured image via Y-Soft.

Take Control of Your Printing Costs with Y-Soft's SafeQ Enterprise Suite

On average, companies spend $1,200 on annual printing per employee, according to KSLTV. If you're interested in cutting back on printing costs, you need a way to track and analyze your machine’s usage, so you don’t end up overpaying for printing.  

The best way to track and analyze your printing usage will be to invest in print management software like Y-Soft’s Enterprise Suite. Y- Soft is a software company that has been increasing office productivity with innovative software and solutions like SafeQ Enterprise Suite for over 20 years.  

SafeQ Enterprise Suite is a software solution that allows companies to:

  • Track, analyze, and take action to control costs
  • Increase productivity by streamlining repetitive processes 
  • Reports that allow you to quantify how much you're spending per month 

Streamline Digital Operations With DocuShare 

Another Document Management Software solution is the enterprise content management system DocuShare, which will allow you to streamline business processes by offering a central place to put your company's documents. DocuShare allows companies to:

  • Centrally manage information 
  • Engage in team collaboration
  • Automate document workflows.

Document management software, like Y-Soft or DocuShare, can be a game changer for your company. But it won't be a fit for everyone. 

If you're considering investing in document management software, reach out to us and we will tell you upfront and honestly whether document management software is right for you.