How to Safely Move Your Copier/Printer (Instructions)

Submitted by Michaela McMellan on Fri, 02/09/2024 - 09:00
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If you own a high-quality multifunction printer (MFP) for your business, you know they are not small machines you can quickly move around. These printers contain heavy materials like metal and can weigh more than 250 pounds, which is difficult for the average person to carry. 

Regardless, it's important to note that when moving MFPs, we do not recommend doing it yourself. Even if you possess superhuman strength levels, a printer's internal parts are delicate and require expert handling.   

For this reason, we encourage you to call us if you need to move your machine. Our service technicians will ensure that your copier is transported safely to where you need it.

If you attempt to move the machine yourself and an accident happens, you will be liable for any damages that may occur to the printer. 

Don't hesitate to call Strategic Technology Partners of Texas (STPT) at 800-569-0111.

Our printer technicians are in North Texas and can provide on-the-phone assistance for inquiries or on-site services.

However, if you ever need to relocate your printer to a different space or prepare it for transport, it's still crucial you know how to do it safely. At STPT, our service technicians have decades of experience transporting printers safely and understand the risks of improper machine handling. We have created this article to help you take the proper steps when moving your printer to avoid damaging it or yourself.

Steps to Safely Move Your Printer  

Different manufacturers offer a variety of Laser MFPs with varying styles and capabilities. As a result, there may be slight differences in how to handle them.

However, all printer models should come with instructions on how to move and package them.

For instance, Xerox provides instructions for different printer models on its online knowledge base. If you cannot find instructions for your specific model, seek advice from a Xerox support expert or a specialist at your printer vendor.

It's crucial also to plan the installation of your device correctly. When setting up your printer, refer to the manufacturer's manual or specification sheet to determine the ideal office space for your machine. This will help you avoid frequent movements of your copier and make it simpler for you or a technician to move it when necessary.

Regardless of the distance you need to move your MFP, contacting us before initiating any movement is always best. However, if you own a smaller MFP, Xerox recommends the following tips to help you move your printer:

  1. Do not tilt or turn the printer upside down as the inside may become contaminated with toner, which can cause damage to the printer or adversely affect print quality.  
  2. Remove any paper or other media from the output tray. If the output tray extension is open, close it.    
  3. Remove any paper from the paper tray.    
  4. Do not tilt the printer more than 10 degrees in any direction when moving it. Tilting the printer more than 10 degrees can cause toner spillage.  
  5. If you are moving the printer over a long distance, remove the drum cartridge and toner cartridge to prevent the toner from spilling.    

Always turn off your printer and unplug it before attempting to move it.

Additionally, well-known printer manufacturers such as HP and Canon provide user manuals with detailed instructions on how to move their specific machines.


Maximizing Printer Longevity: Importance of Proper Handling and Care

Moving complex machines like printers without following proper procedures can cause severe harm to your device, leading to reduced productivity and costly repairs.

Be aware if you have a warranty or service agreement with your printer manufacturer. They may charge you a significant amount for their repair services should you damage it. You should take all necessary precautions to prevent such incidents from happening.  

Please ensure you are cautious when moving your printer to avoid any negative consequences on your business operations.   

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Xerox support or our service technicians toll-free at 800-569-0111 (Option 2). We want to ensure that your machine receives proper care.  

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