A Step-by-Step Guide to Second Bias Transfer Roll Replacement on Xerox VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030

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Welcome back to The Printing Workshop. Today, Matthew will guide you through an important maintenance task for your Xerox VersaLink C7030: replacing the second bias transfer roller (BTR). Whether you're an experienced technician or a DIY enthusiast, this step-by-step guide will help you complete the process smoothly.

Note: This guide can also be used for the Xerox VersaLink C7020 and the Xerox VersaLink C7025 printer models.

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Step 1: Open the Left Cover

To initiate the second bias transfer roller replacement, start by opening the left cover of your Xerox VersaLink C7030. Locate the gray latch on the left side cover and push it up to reveal the internals.

Printer technician opens the left cover on the Xerox VersaLink C7030



Step 2: Remove the Old BTR

With the left cover open, you'll find the second BTR nestled on the left side cover. Identify the two orange squares on each end of the BTR. Place your thumbs on the black plastic near the orange squares while simultaneously placing your index fingers on the other side of the black clip and squeezing. By doing this, you'll unlatch both ends of the BTR. Pull the old BTR straight up and out of the machine.

Printer technician releases the old BTR on the Xerox VersaLink C7030

Printer technician opens pulls out the old BTR on the Xerox VersaLink C7030


Step 3: Align and Insert the New BTR

The new BTR has a small carrot-shaped protrusion on its plastic, and a corresponding carrot opening is present on the housing where the BTR goes. Align these carrots to ensure the correct orientation. Drop the BTR into place while holding it exactly as you removed the old one. Once aligned, give it a firm push to secure it in its position.

Printer technician opens points out the carrot-shaped protrusion on the BTR of the Xerox VersaLink C7030

Printer technician opens points out the carrot-shaped protrusion on the Xerox VersaLink C7030


Step 4: Close Left Cover

Now that the new BTR is securely in place, close the left side cover. Ensure that both the front and rear latches properly latch into place. This step ensures that the BTR is securely housed within the printer.


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Print with Confidence: Wrapping Up Your Journey to Seamless Xerox VersaLink C7030 Maintenance

This guide provides you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to replace the second bias transfer roller on your Xerox VersaLink C7030. It is more than just a maintenance guide; it is an investment in your printing experience. Imagine a printing setup that consistently delivers sharp, vibrant results without interruptions. By following the step-by-step process with Matthew, you will learn how to proactively care for your printer, ensuring that it operates at its peak performance.

We understand how crucial it is for you to have a printer that functions well. That's why we're here to help you with the necessary knowledge to make this task less complicated. We empathize with the frustration and inconvenience that a malfunctioning printer can cause, and we want to ensure that you don't have to face such situations. By implementing our suggested techniques, you can save money on possible repairs and ensure that your productivity is not disrupted.


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