What To Expect From Your Xerox Delivery Process When Purchasing Direct

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If you're perusing this article, chances are you've recently acquired a new copier or printer and are gearing up for the installation date.

You've selected the machine inclusive of installation and setup, configured with all the accessories and features you desire. All the paperwork has been signed, and now all that remains is for a service technician to deliver and set up your device.

If this installation process is new to you, you might be feeling a bit uncertain about what to expect, especially if it's your first time having a printer installed for you.

With over 35 years of experience in selling printers, we understand what constitutes a smooth installation. To ensure you feel confident and excited about your new machine's delivery, we've compiled a brief guide covering everything you need to anticipate during the delivery process, from pre-delivery preparations to post-installation training resources.

This way, you'll be fully set up and ready for your new printer when the service technicians arrive.


Before Your Copier/Printer Delivery

To facilitate a smooth delivery process, there are a few steps you can take in advance to prepare adequately.


Fill out the CRIF

The Customer Request Input Form (CRIF) is a document that needs to be completed before the installation date. It includes basic information about your company, network details, and equipment currently in use. This ensures that service technicians have all the necessary information to connect your machine properly to your network and install the desired features.

The CRIF is typically for new customers and is a relatively short form, taking no more than 15 minutes to fill out. If you have a current Xerox installed, you can print out a configuration page and that will usually have all the required information necessary.


Read Through the CEIG

The Customer Expectation and Installation Guide (CEIG) is specific to the model you're having installed and functions like a manual or customer guide. It provides essential information about your purchased machine, including measurements, space requirements, network and electrical specifications, an overview of features, maintenance details, support services, and approved media (paper) types.

It serves as a valuable resource even after installation, offering a comprehensive guide to your new printer.

If you haven't received your CEIG yet, don't worry! Reach out to your Business Consultant, and they'll make sure you get a copy as soon as possible. They're there to assist you and ensure you have all the information you need about your printer.


Prepare the Space for Your Printer

In addition to the documentation, it's crucial to have the designated space ready for your new printer. Refer to your CEIG for space requirements beyond equipment measurements to avoid inconveniences and potential hazards. Clear the delivery path, removing any obstacles that might hinder the service technicians' movements.

Consider factors like steps, ramps, or obstacles between the outside of your building and the printer's destination inside. Discuss these details with your business consultant to prevent any delivery complications.

Please Note: It is also just as crucial to ensure the proper electrical and network receptacles are in place before the delivery day. 


Shipping and Delivery

Xerox aims for swift equipment delivery, usually within 2 weeks of order approval. After approval, your order undergoes meticulous pre-configuration to gather parts and accessories, ensuring alignment with your specifications. Possible delays may occur if accessories are temporarily out of stock, prompting Xerox to hold the shipment for cohesive delivery.

Once shipped, your machine travels from the manufacturing facility to a warehouse close to you in about 3 business days. Logistics then transitions to the local carrier, a Xerox trusted partner, initiating coordination with your office's point of contact for scheduling. Communication during this process is critical, delivery will not occur unless the verbal or written date and address are confirmed. Note that some areas of the country follow a delivery zone run system, where the carrier delivers during a designated weekly timeframe.

Please note: Due to the nature of scheduled deliveries the carrier cannot give a specific delivery time on the day of your delivery, they do however provide a one-hour courtesy call to signal their pending arrival, ensuring a coordinated and convenient process.



Machine Configuration: The Setup Process

Upon arrival, the delivery team of the carrier will assemble the machine on-site, ensuring it is in working condition.

The duration of the process depends on the machine's size, complexity, chosen accessories, and upgrades. While we typically estimate one hour for installation, machines with additional features may take longer. Smaller machines that can fit on a desk are generally quicker.


Analyst Network Setup

Once your machine is successfully installed, an on-site analyst takes the reins to seamlessly integrate it into your network. Their expertise comes into play to ensure that your machine not only connects to your network but also encompasses all the features you desire. Whether it's setting up printing, enabling scan-to-email functionality, configuring scan-to-network capabilities, or establishing a smooth faxing experience, the analyst leaves no stone unturned.

The on-site analyst ensures that every aspect of your machine aligns with your preferences, delivering a personalized and optimized experience tailored to your specific requirements.


Copier/Printer Training

The final step in the installation process is training. An experienced trainer will work directly with your staff, covering essential aspects such as:

  • Navigating the user interface and touchscreen
  • Accessing paper trays and changing paper sizes
  • Troubleshooting paper jams and quick fixes
  • Utilizing added finishers

Training ensures that you and your staff feel comfortable using the printer, regardless of its initial complexity or your technological experience. Additionally, Xerox offers online tutorials. For example, Xerox has an online training center with 24/7 access to specific tutorials for each machine in its product line.

These training videos provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the printer, troubleshooting tips, toner replacement guidance, and more. This ensures that even staff members absent on installation day can be as informed and experienced as their colleagues.

We have a YouTube channel, The Printing Workshop gives you full access to all our YouTube video tips, tricks, and how-to’s. Let our service technicians and print experts walk you through some simple tech solutions for your Xerox printer.


Xerox Service Technicians

The Service technicians at Xerox boast years of experience and undergo rigorous training. Their expertise ensures not only a professional approach but also swift repairs, with the ability to handle a printer with knowledge and experience. 

For information on how to contact Xerox service and gain access to additional training videos, you can refer to GO HERE!

If you have a negotiated nationwide contract, you may have specific phone numbers for supplies and support.  Reach out to your Business Consultant if you are unsure about who to call.


Ready for Your Printer Delivery?

There you have it—everything you need to know to ensure a smooth installation process. Having read this article, filled out your CRIF form, and reviewed the CEIG, you're officially prepared to be the proud owner of a shiny new printer!

Now that your machine is poised for easy installation, it's time to delve into caring for it. Avoid multiple service calls, printer malfunctions, or being without printing equipment due to necessary repairs. Check out our article on "8 Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Copier/Printer" for insights on maximizing your device's longevity.


Happy printing!

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