What You Should Expect in Your CEIG 

Submitted by Magye Swenson on Wed, 05/11/2022 - 07:14

There are a few notable documents that come with the purchase of a printer, and one of those will extensively lay out everything you need to know about your machine. 

It’s called the Customer Expectation and Installation Guide, and it is a crucial document to look over before delivery and installation day.     

What is the CEIG? Why is it important? Do I need to sign and send it back? 

These questions will be addressed in this blog, so you’re better informed on what role the CEIG plays in the pre-delivery process.     

It should be noted that in the case of this blog, CEIG applies specifically to Xerox machines, which we sell, and may not pertain to other models or brands of printers.    

If you own a printer from a non-Xerox brand and are curious about a customer expectation guide, contact your local vendor or support agent with your manufacturer to see if they have something similar to Xerox’s CEIG.    

What Is the CEIG?    

The CEIG is an extensive document for a certain model or series of models that outlines critical information about your new machine. This includes:    

  • Installation Planning and Requirements, which specifies space, network and electrical requirements, model dimensions and general settings you need to know about your machine.  

  • Product Overview, which states key information about the machine, including security and productivity features.  

  • Product Expectations, which lays out what you should expect in your machine, including its image quality, network connectivity, service and security expectations.  

  • Maintenance and Support, which provides information on supplies and parts, as well as support services.    

The CEIG is provided after the purchase of your new machine by the sales representative you worked with during the sales process.    

Along with the Customer Requirements Input Form (CRIF), the CEIG is one of two documents that need to be looked over before installation and delivery.    

Here’s an example from the AltaLink B8100 CEIG of some of the information you’ll get from the document:  


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2 Things to Know About the CEIG    

Now that we’ve discussed what the CEIG is, let’s get into the two things you need to know about the guide:    

1. Read Over Before Installation    

The CEIG is a lengthy document (usually over 30 pages), so it can feel overwhelming to have to read through all of it, especially when the information can be tedious.    

But it’s highly recommended to read over the entire document before installation because it spells out key requirements and things you need to consider before delivery.   

Let’s get into the sections of the CEIG that deserve careful attention in more detail:  

Space Requirements/Service Space Envelope 

A key element to the CEIG is that it alerts you to the space requirements of your machine, which is essential to know before installation.    

Space requirements, also referred to as space envelope, are the set parameters required to adequately accommodate the machine and ensure that there is enough space to perform basic printer tasks such as changing toner, opening the top of the machine or performing general maintenance tasks.  

It should be noted that space requirements are not the same as the machine’s exact dimensions.   

It’s imperative that, before delivery day, you look over the space requirements for your new machine and assess whether you have the necessary space to fit the machine. If you don’t, it can result in a prolonged delivery process or even a failed installation.  

An example of the space requirements for the AltaLink B8100 Series: