Everything You Need to Know About the Xerox Device Agent

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 09:00

Just bought a new Xerox branded copier/printer? Or perhaps you are considering Xerox products? 

If purchasing a copier/printer for business needs, you’ll likely want to add a maintenance plan that comes with an auto toner shipment service. When doing business with STP Texas, this service is called eValet. 

In order for our service to read your meter and monitor your toner levels, we install an app called XDA_eValet.  

Over the years, customers have had some questions about the Xerox Device Agent (XDA), such as what it does or what to do when it stops running. 

We’ve put together a guide covering everything you need to know about the XDA, including frequently asked questions. 

Before we can address specific questions, it’s important to understand what the XDA is and does. 

What is the Xerox Device Agent? 

The Xerox Device Agent (XDA) is an app that allows for the collection of meter reads of each printer.  It can be loaded on any Windows computer or server that is under continual power, and on the same network as the printers. This provides visibility to the printers you want to monitor. 

This app gets installed for customers using auto toner shipment services. Once it communicates with the printers, it then gathers information, such as toner levels and meters, and sends them to Xerox. 

Once this information is received, the internal algorithms at Xerox will determine when to automatically send supplies. This way, customers always have toner available when needed. 

What to do if the XDA stops running? 

More than likely, we will notice if the XDA is down first. Customers typically have little interaction with this app when running properly. 

If it does stop running, contact our customer experience department. They will walk you through the troubleshooting procedures to have it reestablish a good connection. 

Every situation is different, but the XDA is usually easy to get running again. If the problem can’t be fixed on the customer’s side, a service technician gets dispatched or can assist remotely, to further assist with the issue. 

If you’re having issues, contact the Customer Experience Department: 940-665-9722 Press 2 for Service 

How to add a printer to the XDA? 

The eValet app can be found on the desktop of the computer it was loaded on. 

From there, follow these instructions to add another printer to the XDA: 

1. Open eValet 

2. Click “Add Printer Wizard” on the left side of the dashboard 

3.  It automatically has the radio button “IP Address or DNS Name” selected for a single printer to be added

4. Type in the IP of the Printer you want to add and click “Next”

5. Once the process has completed either click “Add another printer” or “Finish

6. If multiple, click “Address Range or Subnet” to search an entire subnet for printers.

7. Select the Search Type from the dropdown list according to what you want to search.  Usually, you will use “IPv4 Range”

8. Type in your starting IP in the “Start Address” bar.

9. Type in your ending IP in the “End Address” bar.

10. Ensure that your Subnet Mask is correct.

11. Click the arrow pointing to the right to add to the list of ranges to search.

12. Click “Next” and once it is completed click “Finish”


The XDA should find and add the printer automatically. If not, check your network cable connected to the printer and ensure the printer is communicating with the network by checking the green and amber lights on the back of the printer where the cable is plugged in. 

If additional help is needed, contact your IT department.  

Once added, go back to the dashboard and make sure that the machine did show up. Then, on the left side of the dashboard, select ‘synchronize.’ 

On the synchronize window, select 'Synchronize Now.' Wait until finished. Synchronizing may take a while, depending on how large the network is. 

Once synchronized, you are finished and can close the XDA window. 

If my printer is connected to my computer with a USB cord, will the XDA see it on the network?  

In short, no. The XDA is a networked agent and can only see machines that are registered on the network. 

Simply put, the XDA can't communicate to a printer through a USB cord, due to security protocols on the computer that the printer is connected to. 

Follow the instructions laid out in question three to add the printer to the XDA. 

When in doubt, contact our customer experience department 

We hope this blog better explained what the XDA is and answered a few common questions about the app. 

If you have any more questions regarding the XDA or further assistance is needed, reach out to our customer experience department. 

940-665-9722 Press 2 for Service 

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