Xerox VersaLink B610 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 06/13/2022 - 07:01
The Xerox VersaLink B610 user interface

Buying an office printer used to be so simple.  

Back in the day, you would go to the closest retail store and grab whatever machine was in stock, being that it was just a printer, and it did exactly that: print. 

Just like almost every piece of technology, printers have grown from their basic assumptive state to an advanced, multifaceted version of their preceding self and are now looked at as an investment by many companies. 

As a long-time print vendor, we’ve seen this printer transformation firsthand and have adjusted with it, learning everything there is to know about the modern-day printer and how it can aid in office productivity beyond what its name implies. 

We specifically partner with Xerox, which means that’s where our expertise lies. We can tell you everything you would want to know about any of their products. 

Our knowledge of their products may lead you to infer that we’ll be highlighting all the positives while strategically ignoring the negatives to close a sale. 

Well, just as printers have modernized, so have you, the buyer. No longer do you want to hear traditional sales-speak and utterances of how great a product is compared to its competitors.  

Unlike some companies, we recognize this trend and plan to give the exact opposite: a full, comprehensive review of a machine we sell that is built on truth and honesty rather than falsity and partiality.  

Without further ado, here is a review of the Xerox VersaLink B610, which covers its specifications, main features, configuration options and pros and cons to help you assess whether it might be a fit for you.  

Xerox VersaLink B610 Basics         

Here are some general statistics and information to help you get a feel for print speed, volume, resolution and cost:           

Print Speed: Up to 65 ppm (pages per minute)     

Recommended Average Monthly Print Volume: Up to 30,000 per month     

Duty Cycle: Up to 300,000 pages per month     

Processor Speed: 1.05 GHz (gigahertz)     

Print Memory: 2 GB standard     

Maximum Print Resolution: 1200 X 1200 dpi (dots per inch)     

First-Page-Out Time Printing: As fast as 7.1 seconds     

Cost: Starting at around $1,249   

For a look at the dimensions of the VersaLink B610 base model, see the picture below:      


Xerox VersaLink B610 Key Features      

Now, let’s look at some of the key features that come with the VersaLink B610 printer:      

Touchscreen Interface and App Gallery          

The Xerox VersaLink B610 multifunction printer (MFP) contains a customizable, five-inch tablet-like touchscreen that allows you a simple and effective way to complete printing tasks.          

You can tailor the user interface to your business’s goals by choosing from the numerous applications on Xerox’s App Gallery. A few examples include:     

  • Quick Link, which is a free application that allows you to connect to your laptop, computer or mobile device from your printer via an email or QR code scan.   

  • Mywork Digital Communication, an application that lets you centrally manage digital communication on your printer with images or social media from the portal of your Xerox dealer. The app is $120 per device.  

Example of Mywork Digital Communication app:  

carousel image

  • CapturePoint XAG, which lets you use CapturePoint, a cloud service, to scan and convert papers into preferred formats and transfer the results to your destination of choice. The price is per device and is $100 for a 1000-page scanning capacity.       

The Xerox App Gallery contains several applications that can aid in office productivity. For more information on the different kinds of apps, read the following blogs:          

The touchscreen interface and app gallery are a part of Xerox’s ConnectKey technology, which, among other things, gives you the ability to convert hard-copy records into accessible cloud-based documents and allows you to control your printer from your smartphone.         

Printer Security      

The VersaLink B610 contains a four-point approach to security that’ll help prevent, detect and protect against cyberattacks at all points of vulnerability.         

According to Xerox’s website, these include:      

  • Network intrusion and data transmission     

  • Protection from unauthorized access     

  • Stringent data encryption      

  • Added security to individual documents     

Some of the security measures involve a comprehensive Firmware Verification test upon printer activation, and further security enhancements by Xerox’s external partnership with Cisco and their Identity Services Engine (ISE), which provides dynamic detection and classification of network endpoints.         

In a technological world where cybercrime has become prevalent, it’s helpful to inform yourself of the security measures that companies are taking before making a purchasing decision. To learn more about printer security, read these blogs:          

Additional Configuration Options for Xerox VersaLink B610         

Let’s take a look at the different configuration options that will allow you to customize and upgrade your machine in ways that best optimize your business needs:   

Standard Printer Accessories: 

  • A 500-sheet output tray with a full tray sensor.  

  • The internal Card Reader Bay/Internal Card Reader Compartment. 

  • A front-side USB port. 

  • The 150-sheet Bypass Tray. 

  • A 550-sheet paper tray. 

Optional Printer Accessories:      

  • A 2,000-sheet High-Capacity Document Feeder (includes caster base)   

  • Up to four 550-sheet paper trays.    

  • Finisher option, which collates and staples sets of up to 50 sheets and includes a 500-sheet output tray.   

  • A four-bin mailbox that can handle up to 100 sheets in each tray.  

  • Stand/Cabinet (includes stabilizers)                 

Depending on the accessories you choose, the weight and dimensions of the printer will vary, and you should always consult your print provider to make sure the additional upgrades you want to include are worth the investment.      

Here’s a look at what the VersaLink B610 could look like with additional upgrades:     

VersaLink B600/B610 Smart, Compact Printers - Xerox

2 Pros of the Xerox VersaLink B610         

To get a better feel for the advantages of purchasing the VersaLink B610, let’s look at some of the main pros associated with the machine:      

1. Large Printing Capacity        

With a recommended average monthly print volume of up to 30,000 pages and a duty cycle of up to 300,000 pages per month, the VersaLink B610 is built to handle a sizable printing capacity for small-to-medium-sized workgroups.  

It should be noted that while the machine can print up to 300,000 pages per month, it’s highly advised to follow the machine’s monthly print volume, rather than its duty cycle, to ensure that it will have a long product lifespan.  

To learn more about print volume and duty cycle, read these blogs:        

2. Permanent Printing Solution         

In addition to its capability of printing at a high volume, the VersaLink B610 is also built to act as a permanent printing solution for your workplace 

As a general rule, investing in a long-term printing solution will cost you more in the short term but save you more in the long run. 

This is because the supplies and upkeep for cheaper retail options can be expensive and difficult to find. Most cheap printing options are built as short-term replacements and are not ideal for workplaces that have a large print volume.    

2 Cons of the Xerox VersaLink B610         

Now that we’ve covered some of the positives regarding the VersaLink B610, let’s go over some of the negatives that you need to consider before making a purchasing decision:        

1. No Color Printing Capability        

The main downside to the VersaLink B610 is it cannot print in color. If this is a requirement for you, then you would want to look into a color multifunction printer, such as the VersaLink C605.       

Read our review blog about the VersaLink C605 for a more in-depth look at the model.   

2. Single-Function Solution Only      

Another notable downside to the VersaLink B610 is that it’s a single-function machine, which means it can only print.  

If you require a black-and-white printer with multifunction capabilities, you will want to look into the VersaLink B605, which retains many of the same abilities as the B610 model but also can copy, scan and fax, as well as print.     

For more information on multifunction printers, read these blogs:      

Xerox VersaLink B610 Cost     

As listed previously, the base cost of the VersaLink B610 is around $1,249. This doesn’t include optional upgrades or maintenance plans that you may want to include upon purchase of your machine.       

Another thing to keep in mind is you will need to buy a separate Wireless Connectivity Kit to set up WIFI for the VersaLink B610 model. You can purchase the WIFI accessory for around $50.        

While being a relatively affordable option compared to other multifunction printers, such as the AltaLink B8000 series, the VersaLink B610 is a long-term printing investment, which means it is not an inexpensive option.      

Some vendors may offer trade-ins and there’s also the option to lease your printer, rather than purchase it outright. Leasing a printer breaks down its total cost into more affordable, monthly payments. For more information on consumer purchasing options, read these blogs:          

Who Is the Xerox VersaLink B610 a Good Fit for?           

The VersLink B610 would be a good fit for:           

  • Small-to-medium-sized businesses that need a black-and-white printer with a large monthly print volume.    

  • Those looking to purchase an efficient printer with advanced technological features, such as a touchscreen and App Gallery.   

  • Those looking to make a long-term printing investment for their workplace.          

If you fall into one of these categories, then you would be a candidate for the VersaLink B610. However, you would want to extensively evaluate your specific printing goals with a business consultant before purchasing.     

Who Is the Xerox VersaLink B610 Not a Good Fit for?          

The VersaLink B610 would not be a good fit for:        

  • Businesses that require an all-in-one, multifunction option that can print, copy, scan and fax.   

  • Those who require color printing capabilities.    

  • Businesses that need a machine to handle a large print volume (over 30,000 pages per month)  

If you fall into one of these categories, then this is not the model for you. Read our blog on how to choose a printer for your budget and business needs to help with choosing the right model for you.          

Think the Xerox VersaLink B610 Is Right for You?         

The VersaLink B610 is an option for small-to-medium-sized businesses that print in black-and-white and need a machine to handle a print volume of around 30,000 pages a month.  

However, workgroups that desire a multifunction device or require color printing capabilities would want to look at another machine. 

Finding the exact printer that will not only handle your monthly print volume but achieve all of what you desire in a modern-day printer is not an easy task. It requires research that can be tedious and time that you may not have. 

What do you normally do when you’re looking for a product and don’t have either the time or expertise to make an informed decision? You consult industry experts for assistance and lean on their advice to make the right buying decision.  

We’ve established ourselves in the printer industry thanks to our 35 years of experience in the field. But we’re driven by our customer-first mantra, which is built on giving you accurate and unbiased information to help you make the best purchasing decision for your situation. 

If you’re interested in the VersaLink B610 or want to discuss your current print environment, reach out to us and we will find the right solution for you, whether it’s with us or not.