VersaLink C605 Multifunction Printer Review + Costs

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Before we begin our review of the C605, it’s important to note that we do sell this product. However, we sell this machine because we truly believe it’s a top product within the copier industry. Regardless, we promise to provide an unbiased review of the C605, including all aspects that one should consider, such as the cost, pros and cons, and who would be a good fit for this machine. 

The VersaLink C605 is a multifunction printer (MFP) that provides print, scan, copy, and fax for your home-office or business needs. We typically point customers who need an affordable and reliable MFP to this copier first. 

While the C605 may be a bit too big to sit on a small desktop, it’s not a massive unit, making it ideal for those with limited space. Those needing a quality printer for small-medium business sizes will likely want to evaluate the C605’s key features and specifications.  

Key Features and Specifications of the VersaLink C605: 

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Below you’ll find a list of the key features and specifications that one should evaluate before deciding if this machine will fit your business and printing needs.  

  • Print speed: 55 prints per minute 
  • Duty Cycle: 120,000 
  • Recommended volume per month: 12,000 
  • Print resolution: 1200x2400 dpi 
  • Scan resolution: 600x600 dpi 
  • Print/copy on 3x5 – 8.5x14 size paper 
  • Duplex abilities (printing on both sides of the paper) 
  • Document feeder: holds 100 sheets of paper 
  • Workgroup size: 1-10 users 

A Note on Duty Cycle:

One should take into consideration the difference between the duty cycle and the recommended print volume.  

The duty cycle number displays the power of the machine. While it technically could print that much in one month, you’ll start to experience premature service issues. 

Copiers/printers, in general, are not designed to print to the max duty cycle each month.  

Follow the recommended monthly print volume.  

Key Feature: ConnectKey 

Through the tablet-like interface, ConnectKey technology provides mobile and cloud access, benchmark printer security, and managed print services to keep your printing costs under control.  

Additionally, ConnectKey provides a gallery of apps that can enhance your productivity and streamline business processes. 

ConnectKey is a hidden gem within the C605 that we encourage you to explore to maximize your product.  

Upgrades Available for the VersaLink C605: 

Additional accessories can be added to the C605 at any time. Keep in mind, these added accessories will add to the total price. However, the benefits often outweigh the cost. 

Paper Trays & Additional Storage 

Up to 4 paper trays can be added to this machine. Each paper tray can hold 550 sheets. If you know your business goes through several reams of paper each month, you may need the extra storage. 

You can also add an additional stand to hold extra paper or other supplies. 

Paper tray cost: $299 each 

Stand cost: $284 

High-Capacity Paper Feeder

If you don’t want to change the paper out as often, a high-capacity paper feeder can hold an extra 2,000 sheets. 

Cost: $650 

Add a Finisher

One of the most common additions to the printer is a staple finisher. 

The finisher removes the tedious task of stapling paper after paper, saving valuable time in your workday. 

Cost: $569 

Y-Soft SafeQ Print Management  

For advanced tracking and monitoring of your printing consumption, Y Soft, a print management software, can be added to your machine (or fleet of machines) to ensure you are not overprinting.  

Y Soft allows you to track what each department or individual is printing. From there, you can set individual or department limits to ensure you are not exceeding your printing budget. 

Y Soft also ensures you are not wasting money printing color prints that could have been black and white. Set limits to what programs can print in color. For example, we recommend blocking programs like Gmail or outlook from printing color, saving you money in the long run.  

For more information on how Y Soft can help you track, analyze, and take action to control printing costs, download our free infographic:  

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Pros and Cons of the VersaLink C605:


All the key features and specifications above are considered pros in our book. This machine is compact, powerful, and durable. When you purchase a C605, you’re not just paying for a printer; you’re paying for a piece of technology that can add value to your business through the ConnectKey technology.  

The additional upgrades available ensures this printer can grow with your business, assuming your users and print volume are within the specs of this machine. 


For starters, like any piece of equipment, it costs money. Compared to similar models, and for the value this MFP brings, the C605 is affordable. Breaking the payments into a lease enhances the affordability. 

However, if you’ve been browsing inexpensive printers from retail giants like Amazon or Wal-Mart and aren’t ready to invest in a durable and high-quality machine, then this machine is not for you.  

Another con for some is the size. This machine is a little larger than a small desktop printer you would find at Wal-Mart due to the engine size and toner capacity. With an additional stand or trays the size and space needed will increase. You’ll need to find a designated area for the machine that is spacious enough for service technicians to access when needed.  

Additionally, don’t try to stick it in a cabinet or enclosed space; this can cause a fire hazard and be impossible for service technicians to reach when needed.  

Who is This Machine a Good Fit For?  

This machine is a good fit for: 

  • Workgroups of 1-10  
  • Small – medium-sized teams 
  • Those looking to purchase a fast machine with advanced technology 
  • Those looking for a reliable and durable machine 

If you resonate with the points above, we will likely recommend this machine, but you should always discuss with a business consultant first. 

A business consultant will discuss your specific needs, applications, and monthly printing volume, allowing them to determine if this machine is the right fit for you. 

Other comparable models that we might recommend are the VersaLink C405 and VersaLink C505

Who is this Machine Not a Good Fit For? 

Those who are not a good fit for the VersaLink C605 are: 

  • Those not ready to invest 
  • Those searching for a printer for personal use 
  • Those without adequate space for the machine 

The bottom line is, are you ready to invest in a copier that’s going to last your business a long time?  

If you’d rather spend less upfront on an inexpensive printer at Staples, then go for it.  

However, printers sold at retail giants are designed to be replaced, not fixed. Not to mention, ink and toner expenses add up fast. 

If you’re searching for a printer for personal use, retail bought printers will suffice. We likely wouldn’t recommend the C605 unless you plan on printing frequently.  

VersaLink C605 Cost 

The base cost of the VersaLink 605 is $3,985. 

This cost does not include tax, shipping, additional features, or the maintenance plan. 

However, be aware that there are often promotional incentives and discounts that you might want to inquire about. Call us for a quote.  

Your exact cost of any copier depends on several factors such as, 

  • How many people will be using the machine? 
  • What applications/additional features are needed? 
  • What is your current printing volume?  

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To get the exact cost, discuss these needs with a business consultant. From there, they can provide you more information and assist you on your journey to investing in a copier.   

Think the VersaLink C605 Is Right for You?

Once again, we promote this product because we truly believe in its quality and ability to assist your business.  

For the right person, the VersaLink C605 is a solid machine. However, for the wrong person, it won’t be. That’s why we encourage you to discuss your needs with a business consultant. 

If you’re looking for more information, feel free to explore our Learning Center filled with resources such as: 

If you’re ready to open a more detailed conversation about which printer is right for you, or get a quote for the C605, fill out the form below, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.