5 Places to Buy or Lease Printers/Copiers in OKC (2023)   

Submitted by Mary Shamburger on Wed, 03/01/2023 - 09:00
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Do you live in the Oklahoma City (OKC) area and need a new printer/copier? 

If so, then you will find this list helpful. It can be more difficult than you would think to find the right place to lease or buy a printer for your business.  

There’s a lot that goes into getting a new office machine and where you decide to buy it sets the standard for not only what type of machine you get, but also other crucial factors to having a printer like maintenance, supplies, support, etc.   

At Strategic Technology Partners of Texas, we have roots in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but have just expanded to include OKC as an area we can provide equipment and services too. 

Thus, we wanted to dive in and research some of the top vendors in the area that sell printers and make it into a list, so you have an idea of where to buy from if you reside in OKC or one of its neighboring cities.  

Before we dive into the list, though, let’s go through a few important caveats:      

  • This list is in no particular order and was made to give you a sense of what’s out there as you look for your next machine.   

  • The primary categories we used in creating this list are location, products and services offered and customer reviews.    

  • Just because a local company didn’t make it on this list doesn’t mean they are not reputable and can’t sell high-quality equipment.    

  • Even though we also sell machines and services in the area, we will be excluding ourselves from this list to maintain objectivity.     

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5 Places to Buy Printers and Copiers in OKC     

Let’s now get into the list, where we go over five places where you can buy a printer/copier in OKC with brief descriptions of what each company offers: 

  1. Oklahoma Copier Solutions   

The first company we will discuss on this list is Oklahoma Copier Solutions, which has been a staple in the state since 1999. 

They have seven locations and sell from a variety of printer brands, from Lexmark, Toshiba and KIP. In addition to office machines, they also provide many different types of services and solutions.  

They include managed print services, document assessments, IT services and software/apps, among other things.     

  1. The Digi Group 

Next is The Digi Group, a business equipment solutions provider that is based in the OKC area and has been in operation since 2000. 

They sell many different types of office equipment, including printers/copiers (Xerox, HP, Brother and Samsung), fax machines, scanners, shredders and wide-format printers.  

Outside of equipment, they also offer managed print and IT services, hardware repair for computers and remote support services.     

  1. R.K. Black, Inc.    

Similar to The Digi Group, R.K. Black, Inc. is another company that sells different types of products, including, printers/copiers, cloud-based solutions, phone systems, surveillance systems and mailing systems, among others.   

Among the printer brands they can sell are Ricoh, Sharp, Canon, Kyocera and HP. They also offer services such as managed IT, managed print, mobile shredding and various custom solutions.    

We’ve mentioned multiple printer brands on this list, and you might be curious to see a list of the best ones in the industry to find out which machine could be right for you.  

Each brand is a little bit from the other, so making sure you know what unique features they offer can help you decide on where you want to buy from. Read our “Top 5 Best Printer Brands” article to see the list.       

  1. Xcel Office Solutions 

The fourth company on this list is Xcel Office Solutions, which can provide machines from Xerox and HP.  

They have various other equipment and services you can choose from besides their array of printers and copiers. Xcel Office Solutions also offers PCs & laptops, phone systems, IT service plans and print management software, among others. 

You’ll notice a theme when sifting through these different companies: They each offer services in addition to the equipment itself. 

Services are a major part of owning an office machine for a business and it’s important to learn about what’s available before deciding where to purchase. To learn more about a couple of the different services mentioned in this article, check out the content below:  

  1. Standley Systems 

The final company on this list, Standley Systems, offers a “holistic approach to business technology solutions,” according to their website. This includes print & imaging, document management, IT infrastructure and managed services solutions. 

They sell multiple brands of machines, including HP, Xerox, Kyocera and Brother, among others. Some of Standley Systems’ main services include cybersecurity, workflow solutions and cloud backup & storage.    

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Which Printer/Copier Company Is Right for You?        

Now comes the ultimate question: Which company should you buy a printer/copier from?   

Although we can’t answer that directly, these four questions below will help guide you to your ideal printer/copier company:      

  • What kinds of products do they sell—is it the brand you’re wanting?    

  • What additional services do they offer?     

  • How close am I to the company’s location?    

  • Do they have positive customer reviews on Google?       

As mentioned in the introduction, choosing the right company to partner with is essential to achieving your office printing goals. Whether you lease or purchase your machine, you will need to have solutions in place for things like service, support and supplies. 

Picking the company that aligns most with your goals and desired services will go a long way toward having a sustainable relationship with your printer. Since printers can cost thousands of dollars, you need to ensure that you get all you can out of your machine. 

No matter who you choose to buy from, conduct your research and don’t settle. Office printing equipment should be the least of your worries in the workplace, so take your time and vet out your options to find the right printer/copier company for you.   

If you’re in the market for a machine and don’t necessarily know which one would be right for you, download your free copy of our Guide to Purchasing or Leasing a Printer for Your Business to serve as a resource as you search for your next machine.       

Although we didn’t put ourselves on this list, we also sell printers, copiers and services in the OKC area and can provide you with free quotes on how much you can expect to pay for a new office machine based on your work environment.   

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