What is Y Soft SafeQ Print Management Suite?

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If you’ve ever wondered how much your business is spending on printing per year, research tells us the number can be as big as 3% of your annual revenue. Printing expenses can often climb for several reasons, like overprinting or documents being read as a color print because of a small bit of color. 

With an average of 10,000 pages being printed each year, your company needs a way to track and analyze your usage, so you don’t end up overpaying for your printing consumption.  

The best way to track and analyze your usage will be to invest in a print management software like Y Soft’s Enterprise Suite. Y Soft is a software company that has been increasing office productivity with innovative software and solutions like SafeQ Enterprise Suite for 20 years.  

SafeQ Enterprise Suite is a software solution that allows companies to manage all machines in their entire fleet from one single dashboard. SafeQ allows you to control costs by tracking, analyzing the data, and taking action to ensure your company is not going over your printing budget. SafeQ offers a wide range of tools and features, that we will go over in this blog, that are sure to increase your office workflow and productivity.  

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Y Soft continuously stays ahead of the competition by providing innovative office solutions. Below we go over several benefits of Y Soft’s SafeQ Print Management Suite that are guaranteed to help manage your office copier.  

Benefits of SafeQ Print Management Suite  

Control Cost 

Through SafeQ, you can track, analyze, and take action to make better business decisions that help control cost.  

Track activity through your SafeQ’s device-dependent accounting system that gives you an exact number of prints, scans, faxes, or copies your company is making. More on this system later in the article. 

SafeQ allows you to analyze each individual or department's activity. With this information, you can see where prints are coming from, the type of print, the machine used, and the dates of each print. Detailed reports can put all this information in one easy-to-read document. 

SafeQ enables you to take action to control or cut costs. Now that you can see which department might be printing too much, you can set individual or department print limits. You can also set rules and limits based on the type of print, B&W, or color.  

Businesses that have a way to track and analyze print usage can make better business decisions to control costs in the office.  

Let's talk about how to control your printing cost!



Increase Productivity 

SafeQ streamlines repetitive processes into one simple click, such as scan to email or a networked folder. 

Some notable features that will cut your work time in half are:  

  • One-click scanning 
  • Authentication to keep high document security 
  • Authentication to prevent searching through everyone’s prints just to find yours 
  • Custom management reports 
  • Ability to print from outside the office to an office housed printer 
  • Ability to print at home and still capture usage for reporting and or expense tracking 

These are a few of the ways SafeQ streamlines repetitive processes that take away from your already busy day.  

Print Roaming 

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became a common practice. The thought of standing around a copier, along with your co-workers or sifting through other people's prints, may not be appealing. SafeQ provides a solution to this problem. 

SafeQ’s print-roaming feature allows you to print from anywhere. You could print from another continent if you needed to. Once you arrive at your machine, authentication is required to access the print job. This eliminates the fear of other people touching your documents. 

The authentication ability also secures any documents you need to keep private.   

This is also an easy way to eliminate bacteria that can be spread by several employees sifting through a large pile of prints.  

Device Dependent Accounting  

Early we mentioned SafeQ’s device-dependent accounting system allows you to get an accurate usage number.  

This style of tracking calculates your machine's meter reads, by communicating with your device therefore telling you exactly how much you print, scan, copy, or fax.  

Most competing print management software use spool calculations to determine your machine’s usage. Spool calculation is based on what a person tells their device to print. This form of tracking does not account for job cancellations or mess-ups, leaving you with an estimated number. Spool calculations also don’t account for people who walk up and print directly from the device. 

If you are looking to cut costs, spool calculations miss a good amount of prints/scans/copies/etc, leaving you unsure of where you should cut back to save money. 

SafeQ’s use of device-dependent accounting allows you to control costs by retrieving the exact usage number of each individual and department. With this information, you can take action to make better business decisions that will cut down costs.  

Direct Support (Local to DFW Metroplex)  

If you need to contact customer service, you’ll get ahold of a representative that works directly in their technical support department and/or dealing with developers if necessary. These representatives can take care of your question or concern immediately. 

With other print management software, like Paper Cut, if you need support you have to go through a distribution support center. This distribution support acts as a middleman between the customer and PaperCut. This type of customer service slows down resolution time, making solving problems a pain. 

One of our current clients used this form of support system and reported that it took the company nine months to fix the problem. Nine months!  

YSoft American headquarters are located in Grapevine, Texas. If you are local to the DFW area, you have a YSoft HQ within miles of your business.  

Modern Fax Solutions 

YSoft SafeQ utilizes cutting-edge digital fax services that no other print management software has a digital fax service.  

Digital Fax Service:  

  1. Head to your copier 

  1. Click ‘Fax’ 

  1. Enter fax number 

  1. Fax is sent digitally as an email 

Old Fashion Fax: 

  1. Head to your copier 

  1. Click ‘Fax’ 

  1. Enter fax number 

  1. Fax is sent to another faxing machine 

  1. Scan if you need to digitize the document 

As you can see, digital fax solutions are beneficial because they allow you to eliminate the step of scanning to your email. With the document sent to your email, you immediately have a digital form.  

With other print management software, you must purchase and pay for an external fax service to be added to your machine. One popular fax service is XMedius, an external app you must pay for and add to your copier. Once you have a faxing service, you can then only print the old fashion way. 

With SafeQ, fax capabilities and pages are embedded and included in the software. You won’t have to spend time shopping or learning a separate fax service.  

Y Soft’s 3D Printer  

Y Soft offers a 3D printer, be3D edee. According to Y Soft, be3D has shown to promote active learning, engage and drive the learning experience, and encourage creative thinking. This can be beneficial for the education or work environment.  

For the education environment, this printer is designed to be easy to use and safe for all students. Elementary schools can utilize the printer without worrying about students hurting themselves during the printing process. Universities can utilize these 3D printers to elevate a simple project or presentation.  

The be3D printer’s design is not only safe but remarkably secure. Younger students won’t have access to the machine without authentication from a designated admin. Schools can also choose to assign access rights through student ID badges, which may make sense for older students or universities. 

If you don’t want every single student to have access, assign access rights to specific badges. Through these various security options, you won’t need to worry about the overuse or inappropriate use of the 3D printer.  

The be3D can also be used in a work environment. If you work in a field that requires visuals of any kind, turn them into a 3D print. 3D prints engage people better than 2D images do. This could be the spark that ignites your team’s passion and creativity.  

If you own this 3D printer or plan to, you want to keep up with how, who, and when the printer is being used. SafeQ’s print management software can be found on this 3D printer. It tracks usage, like how it tracks prints on a printer. Reports can be pulled to track the usage and material consumption of the be3D printing device. It can even overlay the cost of materials to provide a cost per image printed.   

SafeQ’s usage tracking allows you to monitor printing activity, know when to order more materials, and create a plan to lower cost if needed.   

For educators, be3D edee comes with an academy. This Academy is packed with pre devised lessons plans that are designed to engage your students and enhance their creativity. These lesson plans, along with the 3D printer, are easy to follow and sure to excite your students.  

Y Soft vs PaperCut

A well-known print management software you could be currently using is PaperCut. While PaperCut offers some similar things, their technology is not quite as advanced as Y Soft in many aspects.  

Check out the infographic below to see the differences between Y Soft and Papercut.  

Y Soft vs. Paper Cut infographic

If you decide you’d like to switch over to Y Soft, you’ll get 50% off the license fee and 25% off the installation fee.  

50 % Off  when you switch to Y Soft

Y soft offers 50% off the license fee if you switch from your current print management software. You also get 25% off installation price. You’ll get all the benefits listed above, at 50% off!   


To take advantage of this deal contact us! 

Above we listed several of the main benefits of the SafeQ Enterprise Suite.  Through SafeQ, you’ll be provided with important data that will help an organization make better business decisions on what to purchase and where to place it during the next refresh cycle.  

With the be3D printer, you’ll be able to inspire and engage your office, staff, or students in exciting new projects. In an education environment, The Academy provides prepared lesson plans, eliminating the stress of having to create lesson plans to match a 3D printing activity.  

Ysoft and its products can easily have a positive return on your investment. Using reporting to understand what copying, printing and scanning are taking place will quantify your usage that will help you create and implement rules to reduce cost.  

With businesses spending up to 3% of their annual budget on printing, it’s critical to have software that can track all machines’ usage to help you analyze and take action to control your printing costs.   

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