5 Places to Buy or Lease Printers/Copiers in Fort Worth (2023)  

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Looking to buy or lease a printer or copier in Fort Worth but don’t know where to look? 

Since Fort Worth is one of the top-five biggest cities in Texas, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out where to get an office machine for your printing needs.  

That is why we are compiling a list of some printer/copier companies located in the Fort Worth area that offer various kinds of machines and services. 

As a company that sells printers/copiers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and has done so for almost 40 years, we have an insider’s view of the local industry and can give you specific companies located in the area and a description of what they offer.   

Before we dive into the list, though, let’s go through a few important caveats:  

  • This list is in no particular order and was made to give you a sense of what’s out there as you look for your next machine.  

  • The primary categories we used in creating this list are location, products and services offered and customer reviews.    

  • Just because a local company didn’t make it on this list doesn’t mean they are not reputable and can’t sell high-quality equipment.   

  • Even though we also sell machines and services in the area, we will be excluding ourselves from this list to maintain objectivity.  

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5 Places to Buy Printers and Copiers in Fort Worth 

Without further ado, here are five places where you can buy printers and copiers in Fort Worth, TX:  

  1. Platinum Copier Solutions  

 The first company we will discuss on this list is Platinum Copier Solutions, which is an authorized provider of Sharp-branded office equipment and specialize in copier leasing. 

They have over 60 years of combined sales and service experience in the office equipment industry, according to their website, and also service Beaumont and the greater Houston area.  

In addition to leasing machines, they also offer managed print services, device support and sell Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems.    

  1. Novatech Inc. 

Novatech, Inc. is a printer/copier company with multiple locations across the country, including Fort Worth, that sells managed IT services, office machines from multiple brands and document software solutions.   

They can sell equipment from brands Konica Minolta, HP, Canon, Xerox and Sharp. Their managed IT services include cloud solutions, managed cybersecurity and professional services, among others.  

Some of their range of document software solutions include print management, desktop applications and content management.     

We’ve mentioned multiple printer brands on this list, and you might be curious to see a list of the best ones in the industry to find out which machine could be right for you. Read our “Top 5 Best Printer Brands” article to see the list.   

  1. Accel Imaging Systems   

Next up is Accel Imaging Systems, a local company that has served Fort Worth and the greater DFW area for over 25 years.  

They primarily sell Kyocera-branded machines—including printers, multifunction products and production printing equipment--but can service machines from all the major printer brands in the industry. 

Accel Imaging Systems also provides rentals, managed document services, software & apps and PaperCut MF, a print management software. These types of services can go a long way to increasing your office efficiency and document processes. 

To learn more about some of the different services mentioned in this article, including rentals, apps and managed print services check out the content below: 

  1. Sharp Business Systems 

Sharp Business Systems, as the name indicates, sells Sharp-branded printers and copiers while also selling products like displays, projectors, Dynabook laptops and Synappx applications. They are a direct sales division of Sharp Electronics Corporation.  

They also offer many solutions and services, like managed IT, managed print, ProAV Solutions and software applications. 

Sharp Business Systems is located on the south side of Fort Worth and can service areas including Collin County, Dallas County and Tarrant County.   

  1. Epic Office Solutions  

The last company we will mention on this list is Epic Office Solutions, a company that has been in the printer industry for over 27 years. 

They are an authorized dealer for Epson, Brother and Toshiba, but can install and service machines from multiple brands, many of which we’ve mentioned on this list.  

They offer multiple perks with their lease agreements, including a flat monthly rate with no meter reads required and a less-than-three-hour on-site service policy. 

Those are five of the places you can buy printers and copiers in Fort Worth, and if you enjoyed reading through this list, we also have other “Best Of” lists specific to the DFW area that you might find helpful as you look for where to buy your next office machine:    

Which Printer/Copier Company Is Right for You?      

Now that you’ve seen some of your options in Fort Worth, which company should you buy a printer/copier from? 

The four questions below will help guide you to your ideal printer/copier company:  

  • What kinds of products do they sell—is it the brand you’re wanting?    

  • What additional services do they offer?    

  • How close am I to the company’s location?   

  • Do they have positive customer reviews on Google?     

Believe it or not, finding a reputable place to meet your printer/copier needs is more important than you may think.  

Many consumers choose to lease their machines to offset the total price of the printer, which can run into the thousands of dollars. That means you’re entering into a contractual agreement with the company you’re choosing to lease from, which only exacerbates the need to choose the right company the first time.  

No matter who you choose to buy from, take your time and vet out your options. It’s not cheap to purchase a new machine, so make sure you put your trust in the right company, so you’re not stuck in a frustrating situation later.    

Our company motto is to make your office printing equipment the least of your worries in the workplace. To accomplish this, we create expert-led and honest educational content to inform you of everything you need to know about buying a printer. 

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We also sell printers, copiers and services in the Fort Worth area and can provide you with free quotes on how much you can expect to pay for a new office machine based on your work environment.    

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