4 Printer Apps for the Legal Environment

Submitted by Wesley Bowen on Fri, 03/12/2021 - 09:00
printer apps for legal environment

If you’re not a lawyer yourself, you might picture a law firm as a room of smartly dressed lawyers doing important research in order to defend their clients in court. And while this might be true, there’s another very important factor you’re likely not considering- paperwork.  

Luckily, Xerox has changed the game with ConnectKey Technology, introducing an entirely new suite of legal apps designed to help you climb that mountain of paperwork and prevent it from ever growing again. Here are four of our favorite multifunction printer apps that are designed to assist you in the legal environment (or any environment for that matter).  

1. Xerox Connect App for Clio 

This handy app connects to your office’s Clio cloud infrastructure to keep things flowing with minimal effort. Whether you need to track your reimbursable print jobs or scan files to the cloud for safe keeping, this app keeps you running without skipping a beat. 

With this app, you won’t have to access Clio from your computer to print and save a document. You can access your account directly from your multifunction printer and print straight from the cloud. You can even scan and save directly into Clio, cutting several steps out of the process. 

Enabling Single Sign-On with the proper access type also allows employees to sign in with a pin number or their NFC (Near Field Communication) phones- eliminating the hassle of entering and reentering passwords.  

2. Xerox Auto-Redaction App 

The process of removing personally identifiable information (PII) was once a time-consuming and sometimes error intensive task in the past. But with Xerox Auto-Redaction App, you can substantially reduce the time needed and potential human error occurrence when redacting a document.  

Utilizing a data loss prevention artificial intelligence from Google, the app allows you to easily scan a hard copy and get immediate results. Using either preset or custom PII fields, the app will automatically find and redact the information, allowing you to preview it afterwards. The redacted document can then be printed or emailed directly.    

3. Xerox Translate and Print App 

Language barriers can be a large hurdle for some firms when it comes to client interaction. In the past, you would either need an employee that spoke a specific language fluently, or you would need to hire an expensive translation service in order to get translated documents to your client. 

Now, with Xerox Translate and Print App, translation is a quick and easy process, and simply involves scanning a document that can then be translated into 44 different languages, and printed or emailed to a recipient of your choice.  

4. Xerox Connect App for DocuSign 

Especially in the working environment of today, it can be difficult to schedule face-to-face meetings with clients in order to receive important signatures. With the Connect App for DocuSign, you now have the ability to manage documents right from your multifunction printer. 

Within the app, just scan the hard copy of a document, and create specified signature requirements for it. Then you can email the document straight from the multifunction printer to the client you need to connect with, helping to get time sensitive documents straight to those who need it.  

After reading this article, we hope that you can feel more confident about utilizing your Xerox device for more than just scanning and printing, and we encourage you to check out our other resources on ways Xerox is helping enhance productivity in the workplace, whether it’s through appsConnectKey technology, or even Xerox Standard Accounting.  

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