What is Xerox ConnectKey Technology?

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The technology around us is changing and evolving every day to better fit our needs. We have smartphones that can diagnose your car troubles, watches that can detect irregular heartbeats, and even cars that can drive themselves. If we expect so much from our devices, it’s only natural for us to want the same from our copier/printer technology. This is where Xerox ConnectKey enters.  


What is ConnectKey?

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is an all-encompassing platform that Xerox products utilize in order to allow users to be more productive and meet the demanding challenges of their day-to-day workplace. It hosts a variety of apps designed to boost performance and make end-users lives significantly easier.   


Key Functions and Benefits of ConnectKey 

Provides a Consistent User Experience Throughout all Coordinating ConnectKey Devices

One consistent and familiar tablet-like interface throughout the entire Xerox line allows for users to utilize their multifunction printers more easily and efficiently, reducing time wasted on transferring between different machines and terminals.  


Allows Technology to Become Mobile and Cloud Ready 

The way we work today has changed. It’s vital for end-users to be able to easily collaborate with one another through mobile interfaces. ConnectKey contains a feature called Xerox Mobile Link App that uploads all data into the cloud, allowing users to manage, print, scan, and share from their mobile devices, not just their desktop computers.  


Provides Benchmark Printer Security 

Maintaining the confidentiality of your important documents is crucial in today’s times. The security that your ConnectKey devices provide will give you peace of mind through its four main security features:  

1. Prevent: Preventing malicious attacks on all of your Xerox ConnectKey devices through Whitelisting Technology. 

2. Detect: A comprehensive firmware verification test can be run that alerts the user if changes to the printer have been detected.  

3. Protect: When using built-in tools, unauthorized users will not have access to sensitive data. All data stored on the device uses the highest encryption available that is currently approved by standards set and used by the U.S Department of Defense. The data can only be released by the intended user.  

4. External Partnerships: ConnectKey technology provides valuable partnerships with security leaders such as McAfee and Cisco to ensure that ConnectKey equipped devices meet international security standards.  


Managed Print Services 

Managed Print Services allow the remote management of the device using built-in tools. These built-in tools allow you to access a variety of functions from just about anywhere, finally ending the need for end-user intervention in offices without local IT support. You can also utilize seamless integration to other third-party Managed Print Solutions such as Y-Soft and Papercut.  


Xerox ConnectKey App Gallery 

ConnectKey allows users to access an entire collection of apps designed to enhance productivity and allow the product to function as more than just a copier/printer. Apps can even be personally tailored to solve specific document processes that are unique to you and your company. Examples include Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Translate and Print, Connect to Salesforce, and many others.  

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When Would You Use Xerox ConnectKey?

Xerox ConnectKey is more than just a feature- it’s an all-encompassing technology platform, and if you’re making the investment into a copier/printer, you want it to include the five main functions of ConnectKey.  


In Conclusion

Overall, ConnectKey is a valuable platform to have on any copier/printer, and it makes a world of difference for any office space looking to consolidate interfaces and maximize efficiency. If you’re interested in learning about more ways to enhance office productivity, our Learning Center is full of articles such as “Everything You Need to Know About the Xerox Device Agent” and “3 Training Resources for Your Xerox Copier/Printer”.  


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