A Step-by-Step Guide to Xerox C315 Color Multifunction Printer Imaging Kit Replacement

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In today's guide, we'll dive into the somewhat intricate process of replacing the Imaging Units in a Xerox C315 printer. Follow these step-by-step instructions to navigate through the process seamlessly.


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Step 1: Access the Imaging Units

To begin the replacement process, lift the right-side cover of the printer until it clicks. Then, open the front cover by grabbing both sides and lowering it.

Printer technician lifts the right side cover to access imaging kit of the Xerox C315 printer


Step 2: Remove Side Cover

Remove the white side cover (with the letter ‘A’) by pushing the two green buttons towards the machine, this will pop open the cover. Grab the cover and pull it out.

Printer technician removes side cover of the Xerox C315 printer


Step 3: Remove the Waste Toner Bottle and Toners

First, you need to remove the waste toner bottle at the bottom by pushing the green tabs inward. Catch the toner bottle with your other hand to prevent spills. Optionally, remove all four toners by lifting the green button and pulling the toner cartridges straight up.

Printer technician pushes green tabs inward of the Xerox C315 printer

Printer technician removes toners of the Xerox C315 printer


Step 4: Access the Imaging Unit Tray

Now that the toners are out of the way, we can identify the Imaging unit tray located between the two previously removed items. To access the imaging unit, lift the two blue handles on the sides until they are horizontally flat. Pull the handles straight out until the imaging kit stops halfway. Don’t force the tray beyond this point.

Printer technician lifts 2 blue handles of the Xerox C315 printer

Printer technician pulls imaging kit out of the Xerox C315 printer


Step 5: Remove Imaging Kit

To fully remove the tray, use the green handles on the sides and press the blue button on the right side with your thumb. Slide the imaging kit tray out.

Printer technician points out the green handles of the imaging kit tray of the Xerox C315 printer


Step 6: Remove the Color Developer Units

On top of the Imaging kit tray, locate the color developer units. To switch these out, grab onto the cast metal handles on each end of the unit you want to replace. Lift the unit on the end with the black gear first, then pull it out. Set it aside carefully with the color facing up. Be cautious as the toner can be messy.

Printer technician removes the color developer units on top of the imaging kit tray on the Xerox C315 printer


Pro Tip: Printer toner can be vacuumed if you keep it dry.


Step 7: Reassemble the Imaging Unit Tray

Insert the new developer units in the correct color order indicated on the side of the machine. Lift the developer unit by the cast metal handles with the white gear facing the toners and carefully insert it back into place by angling it in and seating it in place. Make sure not to scratch the drum as you insert the units.

Printer technician inserts the new color developer units on the Xerox C315 printer


Step 8: Insert the Imaging Unit Assembly Back in

Once all developer units are in place, grab the green handles on the side of the imaging kit tray to lift it. Slide the tray back into the machine by setting its bottom hooks in place and push it in until it clicks. Once you hear a click, you can push the whole assembly in. Finally, lower the two blue latches to secure the tray in place.

Printer technician inserts the new imaging unit assembly back on the Xerox C315 printer


Step 9: Reinstall Toners and Waste Toner Bottle

Place the toner cartridges back into their slots, ensuring they sit securely. Push the toners down until you hear a click. Insert the waste toner bottle with the holes inside facing up and align them with the shoots coming out of the drums. Press the bottle firmly until it's flush with the side.

Printer technician reinstalls waste toner bottle on the Xerox C315 printer


Step 10: Close the Front & Side Covers

  Reattach the white side cover by aligning the hooks on the bottom and swinging it up until it clicks. Now, close the front cover by swinging it up until it clicks.


Step 11: Close the Top

Lastly, lower the top cover by squeezing the black button located on the top, next to the letter 'B. Be cautious, as the top cover can be heavy. To avoid a sudden drop, exert upward pressure with one hand, squeeze the latch, and gently guide it down until it snaps into place. This careful maneuver prevents any mishaps and ensures a secure closure.

Printer technician closes the top cover on the Xerox C315 printer


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