How Do I Print From My Phone? (Instructions)

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If I had told you 20 years ago that it would be possible to print directly from your mobile phone using modern technology, you would have probably looked at me with confusion and concern for my mental state.

However, the advancement of technology has made it so that you can print from your smartphone no matter where you are, as long you have the conditions in place for the type of mobile printing you want to accomplish, which we will go over in this blog.     

As a local print vendor, we've been asked, "How do I print from my phone?" countless times, so we've compiled a comprehensive article to guide you through the steps for mobile printing on iPhone and Android devices.   

Before we dive in, it's worth noting that we'll be using Xerox devices as examples, as that's where our expertise lies. However, the same principles apply to other brands of machines, although the apps and steps involved may differ.

So, if you're ready to learn how to harness the power of mobile printing, let's get started!


Why Would I Want to Print from My Phone?    

Let's first discuss the benefits of printing from your smartphone compared to traditional methods.

There are two primary reasons why you may want to print from your phone:

  • If you're traveling or on the go, mobile printing lets you print documents from any device compatible with your phone (we'll discuss this more below).
  • If you need to print a document quickly at home or work, use your phone instead of walking to the printer.   

Knowing how to print from your mobile phone can be beneficial in various scenarios, and we will guide you through the process next.

How Do I Print from My Phone (iPhone/Android)?   

Printing directly from your phone is usually straightforward, but it can vary based on your phone type and printer manufacturer.

Printing files from your smartphone has only become easier with the help of mobile applications. If you want to print pictures, documents, or any other files from your mobile phone on a Xerox printer, there are three essential apps that you must know about.

Let's go over these three apps and the exact steps you'll need to take to print from your smartphone:

  1. Apple AirPrint for iPhone

Apple AirPrint is Apple's approach to mobile printing and is available for the iPhone, iPad, and macOS. This app allows users to print to their Xerox device from supported applications such as Mail, Safari, Notes, Photos, etc.     

AirPrint is compatible with almost every Xerox device, and setup comes automatically configured on the machine, which means it requires no additional download or purchase to implement.    

However, you may have to enable your Xerox machine to use AirPrint if it was previously disabled.

Follow these steps to enable AirPrint on your Xerox printer:

Step 1: Go to the device's embedded webpage by entering the printer's IP address in a web browser.  

Step 2: Log in as an administrator.   

Step 3: Select the Properties tab.

Step 4: Select Connectivity and then Setup.

Step 5: Under Mobile Workflows, ensure AirPrint is enabled.

These steps may vary slightly depending on the model of your machine. Contact your provider if you need help enabling AirPrint on your device.

As mentioned previously, the process is relatively straightforward. However, it can change depending on the iOS version you have on your iPhone. 

You must connect your phone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network for mobile printing to work correctly.

Here are the basic steps you can take to print from your iPhone on a Xerox machine:   

1. Choose the photo or document you want to print and click on the up-arrow icon in the corner to bring up the actions you can take with it (usually in the bottom left or right of the photo).  

2. Scroll down toward the bottom of the actions and hit "Print." 

3. Choose the number of copies or prints you want to make and click "Select Printer." 

4. Find the printer you want to print to and then hit "Print." 

See the picture below for an example of what it looks like to print from an iPhone:   

Screenshot of Apple AirPrint on iPhone

You can also use Apple AirPrint on popular brands like Canon, HP, and Brother for mobile printing. It works similarly, if not identically, to Xerox machines.


  1. Mopria Print Service for Android   

The Mopria mobile printing app is exclusive to Android devices. It must be downloaded from the Google Play Store, while Apple AirPrint is a standard feature on iOS devices.

Mopria operates similarly to Apple AirPrint, enabling mobile device users to connect seamlessly to their printer and print directly to their chosen machine. However, it's worth noting that specific firmware may be necessary to download the app on your Xerox device. 

Like Apple AirPrint, you must first enable Mopria on your Xerox machine if it is not already enabled.

Follow the same steps as AirPrint to enable printing from your Android device. 

After enabling Mopria on your Xerox machine, you can easily print from your mobile phone by following these steps:

Step 1: Choose an image or document you want to print. Then click the three-dotted icon in the top-right corner and choose "Print."

Step 2: Click "Select Printer" and choose the device you want to print to.

Step 3: After choosing the desired printer, click the orange print icon on the right of the screen to print.   

Remember to connect your Android device to the same network as the printer you wish to use for Mopria to function correctly. Additionally, like AirPrint, Mopria can be enabled on most printers from common manufacturers, and it is not exclusive to Xerox machines.


  1. @PrintByXerox   

There's another simple way to print from your phone if you have a Xerox printer and would prefer not to use one of the first two options discussed previously.   

You can download the @PrintByXerox app from the Xerox App Gallery on your Xerox device. This app is free for Xerox customers and enables mobile printing.

To print your desired documents, email them as an attachment to No mobile app download is necessary.

Once you've sent your print job to the @PrintByXerox email address, you'll get a code via email. Use this code to finish printing on any machine with the @PrintByXerox app installed. 

The @PrintByXerox app is Xerox's answer to mobile printing, but many other manufacturers have their applications for mobile printing.  

Some examples of mobile printing apps are Canon's PRINT App, which allows you to scan photos or documents using your mobile device, and HP Smart, which offers a comparable mobile printing experience.


Should You Invest in Apps for Your Printer?   

Mobile printing has become popular for people who are always on the go or prefer to complete print tasks from their smartphone rather than their computer.

Printing from your phone has almost no downsides except configuring your printer to enable mobile printing. Fortunately, most printer brands offer free mobile applications compatible with any printer.

Because we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in technology, we know that the ability to print from your phone is just one of the ways you can use the advancement of printer technology to your benefit.   

Printer apps have advanced capabilities beyond simply printing from your smartphone.

For instance, Xerox offers a range of applications on their App Gallery that can translate a document into another language in real-time, convert handwritten notes into a Microsoft Word document, and connect to various cloud storage and other industry services such as QuickBooks, commonly used in the business world. 

These applications can boost business efficiency and productivity by simplifying document management and workflow processes.

While these printer apps can be helpful, you will only get the benefits if you use their features regularly. Before purchasing, vet the app you're interested in to ensure it's worth the cost.  

Most Xerox applications offer a 30-day free trial, allowing you to test the app's features before making a final purchasing decision.

Before you get to that step, though, read our blog on the pros and cons of printer apps to see whether investing in apps for your printer is something that could help your business. 


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