How To Replace the Second Bias Transfer Roll on Your Xerox Printer (VersaLink B600s)

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Mon, 08/21/2023 - 16:01

Your printer is a fine-tuned machine that depends on all its parts to function properly.

However, when one of those parts is damaged, figuring out how to repair it on your own can be complicated and even a bit stressful.

At STPT, we believe that your printer should never be a point of stress in your life. Office equipment should be dependable; it should run optimally and interrupt your work as little as possible. 

One way to make sure your work life (and printer) runs smoothly is to replace damaged parts and service your machine on time, every time.

Even Long-Life items like the second bias transfer roll can develop problems overtime or become damaged, and replacing some damaged printer parts yourself can save a lot of time and money. 

In this article, we’re going to provide you with instructions that will help you quickly replace the second bias transfer roll on Xerox VersaLink B600 series printers.

Without the transfer roll, your printer can’t run as optimally or effectively print images. This part of your printer is vital to the health of the machine and needs to be replaced when damaged.

The replacement process for the second bias transfer roll varies between models, which can make it complicated for people who don’t know much about printer maintenance, and the relatively simple process of changing parts can be made even more complicated by poorly written instruction inserts. 

Watching someone else replace the second bias transfer roll on the same Xerox machine or reading a quick how-to article before you try replacing a part on your own is a great, easy way to save yourself valuable time.

At STPT, we make it our goal to provide quality printing information that is easy to understand, so you know where to go to find answers to your print questions. 

We want to make sure your office equipment is never a point of stress in your life. Our top-notch service technician, Matthew, is going to walk you through the replacement process step-by-step. 

In this blog, he’ll explain how to quickly change the second bias transfer roll on several different Xerox printer models so you can get back down to business. 

As a service technician at STPT, Matthew simplifies printer maintenance. His how-to quick printer fixes on YouTube have been a big hit, so he’s put together this article to provide a quick, easy-to-read tutorial for those of you who prefer written directions.

Take the pressure off by trusting our STPT printer specialists to help you through it. With almost 40 years in the business, our team has the expertise to make the replacement process quick and easy for you.

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Second Bias Transfer Roll Replacement for Xerox VersaLink B600 Series Printers

Xerox Second Bias Transfer Rolls are specially designed to help your printer produce the best, most reliable image quality for all your print jobs.

Xerox Second Bias Transfer Rolls are designed to work with specific models of printers. They help enhance imaging, so your printer can continue to produce quality prints without interruption. 

Xerox Second Bias Transfer Rolls (or SBTRs) are made to be easy to replace so you can get back to work, but sometimes it helps to have someone walk you through the process step-by-step.

In this how-to guide, Matthew explains how to replace the second bias transfer rolls for the following compatible Xerox printer models: 

•    VersaLink B600
•    VersaLink B605
•    VersaLink B610
•    VersaLink B615

For the purposes of this how-to guide, Matthew will be walking through the replacement process on a Xerox VersaLink B610 model printer, but the process is the same for any compatible printer model.

Different machines have different supply items and settings. That’s why it is important to follow the instructions specific to your Xerox printer model. For more information about replacing other parts on different Xerox printer models, check out:

•    How To Replace the Toner on Your Xerox Printer (VersaLink B625)
•    How To Replace the Toner on Your Xerox Printer (VersaLink B600s)

Let’s uncomplicate printer maintenance by walking through toner replacement. You can follow the process by reading the written instructions provided below (with pictures) or you can watch the video linked at the top of the blog.

Part One: Remove Old Second Bias Transfer Roll

1. Open the back cover on your printer.

2. Locate the BTR, also called the transfer roller (see picture below.)


3. The SBTR will have two orange handles on one side and two black handles on the other side. Squeeze both handles together using your forefingers and your thumbs and pull the roller straight out.

Part Two: Insert New Second Bias Transfer Roll

1. That was simple, right? Going back in is almost just as simple. Take your new roll out of the box. The box will look like this:


2. You will want to note a few things. First, are these silver electrical contacts(pictured below.) There are silver contact springs located within the SBTR slot on your printer. 


4. Line up the silver electrical contacts and springs and then set the SBTR straight down in its slot. 

5. Push down on the plastic part of the SBTR until you hear it click into place.

6. Shut the cover on your printer.

And that’s it! You’re done.

Your new second bias transfer roll should be properly installed so you can get back to work without any printer maintenance hassles.

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