Should You Switch From Your Current Copier to a Xerox Machine?

Submitted by Tammi Brey on Thu, 10/15/2020 - 09:00
Two women near Xerox machine

Have you ever purchased an item based on price alone, only to realize a few days later that there was a reason those trendy pair of shoes were only $15? 


This can happen with your office copier/printer too. 


Many businesses purchase or lease a multi-function printer (MFP) that can print, scan, copy, and fax all in one machine for their business needs. However, when originally choosing, your business could have bought an MFP based on price alone.  


Choosing an MFP based on price alone can lead to a higher cost per print, the constant need for repair, or difficulty using the machine. These issues commonly arise with inexpensive machines. Instead of price, quality should always be your top priority when choosing an MFP for your business needs. 


You may be experiencing problems with your current copier company. So, we want to explain why Xerox might be a better fit for your specific business needs and how to get out of your current lease if you so choose.  


Why Xerox?  


Xerox copiers are durable machines that will exceed your needs while increasing productivity in the office. Below are the top reasons we recommend switching to Xerox for your business needs. 



1. Long Lifespan   


Xerox machines are built to last. They are a powerhouse that is not only going to fit your business needs but exceed them. You get many years of life out of Xerox MFPs. If you lease or purchase from a local copier vendor, you have access to onsite technicians to ensure you always have a working machine.  


2. Advanced Technology that Saves You Time  


As a leading innovator in their industry, Xerox is constantly making advancements in technology. The productivity will cut your work time in half. If you can’t afford to lose time due to slow or difficult to operate machines, Xerox is the brand for you.   


3. Innovative Productivity Applications  


Xerox’s app gallery offers services that can help enhance your document workflow, which increases productivity in your office. One of Xerox’s most popular apps, the translator app, can turn an English document into Spanish (or whichever language you need) in seconds. Another popular app, the Xerox Proofreading app, allows you to check your work before you print.  


Browse the Xerox app gallery to see the productivity tools you’ll have access to.  


4. Highly Trained Service Technicians   


Leasing a Xerox MFP includes a maintenance plan that gives you access to service technicians when you need them. These highly trained technicians are local and dedicated to fixing any issues you may encounter. It’s not uncommon to find service technicians with tenure of well over 10 years with Xerox.   



In the long run, you’ll save valuable time and money. Xerox’s high-quality machines are built to last and simple to use, allowing your staff to adjust easily and not have to worry about constant repairs.   


 In the short run, you will see an increase in workflow production immediately. Between the advanced app gallery that offers easy to use tools and the convenience of having everything you need on one spot; your office will triple productivity time.    


What About Other Brands like Canon or Konica Minolta? 


 While these brands make good machines, Xerox, as the inventor, is still a leader in technology and is always advancing ahead of the competition by making a quality machine that provides you with more opportunities to increase productivity in the office. Our business consultants can examine your fleet and determine if Xerox is a better fit for your specific business needs.  


We compared some of these well-known brands with Xerox in detail. These articles will be helpful to read when deciding which brand fits your business needs best.  


Kyocera vs Xerox 


Canon vs. Xerox  



How to Get Out of Your Current Copier Lease 


We understand that breaking a lease may not sound desirable, but it will benefit your company more than hanging on to a printer that is not servicing your company efficiently.   


We may be able to buy out your current contract and provide you with new technology. 


You’ll want to contact your vendor of choice to find out what their specific buy out process is. Below are the steps you’ll need to take if you choose to switch to Xerox branded equipment through us.  


Step 1  


Email current vendor requesting a current buyout to include any shipping cost to return if necessary (get this in writing). 


Step 2 


Provide written buyout to a STPT business consultant. 


Step 3  


Ask your copier vendor about promotions that will help offset any buyout cost you may have.  


If buyer's remorse has been eating away at you ever since you bought your new copier/printer, give your local vendor a call to discuss your options. Switching to a quality copier could end up saving your company time and money in the long run.  



Infographic: Ready to discuss which machine is right for you?