How To Replace the Transfer Belt Cleaner on Your Xerox Printer (AltaLink B8100s and C8100s)

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Fri, 09/01/2023 - 09:56

One way to make sure your work life (and printer) runs smoothly is to replace damaged parts and service your machine on time, every time.

However, some parts, like the transfer belt cleaner, can be difficult for some users to replace, especially if they don’t have a lot of experience replacing parts on Xerox printers.

That’s why we’re going to provide you with instructions that will help you quickly replace the transfer belt cleaner on a Xerox AltaLink B8100s or C8100s series printer in this article.

The replacement process for the transfer belt cleaner varies between models, which can make it complicated for people who don’t know much about printer maintenance, and the relatively simple process of changing parts can be made even more complicated by poorly written instruction inserts. 

Luckily, watching someone else replace this part on the same Xerox machine or reading a quick how-to article before you try replacing a part on your own is a great, easy way to save yourself valuable time.

At STPT, we make it our goal to provide quality printing information that is easy to understand, so you know where to go to find answers to your print questions. We want to make sure your office equipment is never a point of stress in your life. 

Our top-notch service technician, Matthew, is going to walk you through the replacement process step-by-step. 

In this blog, he’ll explain how to quickly change the transfer belt cleaner on several different Xerox printer models so you can get back down to business. 

As a service technician at STPT, Matthew simplifies printer maintenance. His how-to quick printer fixes on YouTube have been a big hit, so he’s put together this article to provide a quick, easy-to-read tutorial for those of you who prefer written directions.

Take the pressure off by trusting our STPT printer specialists to help you through it. With almost 40 years in the business, our team has the expertise to make the replacement process quick and easy for you.

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Transfer Belt Cleaner Replacement for Xerox AltaLink B8100s or C8100s Series Printers 

Xerox Transfer Belt Cleaners are specially designed to help your printer produce the best, most reliable image quality for all your print jobs.

Xerox Transfer Belt Cleaners are designed to work with specific models of printers and are also made to be easy to replace so you can get back to work as soon as possible. 

However, it sometimes helps to have someone walk you through the process step-by-step.

In this how-to guide, Matthew explains how to replace the transfer belt cleaner for the following compatible Xerox printer models: 

•    AltaLink B8145
•    AltaLink B8155
•    AltaLink B8170 
•    AltaLink C8130
•    AltaLink C8135
•    AltaLink C8145
•    AltaLink C8155
•    AltaLink C8170

For the purposes of this how-to guide, Matthew will be walking through the replacement process on a Xerox AltaLink C8170 model printer, but the process is the same for any compatible printer model.

Different machines have different supply items and settings. That’s why it is important to follow the instructions specific to your Xerox printer model. For more information about replacing other parts on different Xerox printer models, check out:

•    How To Replace the Maintenance Kit on Your Xerox Printer (VersaLink C500s and C600s)
•    How To Replace the Transfer Roller on Your Xerox Printer (VersaLink B625)

Let’s uncomplicate printer maintenance by walking through toner replacement. You can follow the process by reading the written instructions provided below (with pictures) or you can watch the video linked at the top of the blog.

Part One: Remove Transfer Belt Cleaner

1. Open the front cover on your machine.
2. Remove the waste toner transport assembly first by unlocking it using the orange lock and then using the handle on the right to pull it out. It is indicated on the picture below.



3. Set the waste toner transport assembly aside after removing it. Your transport belt cleaner will be in the cavity in the upper right-hand corner. It will be labeled R6.

Example of XWC

4. Turn the lock to the left of the R6 insignia counterclockwise (to the left.) After that, you can pull the transfer belt cleaner straight out.


Part Two: Insert New Transfer Belt Cleaner

1. You will go back in the opposite way. Take your new roll out of the box. 

2.  There is guide on top of the transfer belt cleaner. Line the guide up with the small slot pictured below:



3.  Slide the new belt cleaner into its slot. Then turn the handle to the left clockwise to re-lock it in place.


4. Re-insert the waste toner transport assembly by placing it back in its slot, pushing it in with your thumbs until it clicks, and turning the latch to the locked position.

5. Shut the cover on your printer.

And that’s it! 

Your new transfer belt cleaner should be properly installed so you can get back to work without any printer maintenance hassles.

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