Step-by-Step Guide to Replace Imaging Unit on Xerox B410/B415 Printers

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The imaging unit, also known as the imaging kit, image drum, or drum unit, is a replaceable supply that plays a crucial role in laser printers. It transfers toner and images/text to paper during the printing process.

If your drum is worn, you'll notice spots and/or lines on the pages, and the images will appear lighter than usual. This is a sign that you need a new drum.

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If you're experiencing print quality issues or receiving notifications to replace the imaging unit on your Xerox B410 or B415 printer, don't worry. Our guide will show you how to do so step by step. Whether you're an experienced technician or a beginner, you'll find this tutorial easy to follow.

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Step 1: Open the Front Cover

To begin, locate the front cover button on the right side of the printer. Press it to open the cover entirely, exposing the printer's inner components.

Printer technician opens the front cover on the Xerox B410/B415


Step 2: Remove the Toner

Once the front cover is open, locate the toner cartridge. Grip the orange handle firmly and pull it straight out and away from the machine. Set the toner cartridge aside in a safe place.

Printer technician removes the toner on the Xerox B410/B415


Step 3: Remove the Old Imaging Unit

Another orange handle on the imaging unit is directly beneath the toner cartridge. Reach under it, grab it securely, and pull it from the machine. Tilt the unit upwards to clear the front cover and slide it out completely.

Printer technician removes the old imaging unit on the Xerox B410/B415


Step 4: Insert the New Imaging Unit

Now, take the new imaging unit and grip the orange handle. Align the slides (first image below) on both sides of the unit with the orange arrows inside the machine (second image below). Insert the unit partially into the slot, ensuring it aligns with the arrows, then tilt it down and slide it fully back into place (third image below). Be gentle during this process; the unit should slide in smoothly without much force.

Printer technician shows the slides on the new imaging unit on the Xerox B410/B415

Printer technician points to the orange arrows inside the Xerox B410/B415

Printer technician inserts the new imaging unit on the Xerox B410/B415


Step 5: Re-insert the Toner Cartridge

Retrieve the toner cartridge and align its slides with the orange arrows inside the machine, just like you did with the imaging unit. Once aligned, push the cartridge firmly into place until it clicks securely.

Printer technician re-inserts the toner cartridge into the Xerox B410/B415


Step 6: Close the Front Cover

Finally, close the front cover of the printer until it latches securely. This ensures that all components are properly secured and ready for operation.


That's it! In a matter of minutes, you've successfully replaced the imaging unit on your Xerox B410/B415 printer. With these simple steps, you can maintain optimal print quality and keep your printer running smoothly.  

Don't let a printer malfunction slow your progress on important projects. Save yourself the hassle of flipping through long manuals to replace a part. Follow our easy instructions for imaging unit replacement to stay on track and efficient.

Please remember to handle the components carefully and review the manufacturer's guidelines for proper maintenance procedures. If you want to discover more helpful how-to blogs, visit our Learning Center.


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