Top 5 Printer Productivity Apps in Xerox App Gallery

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Thu, 05/23/2024 - 07:04
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 No matter which industry you’re in, there are always methods to increase your productivity. Technology has made it easier than ever.

One easy way to increase productivity is to download general productivity applications on your printer. These applications can help speed up document workflow and streamline business processes.     

Printers today have come a long way from being basic office machines. Just like smartphones and computers, they now use the internet to offer advanced functionalities.

They’ve transformed into advanced technological instruments that can act as a quasi-workplace assistant for your company.  

Apps are an integral part of modernizing printers. As a print vendor that partners with Xerox, we’ve devoted our time to learning about the various applications available and highlighting the ones that stand out.    

One of the most popular categories of apps on the Xerox App Gallery is the Productivity category. Today, we’ll discuss five productivity-focused apps that are worth looking into.

Before we continue, it's important to note that some of these apps will cost money, and not every app will be worth investing in if you don’t have a general need for it.

Additionally, other brands have their own applications that may better suit your situation. While we’ll be focusing on Xerox’s apps today due to our expertise, they are not the only brand that offers apps as an additional printer feature.

The 5 Best Printer Productivity Apps in Xerox App Gallery   

Without further ado, here are the five most notable printer productivity apps on the Xerox App Gallery:    


AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation) is a solution that uses AI to manage and process documents. It extracts data from any type of document, analyzes it, and adapts it to your needs. You can easily extract information or properties such as:

  • Words
  • Specific phrases
  • Relevant dates
  • Addresses
  • Relevant numbers

To use the app, you must have an AIDA account. You can use a QR code to quickly enroll your Xerox printer to your AIDA account. Once you’re signed in, scan documents such as contracts and invoices and let AIDA’s artificial intelligence process them. Plus, AIDA also lets you automatically send your digitized files to supported outputs like Xerox DocuShare, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

This app ultimately serves as a personal business assistant that helps enterprises streamline operations and automate tasks.

A preview of the AIDA app:

Screenshot of AIDA app



You can install the AIDA app on an unlimited number of devices for $20 per device.

2. Summarizer App

The Summarizer is a general productivity application that generates summaries of lengthy documents, such as news articles, social media articles, or blog posts. It uses artificial intelligence to create extractive and abstractive summaries.

  1. Extractive summaries condense original documents to a smaller percentage of the original. These types of summaries are available in over 175 languages.
  1. Abstractive summaries are concise interpretations of the original text, so there may be new phrases or sentences. These summaries, however, are only available in English.  

This app is beneficial for organizations dealing with dozens to hundreds of daily documents, such as hospitals and schools, who aim to reduce time spent on reading and research.

Some features that come with the Summarizer app include:  

  • Preview your summary at the user interface.   
  • Email the result in PDF or Microsoft Word format.   
  • Print a copy of the summary right from the device.  

A preview of a summary from the Xerox Summarizer app:  

Xerox Summarizer app_summary preview


The Summarizer app charges per page.

It costs one credit per page for extractive summaries and two credits per page for abstractive summaries. You can purchase credits in the following amounts:

  • 250 credits for $49
  • 1,000 credits for $159
  • 5,000 credits for $659

There is a 30-day free trial available, or 50 credits, depending on which comes first.

For a quick guide on how to use the app, check out our Summarizer app tutorial.

3. CapturePoint XAG (PF360 Capture) 

According to the IDC, 36% of staff time is spent dealing with admin tasks. CapturePoint XAG is a cloud-service solution from Process Fusion 360 (PF360) that aims to help. It enables you to securely scan from your Xerox MFP and convert documents to editable formats like Word and Excel. You can then transfer your files to your preferred destinations, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.  

Other supported destinations for transferring documents include:

  • Docushare
  • Docushare Flex 
  • SharePoint 365 
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 
  • Email and Fax 

This app simplifies document management for businesses, saving time on manual processes and improving efficiency with both physical and digital documents.

A preview of the CapturePoint XAG app:  

CapturePoint XAG (PF360) app screenshot


The app is priced at $100 for a 1000-page scanning capacity per Xerox device.     

4. Scan with Print

From the Xerox corporation, Scan with Print is designed to combine common multi-function printing tasks into one app. You can easily save presets to perform multiple tasks in a single scan, such as scanning to a location and receiving a print simultaneously on a Xerox Connect-Key-enabled device.

You can send your scanned files to single or multiple destinations such as:

  • Scan to email
  • SMB
  • SFTP network locations

Plus, with the Job Split feature, you can split large documents by any number of pages.

A preview of the Job Split feature:

Scan with Print app_preview of Job Split


The Scan with Print app has per-device prices for three different time lengths:

  • 1 month for $5
  • 1 year for $49
  • 3 years for $102

5. Quick Link

This app lets you quickly and easily connect your laptop, desktop computer, or mobile phone to your Xerox device.

You can connect your iPhone or Android device through a QR code on your printer. This QR code links you to where you can download the mobile app “Xerox Workplace App.”

If you want to connect your laptop or computer, simply enter your email address on your printer. You’ll receive an email with easy instructions on how to connect your PC to your Xerox device.

Once you’ve connected your desired device to your Xerox printer, you’re ready to print.

A preview of the Quick Link app:

Quick Link app preview


This app is completely free on the Xerox App Gallery.

Interested In a Free Xerox App Trial?    

Investing in productivity apps for your printer can enhance workflow processes and contribute to a more efficient work environment. However, to make the investment worthwhile, it's important to ensure that the app's features align with your business needs.

There are dozens of apps listed on the Xerox App Gallery. If you didn't find any of the five highlighted here useful, there may be others that fit your situation and are worth looking into.  

If you want to learn more about the various apps on the Xerox App Gallery, read these blogs:    

Based on our customer experience, we've found that mobile apps can benefit businesses. We recommend that you consult a trusted source to ensure you're investing in the right application for your needs.

Most apps in the gallery offer free trials, allowing you to try them out before making a purchase.

If you’re interested in a free trial or want an honest consultation on whether a certain app is right for you, contact us, and we’ll be there to assist you.