What Is the Xerox VersaLink Printer Family? (Features and Cost)  

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Fri, 04/15/2022 - 07:10

Have you ever been in the research process of buying a printer and discovered that the number of available options was difficult to comprehend?   

Investing in a long-term printing solution is not something to be taken casually. When you’re talking about spending thousands of dollars on a machine, you need to make sure that you’re getting the exact model that meets your desired goals.  

Being in the printer/copier industry for over 35 years has taught us how essential it is for you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your situation before making a big office purchase.   

Neglecting the research process and buying the first printer you see online is a risk that could end up costing you more than you originally paid for the machine if you purchase the wrong one.    

To help prevent this costly scenario, we’ll be using our expertise as a Xerox platinum status Agent Partner to provide an overview of the Xerox VersaLink product family.  

It will include the different models in the family, their features, costs and how it compares to other Xerox product families to help you determine if a VersaLink device is a good fit for you.    

We know how examining the products we sell might look to you and that you may question our intentions with this blog.  

Our answer to any question of bias is simple: we have an organizational philosophy from the top-down of full transparency and honesty because that’s what the modern-day customer values the most.    

With that in mind, we can tell you that VersaLink machines will not be for everybody and there are many brands out there who have a quality product arsenal.    

However, if you want a comprehensive and accurate summation of the Xerox VersaLink product family, then you’ve come to the right place.  

What Printers Are in the VersaLink Family?  

Before getting into specific features and comparisons, let’s go over all the models that make up the VersaLink product family:  

Color Letter/A4 Devices  

Six machines make up the color printers in the VersaLink family tree. These are primarily desktop machines that print on A4 paper, which is 8.5 x 14 in. The models include: 

  • VersaLink C400 and C405   

  • VersaLink C500 and C505  

  • VersaLink C600 and C605  

All of these devices print in both color and black-and-white, with the print speed efficiency increasing with the more advanced series models.  

Read our reviews of the C400 and C505 models to learn more about Xerox’s VersaLink color printers.  

Black-and-White Letter/A4 Devices  

Just like the last section of printers, six machines make up the black-and-white printers in the VersaLink device category:  

  • VersaLink B400 and B405   

  • VersaLink B600 and B605  

  • VersaLink B610 and B615  

These are the VersaLink printers that include only black-and-white printing capabilities, and like the color printers in the family, increase in efficiency with the more advanced models.  

Read our reviews of the B405 and B605 models to get a better understanding of the black-and-white VersaLink machines.    

Color Tabloid/A3 Devices  

The third category of printers in the VersaLink product family is the color tabloid machines, which comprise the biggest and most advanced color models in the series. They are typically floor-standing machines that print on tabloid paper, which is 11 x 17 in. The models include:    

  • VersaLink C7000   

  • VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030  

  • VersaLink C7120/C7125/C7130  

  • VersaLink C8000  

  • VersaLink C9000  

The color tabloid devices allow you to print tabloid-sized prints in color and black-and-white and are built to handle more volume at higher speeds than the A4 color letter devices.    

Read our review of the C7025 model for a more in-depth look at a color tabloid machine.    

Black-and-White Tabloid/A3 Devices  

The final category of devices in the VersaLink family is the black-and-white tabloid machines: These include:  

  • VersaLink B7025/B7030/B7035  

  • VersaLink B7125/B7130/B7135  

The same logic from the color tabloid machines applies to the black-and-white ones, except the black-and-white tabloid devices can’t print in color.   

Read our review of the B7025 model for a look into what buying a black-and-white tabloid will entail.  

4 Xerox VersaLink Printer Features  

Now that we’ve looked at the specific VersaLink models, let’s look at some of the noteworthy features included with all VersaLink printers: 

  1. User Interface   

VersaLink devices contain a tablet-like, user interface that makes for simple navigation when trying to complete office tasks.    

The advantage of the user interface is that it provides a familiar mobile experience for consumers. This is especially applicable to anyone who prefers the feel of a touchscreen more than the traditional way of completing printing tasks.   

See the figure below for a look at the Xerox user interface:  

Xerox technology integrates office equipment, app world | Xerox Newsroom

  1. Xerox ConnectKey Technology  

All VersaLink devices contain Xerox’s ConnectKey technology, which includes the ability to store and print hard-copy records into accessible cloud-based documents and allows you to control your printer from your smartphone or mobile device.    

ConnectKey technology helps modernize workflows, which is a particularly acute feature for those who value up-to-date technological features on their desired machine.  

Read our blog about Xerox ConnectKey technology to learn more.  

  1. Xerox App Gallery   

Another major part of Xerox’s ConnectKey technology is the Xerox App Gallery, which includes general and industry-specific applications that can enhance business processes and increase task productivity.   

Some examples include Xerox Translate and Print, which automatically translates documents into a user’s language of choice, and the Xerox Note Converter, which automatically converts handwritten notes into a Microsoft Word document. 

Example of Xerox’s Proofreader Grammar Report: 

To learn more about the Xerox App Gallery, read these blogs:  

  1. Printer Security  

Security features are a central component of VersaLink machines, as all devices contain Xerox’s four-point approach to security that helps prevent, detect and protect against cyberattacks.  

Some of the security measures include protection from network intrusion, data transmission and unauthorized access. Document security is enhanced by stringent data encryption and secure overwrite.  

Read our blog about Xerox’s approach to cybersecurity to learn more.   

How Is VersaLink Different from Xerox’s Other Product Families?  

Xerox has three major product families in its repertoire: VersaLink, AltaLink and PrimeLink.    

To better understand which product family could be a fit for you, here are some key differentiators between Xerox’s major product categories:    

3 Differences Between Xerox VersaLink and AltaLink  

Here are the three major differences between the VersaLink and AltaLink families: 

  1. Workgroup Versatility 

The main difference between the VersaLink and AltaLink products is that the VersaLink product family contains both single-function and multifunction printers, while the AltaLink product family includes just multifunction machines.    

This means that VersaLink machines can act as a desktop printing solution and are more equipped for small-to-medium businesses that can range from small law firms, doctors and dentist offices or car dealerships.  

  1. Print Volume 

On the other hand, AltaLink devices can sustain much more usage and are built to meet the printing needs of large workgroups that print at a high monthly volume (over 75,000 pages per month). 

  1. Printer Features 

There are also some features that AltaLink devices have, such as the Smart Proximity Censor feature and additional print finishing options, that VersaLink machines do not contain.   

If you would like to learn more about the differences between Altalink and VersaLink devices, read our blog about the Xerox AltaLink printer family.    

An example of a machine in the Altalink B8100 Series, courtesy of Xerox: 

2 Differences Between Xerox VersaLink and PrimeLink  

Here are two differences worth noting between the VersaLink and PrimeLink families:

  1. Printer Size  

If you think of the VersaLink product family as the little sibling of Xerox’s product catalog, and the AltaLink product family as the middle sibling, then the PrimeLink category of machines would be the big sibling.    

PrimeLink machines are the largest of the three major office product categories in Xerox’s arsenal. 

  1. Specialty Prints 

PrimeLink machines are production printers built primarily for larger modern office workgroups and in-plant print shops. They print at a high color volume and are used to print manuals, pamphlets, calendars and other specialty prints.      

As mentioned in the last section, VersaLink machines are for small-to-medium-sized businesses (3-20 people) and are more versatile in that they can meet the needs of multiple workgroups.      

For an in-depth look at a PrimeLink machine, read our review of the Xerox PrimeLink C9065.  

An example of a machine in the PrimeLink B9100 Series, courtesy of Xerox: 

Xerox PrimeLink B9100 Series Copier/Printer - Xerox

3 Differences Between Xerox VersaLink Models  

Now that we’ve rolled through the differences between the Xerox office product families, let’s look at the main factors that differentiate the models within the VersaLink product catalog:    

  1. Print Speed  

This was touched on earlier, but the efficiency of the printer will increase as the model gets more advanced in the series. 

For instance, the VersaLink B400 and B405 models have a print speed of up to 47 pages per minute (ppm), while the VersaLink B600 and B605 models print at speeds of up to 58 ppm.  

The same is true for color printing; the VersaLink C400 and C405 models print at 36 ppm, while the VersaLink C500 and C505 print at 45 ppm.  

  1. Recommended Monthly Print Volume  

A printer’s monthly duty cycle will also vary depending on how advanced the model is in the series.  

Using the same B400 and B600 Series example from the last section, the VersaLink B400 and B405 models have a recommended monthly print volume of 12,000 pages per month.   

On the other hand, the more advanced VersaLink B600 and 605 models contain a recommended monthly print volume of 20,000 pages per month.   

It’s highly advised to follow the recommended monthly print volume instead of the printer’s monthly duty cycle to avoid overusing the machine.    

Read our blog about print volume and duty cycle to learn more.    

  1. Printer Cost  

As you can probably surmise, the more advanced models in the VersaLink family will also be more expensive.   

To show a representation of price, here are the costs of the models in the B400 and B600 Series, along with their color counterparts, the C400 and C500 Series:    

  • VersaLink B400DN ($799) and B405 ($999)  

  • VersaLink C400DN ($699) and C405 ($999)  

  • VersaLink B600DN ($999) and B605X ($2,999) 

  • VersaLink C500DN ($899) and C505X ($2,599)   

It’s important to note that some vendors may offer trade-ins and there’s also the option to lease your printer, rather than purchase it outright. Leasing a printer will break up the total price of the machine into monthly payments, making it a more affordable option. For more printer cost information, read these blogs:           

How Does Xerox VersaLink Series Compare to Other Brands?  

Comparing printer families from different manufacturers in detail would require a whole blog in and of itself since its features and specifications can change significantly from brand to brand.      

Although this blog deals with Xerox’s product families, in particular, many brands in the industry have solid machines with their own unique features that can appease a vast number of printing needs.  

For a look into how the VersaLink printers compare to other models of similar size, check out these comparisons blogs:  

Who Is a Fit for a Xerox VersaLink Printer?    

Now, let’s summarize who would be a good fit for a VersaLink device:  

  • You have a small-to-medium-sized workgroup that doesn’t print at a high volume (approximately 3-20 people)  

  • You desire one machine to cover all the basic printing functions, such as print, scan, copy and fax.    

  • You want to invest in a long-term printing solution for your business.    

  • You would like advanced technology to help automate workflows and a user-friendly experience with a tablet-like touchscreen.  

If you fit into these four categories, then you would likely be a candidate for a printer in the VersaLink product series.     

However, analyzing your situation with an experienced business consultant is always recommended before purchasing so that you get the exact model that will fulfill your printing requirements.    

Who Isn’t a Fit for a Xerox VersaLink Printer?  

Let’s now go through who would not be a fit for the VersaLink family:  

  • You have a big workgroup (larger than 20 daily users) and print over 30,000 pages a month.  

  • You need a bigger multifunction printer with more finishing options.  

  • You need a simple printing solution for home use.  

  • You print mostly in color and need a machine to print manuals, pamphlets or any other special prints.    

If you fall into one of these categories, then you are most likely not a candidate for a VersaLink device and would need to look at a different product family.      

If you resonate with the first two points, then the AltaLink product family would be the better option. If you want a personal printer for your house, then buying a cheaper retail option would be the best fit. If you align with the fourth point, then the PrimeLink family would be the best place to look in Xerox’s catalog.   

Read our blog about how to choose a printer for your budget and business needs for more tips on how to choose the printer that best optimizes your printing processes.    

Think a Xerox VersaLink Printer Is Right for You?  

VersaLink printers are the most versatile product family in Xerox’s catalog because they can meet the demands of multiple workgroups and can act as a transitional option for those that need more than a personal desktop printer.  

However, VersaLink machines are not equipped to handle the workload of large businesses that print at high volumes or for those that need a production-style printer to make specialty prints like booklets and posters.    

Being a long-time print vendor has afforded us the knowledge and expertise to guide you along your journey to finding the best printing solution for you.   

If you are interested in a VersaLink machine or would like to discuss other printing solutions, reach out to us and a business consultant will be there to assist you.