How Much Does a Copier/Printer Cost?

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Searching for the machine that will be helping your team through long days rushed deadlines, and thousands of prints, scans, or copies, is no small task. You want a machine that is up for the job. However, you first need to know how much a new copier/printer is going to cost. 

We want to be open and honest about what you should be budgeting as you search for your team’s copier/printer. The price is going to depend on what copier/printer is right for your company. 

We’ve listed several of the top factors that will influence which copier is right for your business below.   

  1. How much paper do you use per month? 

  1. How many people will be using the machine? 

  1. What size paper do you need to print on? 

  1. Are you looking for a desktop printer or does it need a stand? 

  1. Do you need the ability to print/copy in color? 

Another major factor includes deciding if you want to purchase or lease.   

As a rule of thumb, we only lease machines that are more than $1,000. Our machines range from $299 to well over $10,000. We’ve explained and broken down in detail when you would purchase vs. lease here. 

How Much Should Your Company Expect to Pay? 

We previously listed several factors that will influence which copier you should choose. Now we are going to break down the cost.  

It would be impossible to give you an exact quote in this blog. Instead, we are going to give you a ballpark monthly leasing price, so you have a better idea of what your budget should be. 

Copier cost for small teams

For teams of five individuals or less, that print about 1,200 pages per month, a color copier will be around $99 per month. A black and white machine will be around $79 per month. 

This is the cost of the machine with no added features or accessories. Adding a maintenance plan (about $12) and extra stands or storage, will add to the monthly cost.

Copier cost for medium teams

For teams of 10 individuals or less, that print around 5,000 pages per month, a color copier will cost $265 per month. A black and white machine will cost $163 per month, before adding accessories. 

Copier cost for large teams

For businesses with 20 employees or less, that print about 10,000 pages per month, a color copier will start at $535 per month. A black and white machine will start at $322 per month.

Infographic showing cost of copier

Again, these are ballpark numbers so you can start to get an understanding of the cost. You'll also want to take into consideration the hidden costs you can run into when leasing or purchasing a copier and any additional accessories you might want to include upon purchase.

Monthly Payment Structure 

So, what’s the exact breakdown after you pick a machine and decide whether you want to purchase or lease?  

Regardless of whether you decided to purchase or lease, you will be billed monthly for certain services such as cost per print and your maintenance plan. Your maintenance plan will include service calls, parts, and supplies, excluding paper and staples. 

If you opt to purchase your machine, below is what you can expect to see on your monthly invoice: 

  1. Maintenance Fee: Around $10-$30 

  1. B&W Prints: Around $0.01-$0.03 per page 

  1. Color Prints: Around $0.07 - $0.30 per page

If you decide to lease your machine, below is what you can expect to see on your monthly invoice:  

  1. Base lease payment  

  1. Maintenance Fee: Around $10-$30 

  1. B&W Prints: Around $0.01 - $0.03 per page 

  1. Color Prints: Around $0.07 - $0.30 per page 

For the visual learners out there, below we've included the simple math that is used to calculate your monthly expense.

Monthly payment plan example

As you search for the perfect copier, we want to caution you against settling with a cheaper option from retail giants like Office Depot or Amazon. If you are heavily printing on a smaller machine, you’ll find that you must frequently replace the toner, and this ends up costing you more money. 

In the long run, you will save money and be more satisfied with a quality copier/printer over the ones you find at retail giants.  

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