4 Xerox Features That Stand Out Against Other Printer Brands

Submitted by Karla Metzler on Wed, 08/04/2021 - 07:40
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When you think of a copier/printer brand, what’s the first name to come to mind?   


Maybe it’s HP or Canon because that’s what you used in school. Maybe it’s even Ricoh because that’s what the first office you worked at used. It’s easy to recall or hear about different brand names, but the stakes are a little higher when choosing one for your office equipment. You don’t want to be left with a faulty machine that breaks easily, or that can’t keep up with your printing volumes.   


There are many manufacturers out there that produce durable and efficient machines, capable of printing, scanning, faxing, and so much more. In the past 35 years, we here at Strategic Technology Partners of Texas have seen them all whether it’s from selling or servicing them, and we know the unique benefits and advantages that come with each individual brand.   


However, when it comes to exceptional quality and industry-leading technology, the brand that has always stood out is Xerox.  As an authorized partner, we know the ins and outs of all Xerox devices, and we can confidently say that there are many organizations that would be a great fit for this technology. That’s why we’ll be breaking down four areas where Xerox stands out, so you’ll feel more confident in your journey of finding a printer brand for your organization.  


What Sets Xerox Apart from Other Competitors?  

Xerox has been at the forefront of copier/printer technology since the invention of the first xerographic image in 1938. Since then, the company has spent more in research and development than any other copier/printer manufacturer, all to bring productivity enhancements to the workplace.   


When compared to other brands, Xerox consistently stands out. Whether it’s the difference between Xerox and Canon’s user interface or Xerox’s product line compared to Ricoh’s, there’s a clear distinction. Even HP can’t compare to Xerox’s advanced security software, protecting their customers from data attacks and cybercrime.     


4 Unique Xerox Features   

There are endless advantages that come with using Xerox copier and printer technology, but these are 4 of the most popular.  


1.  User-Interface

One of the biggest challenges that offices face, especially when training new hires or getting new equipment, is learning how to utilize all the different functions of the machine. Having a simple to understand, and easy-to-view user interface makes a world of difference when it comes to using different apps, features, and paper sizes.  


Xerox machines feature customizable user interfaces so that you can personalize and prioritize certain applications that you might use more than others. The interface is also consistent throughout the product line, so there’s no learning curve when it comes to using a different Xerox model because they all look and work the same.   


xerox user interface

2. Security

When you think of network security, you can probably understand why you’d want to keep all your data and information secure from outside intrusion. Losing any form of personal information such as addresses, social security numbers, and payroll data can be not only expensive to fix, but also dangerous. Companies also need to be mindful of the ever-growing threat of cybercrime, especially with the prevalence of ransomware. 


Printers function in a very similar way to computers. You might not realize it, but in the same way that your computer or network can be hacked, your copier or printer is just as vulnerable- especially if they’re all connected through the same network.   


Luckily, Xerox’s security initiatives are the strongest in the copier/printer industry and utilize exclusive partnerships with McAfee and Cisco to ensure that user data remains safe. With secure printing features like data encryption and user authorization, your printing technology is untouchable, saving you from spending thousands to recoup valuable data.   


Xerox is also the only printer vendor that is FedRAMP certified, meaning that Xerox’s security standards are high enough to be utilized by the United States government, in the Department of Homeland Security.   


3. ConnectKey Technology

All businesses aim to be as productive as possible in the workplace. And while there are a variety of things that can help or hinder this goal, advanced printing technology has the potential to make you and your employee's lives significantly easier.   


ConnectKey Technology is Xerox’s productivity-enhancing platform that hosts a variety of apps designed to minimize other office processes, such as Xerox Translate and Print, which scans documents and accurately translates them instantly into over 44 languages, while keeping the exact same format. There’s also the Xerox Mobile Link app, which allows users to manage, print, scan, and share directly from their mobile devices (no more walking back and forth to your desk). There are several options for electronic faxing, which brings old-fashioned faxing into the 21st century. 


There are even apps specially designed for different sectors, like the HIPAA compliant Share Patient Information app for the healthcare sector, the Remark Test Grading app for schools and educational settings, and the Auto-Redaction app for law offices and legal environments, just to name a few.   


4. Diverse Product Line

No two businesses are the same and finding the machine that can handle your specific print needs, and fits in the space you need it to, can be a bit of a challenge. You also don’t want to pay an unreasonable amount of money for a high-volume printer, when you're only printing a couple of pages a month.   


That's why one of Xerox’s biggest advantages in the copier/printer industry is its product line, which ranges from small black and white printers to large, production scale printers capable of printing in fluorescents and metallics.   


With a printer for virtually any type of office space, Xerox makes it easier to find what’s perfect for your business size and volume and allows for your company to grow with the same vendor.   


What Makes Xerox the Leader of the Copier and Printer Industry?

With a wide range of different devices, state-of-the-art productivity-enhancing technology, and government standard security, it’s clear that Xerox is the choice for those looking for a top-of-the-line copier or printer.  STPT has been supplying organizations with high-quality Xerox machines for over 35 years, and we take pride in helping businesses find what’s right for them. If you’re interested in how Xerox compares to other brands, we’ve written several comparison articles that will highlight the pros and cons of each, and help you decide which is a better candidate for your business:   

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