6 Upgrades You Can Purchase for Your Multifunction Printer

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Fri, 03/05/2021 - 09:00

Copier/printer technology is always evolving in order to better meet customer needs. Now, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different upgrades available for purchase, from Wifi adapters all the way to high-capacity paper feeders.  

We’ve compiled a list of six different upgrades available for purchase that are designed to increase customer accessibility and office efficiency.  


1. High-Capacity Paper Feeder

If you find yourself constantly adding paper to your machine, you’re a great candidate for a high-capacity paper feeder. A high-capacity paper feeder is an external upgrade that is installed on the paper path of copiers and printers- it essentially looks like an extra-large paper tray. It extends the paper capacity of the printer significantly, usually between 2000-3000 sheets.  

These are usually installed on machines that are going to run extremely large volumes of impressions by large groups of people. This way paper doesn’t have to be loaded into the machine as often. 


2. Fax Card 

Fax cards are an extra option that can be added to the back of the machine that gives you access to the fax app on the copier and gives you the ability to send and receive faxes. 


3. Finisher 

A finisher is an option that is best described as an “organizer”, added to the end of the paper path. They do all the end tasks that occur once the documents have been printed. These come in many different configurations and should be decided on by the customer and the sales rep depending on the situation at hand, and the business needs.   

They usually come with options such as stapling, folding, booklet making, collating, and hole punching. 


4. Card Reader 

Card readers are installed on the front of the copier and are programmed to allow access to the printer by scanning an ID badge.  

They are usually utilized for security purposes, in order to protect sensitive data from being exposed, or for print tracking, where authorized users only can use certain print functions in order to cut costs.  


5. Wifi Adapter

A Wifi adapter connects to the back of the machine and gives users the ability to connect their copier/printer to a wireless network and seamlessly integrate your technology for accessibility and printing. 


6. Printer Stand 

As implied by the name, a printer stand goes under the machine and stands beneath the printer. They are usually used on smaller desktop (A4) machines, and allow the device to rest at a comfortable working height for easier access and use if the customer does not have a counter or desk to place it on.  

Printer stands also serve as additional storage, with a small door on the front that opens to a storage compartment for additional sheets of paper or other supplies. 



With these available upgrades, things like constantly refilling paper and not having space on your counter, or not being able to move your device without an extra network drop are things of the past. Now, by simply adding some of the most common upgrades and accessories, your printer can be fully functional with optimal utilization.  

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