4 Best Copier/Printer Apps for the Educational Environment

Submitted by Michaela McMellan on Thu, 10/29/2020 - 09:00
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Are you a teaching professional struggling to find time between grading tests and proofreading hundreds of papers? 

Or have you ever faced a language barrier with students or parents that made sharing important information challenging? 

If using Xerox equipment, the Xerox App Gallery offers a multitude of apps that can be downloaded onto your copier/printer. These apps can save you time, increase productivity, and even assist with language barriers. This allows you to focus on other matters that need your attention most, like your students. 

Below are the four best Xerox MFP apps for saving time and increasing productivity within the education environment.  

1. Proofreader App 

This app is the perfect tool for anyone who is sick of spending hours proofreading. It checks for spelling, grammar, style, and plagiarism right from the machine.  

After logging in, choose the elements you wish to be reviewed. Choose to print or email results, then scan. 

The document will be printed with all errors marked on the page. If plagiarism is detected, the paragraph and line it was found in will be noted. Results can be uploaded to a folder of choice or emailed to a parent. 

The Proofreader app saves education professionals hours grading essays, leaving more time for teaching.  

2. Remark Test Grading App 

According to Xerox, 50% of a teacher’s week is spent on lesson preparation and grading work. Fortunately, tests can now grade themselves through the Xerox Remark app.  

To utilize this app and avoid wasting hours grading tests, refer to the following instructions. 

Once the app is downloaded to your MFP:  

  1. Log into your Remark account 

  1. Select class and answer sheets 

  1. Select needed students 

  1. Print scantrons! 

After the test: 

  1. Place completed scantrons into the machine’s feeder 

  1. Click scan!  

Just like that, your tests are graded, and you are free to spend more time focusing on your students.  

3. Book2Go  

Xerox’s Book2Go app allows you to digitize any book/booklet you need to share. 

You’ll scan the book then receive a QR code to share, allowing others to read the book from their computer, tablet, or mobile devices.   

When you place the book on the scanner, choose a new job, enter the book’s height and width, then hit save. Your book will be scanned. You can then choose to email or save the QR code as a download. 

This app is the perfect solution to the growing demand for online learning and experiences.  

4.Translate and Print App 

The translate app converts documents from one language to another. The app currently offers more than 40 different languages to choose from. 

To translate your document, you’ll need to choose the source (original) language of the document and your target language, then scan. You can then choose to print this document, email, or both.  

This tool has helped educators with language barriers, sharing important information, and allowing for better communication between parents and teachers.  

Apps increase productivity  

One of the biggest mistakes we see customers make is failing to maximize the features of their copier/printer. 

Regardless of whether you utilize these apps for the education environment or another vertical market, apps are an important part of your machine’s ability to service your office needs. 

These apps are available for download on your copier/printer.  Take a moment to browse the apps in the Xerox app gallery. Be sure to check back periodically and be on the lookout for new apps. 

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Infographic: Top 6 apps to increase productivity