5 Best Copier/Printer Apps for the Educational Environment

Submitted by Michaela McMellan on Wed, 05/01/2024 - 09:00
Teacher grading paperwork

Are you a teaching professional struggling to find time between preparing course material, grading tests, and proofreading hundreds of papers? 

Or have you ever faced a language barrier with students or parents that made sharing important information challenging? 

If you’re using Xerox equipment, the Xerox App Gallery offers a multitude of apps that you can download onto your copier/printer. These apps can save you time, increase productivity, and even assist with language barriers. This allows you to focus on other matters that need your attention most, like your students. 

Below are the five best Xerox MFP apps for saving time and increasing productivity within the education environment.  

Note: To use these apps, your VersaLink or AltaLink printer must have scanning capabilities.

1. Connect for Blackboard


Xerox Connect for Blackboard screenshot

This app connects educators and students to Blackboard Learn, one of the most popular and widely used learning management systems (LMS) for higher education. It simplifies the process of scanning and uploading files into Blackboard.

You can walk up to a printer, scan a document, and upload its PDF file directly into a designated folder within the Blackboard app.

It’s the perfect time-saving app for teachers who scan a lot of hardcopy material, such as book chapters, assignments, or handouts. Students can also scan and upload their completed documents with their names attached, so long as they have an account.    

All scanned documents are instantly stored within the app for quick access.

The Connect for Blackboard app makes sharing online learning content easier. You can collaborate with students and boost productivity.


The Connect for Blackboard app has per-device prices for three different time lengths:

  • 1 month for $10
  • 1 year for $99
  • 3 years for $208

2. Remark Test Grading App 

Xerox Remark Test Grading app screenshot


According to Xerox, 50% of a teacher’s week is spent on lesson preparation and grading work. Fortunately, tests can now grade themselves through the Xerox Remark app.

The Xerox Remark app connects to Gravic’s popular test-grading service, Remark. You can easily print bubble tests, scan to grade them, and print or email the results to your account.

To utilize this app, you must have a Remark account and subscription. Below are simple instructions on how to use it and avoid wasting hours grading tests.  

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your MFP:  

  1. Log into your Remark account 
  1. Select class and answer sheets 
  1. Select available students 
  1. Print scantrons! 

After the test: 

  1. Place completed scantrons into the machine’s feeder 
  1. Click scan!  

Just like that, your tests are graded, and you’re free to spend more time focusing on your students.  


The Remark Test Grading app has per-device prices for three different time lengths:

  • 1 month for $14
  • 1 year for $149
  • 3 years for $315

3. Book2Go  

Book2Go app for Xerox screenshot


E-dox AG's Book2Go app for Xerox allows you to digitize any book or booklet in a public place without being part of the local network. 

The app lets you scan a book and then receive a QR code to share, allowing you to read it from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.   

To use the app, simply place a book on the printer’s scanner, choose a new job, enter the book’s height and width, and then hit save. You will receive a scanned version of your book in QR form. You can then choose to email or save the QR code as a download. 

This app is the perfect solution for printers in libraries or universities to make online learning better.   


The Book2Go app has a per-device price for the following time length:

  • 1 year for $49

4. Connect for Moodle

Xerox Connect for Moodle screenshot


Moodle is an open-source LMS alternative to Blackboard Learn. The Xerox Connect for Moodle app allows educators and students to access their Moodle accounts, scan documents, and print on demand. The app simplifies document management and sharing on the Moodle platform.

You can scan a document, modify aspects like resolution, and upload its PDF file directly into a folder structure within Moodle.

It’s the perfect time-saving app for teachers who constantly upload hardcopy documents like coursework, assignments, and notes. All scanned documents are instantly stored within the app for quick access.

To utilize this app, you must have a Moodle account and subscription.

The Connect for Moodle app bridges the gap between physical documents and their digital counterparts.


The Connect for Moodle app has per-device prices for three different time lengths:

  • 1 month for $10
  • 1 year for $99
  • 3 years for $208

5. Translate and Print App 

Xerox Translate and Print app screenshot


The Xerox Translate and Print app converts documents from one language to another. It currently offers translations in more than 45 different languages.

To translate your document, you’ll need to choose the source (original) language and your target language. Then hit scan. 

This app's key feature is that it won’t change the original format of your document; it will only translate the words.

Once you have your translated document, you can then choose to print it, email it in Microsoft Word format, or do both.    

This tool has helped educators overcome language barriers, share important information, and improve communication between parents and teachers.


The Translate and Print app has per-device prices for three different page counts:

  • 100 scan pages for $50
  • 1,000 scan pages for $203
  • 5,000 scan pages for $528

For a quick guide on how to use the app, check out our Translate and Print app tutorial.

Increase Your Productivity with Apps

One of the biggest mistakes we see customers make is failing to maximize the features of their multifunction copier/printer. 

Xerox provides proprietary and third-party apps for a wide variety of industries and goals. Whether you use these apps for education or a different task, apps are an important part of your machine’s ability to service your office needs. 

For more productivity-focused apps, check out our list of 6 Copier/Printer Apps You Need to Increase Office Productivity.

Remember, these apps are only available for ConnectKey-enabled VersaLink and AltaLink family printers. Take a moment to browse the apps in the Xerox App Gallery. Be sure to check back periodically and be on the lookout for new apps. 

If you’re interested in one of these apps for your MFP, Xerox offers free 30-day trials for most apps in its gallery. Contact us for information on how to get a free trial.

Implementing and utilizing these apps will ensure you get the most out of your multifunction printer.