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Aug 2, 2021
woman scanning
By Eyara Jokar


Think about the last time you had to scan a document. Was it an intimidating process for you? Did you end up just taking a…

Jul 12, 2021
special pricing what does it entail and how do i qualify
By Mary Eberhart

 Special pricing is a great benefit that many organizations qualify for, and sometimes don’t even know it. While the phrase itself can mean different things, and special pricing is negotiated on a business-to-business…

Jul 9, 2021
What is eValet? Managed print services
By Joel Barriga

Managed Print Services is one of the key benefits you receive when you partner with an experienced print vendor. Tracking printing costs, auto-shipping toner, and keeping invoices organized are just some of the factors…

Jul 2, 2021
xerox altalink c8155 multifunction printer
By Joel Barriga

When searching for the perfect multifunction printer for your office, it’s important to understand what each device has to offer. The purpose of this review is to give you an in-depth glance into all of the features,…

Jun 21, 2021
a comprehensive guide to copier lease agreements
By Mary Eberhart

Leasing a copier can sound like an intimidating process. There are some different things that are good to know while going through the leasing process, and if it’s your first time it may seem…

Jun 14, 2021
5 reasons why you need managed print services
By Joel Barriga

Any business or organization knows the struggles of keeping printing processes running smoothly. There are an endless number of jokes about the office copier, and there’s often a stack of unorganized toner in the corner…

Jun 9, 2021
By Karla Metzler

Is your office constantly finding itself without valuable printing supplies? Or worse, do you have a designated pile of jumbled toner, all…

Jun 7, 2021
copier/printer apps can i write my own
By Eyara Jokar

We all know that in today’s digital world, having access to the applications you need is a big deal. Whether it’s on a cell phone or a multifunction printer, apps are the go-to source for convenience. With Xerox, you can…

Jun 2, 2021
all caps, multifunction printer, what is it and why is it different from a regular printer
By Eyara Jokar

If you're in the market for a copier or printer for your business, you've likely heard the term "MFP", or Multifunction Printer before. If you've found yourself wondering what exactly an MFP is, and how it differs from a…

May 28, 2021
two important documents to look over before your installation
By Joel Barriga

Congratulations on your new machine! 


If you’ve…