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Jan 21, 2021
By Mary Eberhart


Every day healthcare professionals strive to protect their patient’s files and private information to ensure HIPPA compliance is…

Jan 19, 2021
woman replacing toner
By Shannon Scoggins


Are you upgrading or trading in your current copier/printer?  

Jan 14, 2021
versalink C405 close up
By Karla Metzler


While researching and evaluating all the places you can purchase a copier/printer, you happened to stumble upon us,…

Jan 12, 2021
picture of printer
By Karla Metzler

Before we begin our review of the C605, it’s important to note that we do sell this product. However, we sell this machine because we truly believe it’s a top product within the copier industry. Regardless…

Jan 7, 2021
man and woman looking at computer screen
By Shannon Scoggins


Have you noticed your copier/printer bill rise recently?  

Jan 5, 2021
picture of 3d printer blueprint
By Karla Metzler


Who remembers as a kid, getting excited for any new movie with the word ‘3D’ attached to it? 

Dec 31, 2020
two big printers side by side
By Joel Metzler


Looking for a new copier/printer and want to know the difference between an inkjet and laser printer? 

Dec 29, 2020
blueprint of 3d printer
By Eyara Jokar


Investing in a 3D printer for your school or business is an important decision that requires evaluating the problems that could arise.…

Dec 24, 2020
Three multifunction printers
By Mary Eberhart

It’s safe to say most businesses have adopted some form of marketing to help increase leads and brand awareness. 


Dec 22, 2020
Man smiling at computer
By Karla Metzler