Top 10 Apps in the Xerox App Gallery

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Fri, 04/29/2022 - 07:10
The Xerox touchscreen user interface showing three Xerox App Gallery applications

Modern technology is quite incredible.   

Contemporary knowledge has given rise to the modernization of printers from simple machines to advanced technological investments.  

One of the key areas where this is displayed is in the various applications available for download on present-day printers.    

Just like your smartphone, many printers now have touchscreen interfaces where you can download apps to enhance business processes and increase productive workflow.     

For companies looking to get the most out of their printer investment, downloading apps for your machine can be a huge benefit that you may not be completely aware of.   

As a print vendor who maintains platinum status with Xerox, we have become highly familiar with the dozens of apps on their Xerox App Gallery and can properly convey the ones that stand out.  

Using our expertise as a guide, we’ll be taking a look at the Xerox App Gallery and ranking the top 10 most notable apps in Xerox’s arsenal, basing it off their effectiveness, popularity and distinctiveness.     

Before getting into the list, it’s important to note that some apps will cost money and not every app will be a fit for your business.     

Furthermore, there are other brands that have their own repertoire of applications that may entice you more than Xerox’s selections would, and this blog is not meant to champion Xerox as the only good option for printer apps.  

The 10 Best Apps in the Xerox App Gallery  

Now, let’s get into the ranking of the top 10 apps on the Xerox App Gallery:     

  1. Connect for Microsoft 365   

The first spot on this list is the Connect for Microsoft 365 app, which allows you to collect, store, print and scan documents in the cloud on the Microsoft platform.  

In addition to Connect for Microsoft 365, the Xerox App Gallery has multiple other cloud-storage platforms, including:   

  • Connect for Box   

  • Connect for Docushare Go  

  • Connect for Dropbox  

  • Connect for Evernote  

  • Connect for Google Drive   

  • Archibox   

  • Connect for Microsoft OneDrive    

These cloud-based apps let you connect to the cloud service provider you desire. Cloud storage services are the modern answer to storing important documents and files, and according to McAfee, 97% of organizations use cloud services in their business processes.     

It’s especially beneficial for companies that maintain multiple locations and may need access to documents on the fly. Large, document-heavy industries such as healthcare, education and legal would also be strong candidates for a cloud-based app.  

Most of Xerox’s cloud-based apps are priced per device at a rate of $10 a month, $99 a year or $208 for three years. The exceptions are Archibox ($30 per device) and Connect for DocuShare Go, which is free.    

For a more detailed look into Xerox’s cloud storage applications, read our “App Gallery Spotlight” blog on Connect Apps for cloud storage.    

  1. @PrintByXerox (Mobile Printing)    

Another desire for most printer owners is being able to have mobile connectivity set up so they can print, copy and scan from their smartphone.    

There are three free applications in Xerox’s App Gallery for mobile solutions: @PrintByXerox, QR Code and Touchless Access.    

The most notable of these mobile applications is the @PrintByXerox app, which allows you to print from your email by submitting an email with the attached documents you want to print to   

The QR Code app lets you link your Xerox mobile applications to your printer using a QR code. Once you have the QR code on your printer, you can scan the code with your phone and copy, print or scan documents with the Touchless Access application.  

  1. Connect for DocuSign    

The Xerox App Gallery contains a range of industry-specific applications, including Connect apps to various platforms that frequent the modern business world.  

Connect for DocuSign reigns as the most notable given its ability to aid daily business interactions by printing documents from your DocuSign inbox, or scanning documents directly to your DocuSign draft envelopes. 

Other notable Connect apps include:    

  • Connect for Concur ($99-699, depending on the number of receipts you account for)   

  • Connect for DocuSign ($14/month, $149/year, $315/three years)  

  • Connect for Exchange Online ($5/month, $49/year, $119/three years)  

  • Connect for NetSuite ($10/month, $99/year, $208/three years)  

  • Connect for Sage Intacct ($79-$899, depending on the number of bills you account for)  

  • Connect for Salesforce ($10/month, $99/year, $208/three years)   

  • Connect for signNow ($5/month, $49/year, $119/three years)  

  • Connect for XM Pie (Free)  

The “Connect for” applications allow you to link your service of choice to your printer, making it easier to accomplish tasks within the platforms you use on a daily basis.    

  1. Xerox Translate and Print   

Xerox Translate and Print is a general productivity application that helps eliminate language barriers, which is especially important to multinational corporations with diverse workgroups and school districts that have a student base from multiple countries.    

All you have to do is scan a document, choose which language you want it translated to and have it printed or emailed to you in that desired language.    

Over 44 languages are supported on the Translate and Print app, and the cost is tallied by the scan capacity you choose. A 100-page scan capacity is $50, a 1000-page scan capacity is $203 and a 5000-page scan capacity is $528.    

Read our “App Gallery Spotlight” blog on the Xerox Translate and Print app to learn more about what it can do for your business. 

Xerox Translate and Print app: 


  1. Xerox Note Converter 

 Using Google’s AI technology, the Xerox Note Converter is one of the more useful applications in the App Gallery because of its ability to convert handwritten notes into a Microsoft Word document. 

The price of the app is $5 a month, $49 a year and $119 for three years.   

  1. Xerox Auto-Redaction    

The Xerox Auto-Redaction app uses AI technology in Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software to allow you to select Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that the software will automatically redact in documents.    

This app is useful for law firms who deal with sensitive data to cut back on the time it takes to go through pages and manually search for the information to redact in a document.      

It’s $69 for a 2000-page scan capacity, $199 for a 7,500-page scan capacity and $499 for 25,000-page scan capacity.     

Read our blog on the four best apps for the legal environment to learn more about apps that can help increase productive workflow at your law firm.    

  1. Summarizer     

The Summarizer is another general application that creates summaries of lengthy documents using AI.    

It’s helpful for businesses that deal with dozens of pages of documents every day, like hospitals and schools, and want a concise interpretation of the material to save on reading and research time.     

The price of the app depends on the number of credits (one-page counts for one credit) that you account for. The 250-credit price is $49, the 1,000-credit price is $159 and the 5,000-credit price is $659.     

An example of a news article summary in the Summarizer app:  

carousel image

  1. Mywork E-Sign    

Mywork E-Sign is an app that lets you sign scanned documents directly from your printer and includes a wide selection of supported signature types, including Simple (SES), Advanced (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).    

The app is useful for companies who constantly sign digital documents and want a timelier solution. It costs $340 for 200 credits, $780 for 500 credits and $1,385 for 1000 credits.     

  1. Remark Test Grading   

The Remark Test Grading application is built for schools and educational institutions, offering teachers a quicker grading solution.    

Teachers can use this app by printing out bubble tests and scanning the correct answer sheets to allow for automated grading. You can also email students their grades from the printer and produce reports to summarize class performance.   

The price of the app is calculated on a monthly basis ($14/month, $149/year and $315/three years) and you must have an active Remark Cloud Account with the Xerox Connector enabled on your account.     

For a look at other apps for the educational environment, read our blog on the four best printer apps for the educational environment.    

10. Share Patient Information    

The last app on this list is another industry-specific one, this time for the healthcare environment.    

The Share Patient Information authorizes you to send a patient’s information to another healthcare professional, which includes the ability to scan and store patient information directly in their respective chart.   

The app is free to download but requires a Kno2 account and a device license to access its features.     

Interested In a Free Xerox App Trial?    

There are a number of general and industry-specific applications that can streamline business processes and help increase efficiency in completing daily printing tasks.   

However, not all applications will be worth investing in. To find the applications that would best fit your business, consult your print vendor and find out which apps would be a worthwhile investment for your company.    

Some apps on the Xerox App Gallery will include a 30-day free trial that lets you get a feel for what the app can do for your business before purchasing.     

Dealing with print customers daily has given us insight into what apps can do to increase office productivity. It has also reinforced the need to have the right information to lean on so you’re fully informed on what a specific application can do for your business.     

If you have any questions about the various printer apps on the Xerox App Gallery or are interested in a free trial, reach out to us and we can point you in the right direction.