Xerox App Gallery Spotlight: Translate and Print App

Submitted by Karla Metzler on Mon, 05/03/2021 - 09:00
xerox app gallery spotlight: translate and print

Have you ever had to spend hundreds of dollars on translation services, just to get a few documents sent out? Or worse, have you ever been unable to help a potential customer, due to language barriers or being unable to afford translation services? 

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, 49% of businesses state that language barriers and misunderstandings have led to financial losses. For small businesses, this is a cost margin that can prove devastating.  

What is the Xerox Translate and Print App?

The Xerox Translate and Print app is a Xerox Gallery app available through Xerox ConnectKey Technology on almost all VersaLink and AltaLink devices that allows users to scan an array of document types and have them translated and printed at the device. The app also allows users to email the results as a Microsoft Word Document (.docx).  

Key Characteristics

Some key characteristics of the Translate and Print app are:  

  • One language in, another out; a much faster, easier way to translate documents while retaining their original layout. 
  • Over 44 different languages available to choose from.  
  • The ability to email instantaneous results.  
  • Keeps the document format the same, and only directly translates the text.  

How Does the App Help Businesses Enhance Productivity?

The Translate and Print app is a quick and easy program and can save businesses hundreds of dollars from not having to use standard translator services.  

The app is useful for almost any industry. For example, Texas school districts are incredibly diverse and serve students from countries across the globe whose first language is not English. The Xerox Translate and Print app would allow school districts and other similar businesses/institutions that cater to a diverse pool of employees/people by allowing them to instantly translate their documents to a new language while retaining the original format. This effectively removes language barriers and improves accessibility for all.  

How Do I Use the App? 

To start, download the application from the Xerox App Gallery onto your device. Choose your subscription option, scan your document, select the language of your choice, and your document will be instantly translated and either printed or emailed to you, ready to use. 

Keeping business running efficiently and cutting down on unnecessary costs is a priority for most. With the Translate and Print app, and the Xerox App Gallery as a whole, you can find hundreds of ways to enhance productivity and make end-users lives easier.  

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