How to Replace the Paper Feed Roller Kit on the Xerox VersaLink B625: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In today's tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of changing a paper feed roller kit on the Xerox VersaLink B625. If you're experiencing paper feed issues, this step-by-step guide will help you replace the feed roller kit efficiently. Let's dive into the details.


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Section 1: Feed Wheel Replacement


Step 1: Remove the Paper Tray

The first step in the process is to remove the paper tray. Unlike older Xerox models, the VersaLink B625 requires you to lift the paper tray upward at an angle and pop it out. This reveals the pickup assembly, where the paper feed rollers are located.

A printer technician removes the paper tray on the Xerox VersaLink B625



Step 2: Remove the Feed Wheels

Inside the pickup assembly, locate the orange handle and pull it to the right. This action will release the feed wheel assembly, allowing it to swing down. Continue moving the assembly to the right until you hear a snap. Slide it off the shaft to expose the feed wheel pickup assembly.

A printer technician removes the the feed wheels on the Xerox VersaLink B625



Step 3: Insert New Feed Wheels

To insert the new feed wheel pickup assembly, keep it standing straight up with the orange handle to the right. Before sliding it all the way to the left, be attentive to a little black tang. Gently push down on the tang while swinging the assembly up and all the way to the left. You'll hear a click as it locks in place. Release the assembly, allowing the black tang to spring back into place.

A printer technician inserts new feed wheels on the Xerox VersaLink B625


Section 2: Separator Roller Assembly


If your kit includes a separator roller assembly, follow these steps.


Step 1: On the Paper Tray, Push in the Orange Handle and Lift Up

Push in the orange handle on the paper tray and lift upwards to remove the assembly. Pull straight out. This is your separator roller assembly which has two little black pieces of rubber.

A printer technician removes the paper tray on the Xerox VersaLink B625


Step 2: Insert New Assembly Back in Paper Tray

Insert the new assembly back into the paper tray by aligning the dowel with the small hole on the left side and swinging the gray assembly back down. Click it in place.


Step 3: Reinsert the Paper Tray

After completing the necessary replacements, reinsert the paper tray at a slight angle, making contact, and then slide the drawer down while giving it a gentle push inward. Your paper feed roller kit replacement is now complete!


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Ensure Print Quality by Replacing Your Paper Tray Feed Roller Kit

Understanding the paper feed roller replacement process for your Xerox VersaLink B625 is a game-changer for seamless printing. Our comprehensive guide walked you through each step, ensuring you can bid farewell to paper jams and enhance your overall printing experience. Efficiently replacing your paper feed roller kit translates to uninterrupted workflows, increased productivity, and the longevity of your printer. By taking charge of maintenance, you not only save time but also preserve the quality of your prints.


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