How To Replace a Drum on Xerox AltaLink C8000 Series Copy Machine

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Thu, 11/09/2023 - 16:30


Hello, everyone,

Get ready for an easy ride through the world of drum replacement on your Xerox Altalink C8000 series copier. This is a step by step guide to changing your drum for your C8000 series copier.  You can also follow along to the video above. With Matthew as your guide, we're breaking down the steps to make this process smooth and stress-free.

There are four drums in this machine, one for each toner color.  In today's guide, we're focusing on the R1, the black drum. These steps can be repeated for any color drum.  But don't worry, we're keeping it simple and straightforward, no tech jargon here. So let's get to it!


Step 1: Open the Cover & Unlock

Initiate the process by opening the front cover, and revealing the components within. Then, unlock the orange latch atop the drum door to release and gain access to the drums.

C80xx Drum Change 1


Step 2: Open the Drum Door

Push down on the orange button and lower the drum door until it achieves a flat orientation.

C80xx Drum Change 2


Step 3: Remove the Drum

Within this apparatus, distinct drums represent various colors, with today's focus on the R1, the black drum.

Push gently upward on the designated orange tab allowing for the extraction of the black drum (R1). Caution is advised to ensure the preservation of the drum's sensitive surface. Don't touch the green surface!

C80xx Drum Change 3


Step 4: Unboxing the Replacement Drum

Presented within a protective box, the new drum awaits. Delicately remove the silver wrapping to reveal the new drum.


Step 5: Insert the New Drum

The new drum is encased in a protective black covering designed to prevent light damage during installation. Precisely align the case's teeth with corresponding slots on the machine, pushing the drum until it reaches the stop. Then remove and discard the black protective casing.

C80xx Drum Change 4

C80xx Drum Change 5


Step 6: Clean the LED Surface

Push the drum in all the way until you hear it latch.  Then to ensure peak performance, bring your attention to the LED lens cleaner beneath the drum. Use the slender orange rod to execute three cycles of cleaning by carefully pulling it out and back in the machine, thereby cleansing the surface effectively. This rod does not come all the way out of the machine so don’t try to pull it all the way out!

C80xx Drum Change 6

Step 7: Close Everything Up

Upon inserting the new drum, close the drum door and relock the orange latch. Then close the front cover to complete the procedure.


So, why bother with all this? Well, by mastering these simple drum replacement steps, you're ensuring your Xerox Altalink C8000 stays in top-notch shape. No need for a tech expert—just a bit of know-how.

As you absorb these easy steps, remember, a smoothly running copier means a smoothly running office. For more tips on your specific models or other copiers, check out our videos here or subscribe to our channel.

Thanks for hanging out with us today. Here's to stress-free drum replacements and hassle-free printing!


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