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Dec 9, 2022
STPT logo vs. Office Depot logo on a white background
By Karla Metzler

What stores come to your mind when thinking about buying a new printer? 

A few stores might pop into your mind. But if it’s based on…

Dec 7, 2022
Three people working in an office next to the Xerox C310 printer
By Nolan Fowler

A printer in an office is about as common as a computer, stapler or folder. 

They are one of the foundational elements of any traditional…

Dec 5, 2022
A picture of the Xerox C235 next to the text "Xerox C235 Color Printer Review + Costs"
By Nolan Fowler

Printers are seemingly simple devices, and on the surface, the Xerox C235 is a basic all-in-one printer.  

But with a price of around…

Dec 2, 2022
A person scanning a document at a desk with an iPhone
By Nolan Fowler

“How do I scan a document using my iPhone?”  

Scanning documents is something we all need to do at some point in our lives. It…

Nov 30, 2022
By Nolan Fowler

There are not many things more important to owning a printer/copier than having a solution for printer service. 

Why? Because obtaining…

Nov 28, 2022
A picture of the Xerox C230 with text reading "Xerox C230 Review" above
By Nolan Fowler

The Xerox C230 could be a fit for you if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business or need a printer for your home office. 

Before deciding…

Nov 23, 2022
A graphics with icons detailing Xerox's ConnectKey Technology features
By Karla Metzler

Xerox is one of the major printer brands on the market, and their ConnectKey Technology is one of their most distinguishing features. 

Nov 23, 2022
By Nolan Fowler

Running a business operation is a day-to-day grind. Finding the best way to execute those daily tasks is usually at the top of mind for business owners and employees alike.  

Nov 21, 2022
A front view of the Xerox B315 multifunction printer
By Nolan Fowler

The Xerox B315 is built for home offices and small businesses, but is it built for you? 

That is the question we aim to answer in this…

Nov 18, 2022
Dimmed-out pages stacked on top of each other
By Karla Metzler

Page coverage, which is the amount of toner or ink on a page, is one of the most important things you can learn about your printer/copier.