Who is Strategic Technology Partners of Texas?

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Navigating the copier/printer industry and looking for a reliable print vendor can be quite the hassle. You may not know if you’re getting the best deals, the best equipment, or even if you’re working with the best vendor. 

We here at Strategic Technology Partners of Texas have been operating for over 35 years, and we’ve experienced firsthand the difference that a good vendor/customer relationship can have. We also know that understanding the history of your print vendor can help you avoid any confusion, especially if they’ve changed names a couple of times like us.  

We’ve written this brief explanation of our history and experience, and what sets us apart from other print vendors, so you can feel confident in knowing you’re working with an accredited company that’s here to assist you in any way that you need.  


History of Strategic Technology Partners of Texas

K&J Enterprises, Inc. was formed in June of 1986 as an office supply store located in Gainesville, Texas. This office supply store was a Xerox agency representing all Xerox products and offering everyday office supplies in North and Central Texas. Then, in 1993 the Xerox portion of the office supply store split away and became Metro-Centre and began selling only Xerox brand office technology.  


Who is Metro-Centre/Computer Color Graphix?

Metro-Centre and Computer Color Graphix are the legal names of Strategic Technology Partners of Texas and STP Texas, a technology company that covers all of North Texas and the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Metro-Centre was started in 1986, and then Computer Color Graphix was acquired in 2005. In 2013, we rebranded to Strategic Technology Partners of Texas to create a cohesive and modern brand name that better represents what we do. 

Strategic Technology Partners of Texas has several offices which allow us to have the flexibility to cover the entire North Texas territory, while also being able to provide the best service to our customers. 


Authorized Xerox Agency

In 1986, we were selected to represent Xerox as their authorized sales agent for a small portion of North Texas. Since that time, Xerox has expanded our territory to where we are now the agency for the entire DFW and surrounding rural areas. 

To be an authorized sales agent for Xerox means that we represent only Xerox, and work in partnership to serve our customers with the direct support of Xerox Corporation.  

As any big company that has experienced changes throughout its history related to product marketing and distribution, Xerox expanded to create different channels for various go-to-market strategies. Therefore, STPT is also a registered Digital Technology Partner with Xerox, allowing us the flexibility to design the best solutions that Xerox has through the various channels that offer different Xerox product lines.  


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you accomplish your business goals by ensuring that your office processes accelerate your business, not slow it down. We are dedicated to finding you the office equipment and services that are right for your business and will maximize office productivity. 

We promise to exceed expectations by putting you and your company first. Your business needs are not like everyone else’s. You have specific needs that require specific solutions.  


What Sets Us Apart from Other Vendors?

There are a lot of different print vendors out there, selling all the major brands like Ricoh, Toshiba, Canon, and more. What separates us from the crowd? 


In total, our team has collectively more than 200 years of experience working with Xerox and finding solutions to our customer’s printing needs. We even have customers that have been trusting us with their business for over 30 years straight- a trust that doesn’t come without meeting customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations.  



Our flexibility with Xerox’s product line allows us to specialize in small printers all the way to very large production devices made for commercial prints. Xerox has award-winning managed print services to manage fleets of several small printers, and on the other side of the spectrum, Xerox creates world-class printers capable of producing exquisite end-user materials. This means that no matter what type of print environment you have, we’re able to tailor a solution to fit your needs.  


What Sets Us Apart from Retail Chains?

The difference between an experienced print vendor and a retail chain such as Walmart or Amazon is a crucial one, but not something that a lot of businesses are aware of.  

It’s very common for newer businesses to go out to their local technology store and purchase a well-priced small multifunction printer for their printing needs. But what they don’t realize, is that retail giants sell retail multifunction printers- which are designed for home use, not for offices or organizations.  

We here at STPT, and other local copier vendors, sell specifically commercial multifunction printers (MFPs), that are designed for your specific business or home needs in mind. We also offer specialized maintenance plans, with our tenured service technicians that are available to solve any problems or answer any questions that your organization might have.  

While the low-price tag of a retail copier might seem enticing, it’s important to remember that cheap copiers are inexpensive to buy, but costly to use. The costs of toner, service, and repairs, cost per page, and regular upkeep adds up quickly, and without an experienced vendor to assist you, you might find yourself replacing the machine sooner than you’d expect.  


We’re Here to Help

Now that you’re more familiar with our company history, our values, and what sets us apart from the rest, you can feel more comfortable and confident in knowing that a partnership with us is the right decision. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend you check out our article 5 Signs You’re an Ideal Customer for STPT.  

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