5 Signs You Are an Ideal Customer for STPT

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On your journey to finding a copier vendor to partner with, we would like to help you by determining if you are an ideal customer for us. 

We believe determining if you are an ideal customer will ensure you have a seamless buying process and feel satisfied that we will care for you post-purchase. After all, this is a relationship you could be in for several years. 

If you purchase from a vendor that isn’t a good fit, you’re going to have a strained relationship with the company.   

If you and your vendor are on two different levels in terms of price point, features/tools, and other factors that influence your decision, it’s going to lead to a strained buying process.   

Say you push through the strained buying process and sign a contract with them. If you aren’t a good match, prepare for a year (or however long your contract is) of painful conversation and frustrating exchanges.   

To avoid years of frustration for both parties, let’s determine if we will be a good match.  


Five signs you are an ideal customer for us :

To help determine if we will be a good customer-vendor match, we have compiled a list of five attributes we see in our ideal customers.     

Working with a customer who fits all or most of the points below will ensure a seamless relationship for both parties.   


1. You want your equipment, service, and supplies managed by one vendor .   

Our ideal customer sees the value in their equipment, service, and supplies being managed by one vendor.  

Buying machines from different manufacturers, supplies from retail stores, and managed print services from a random vendor can be a billing and budgeting nightmare. Not to mention, it’s a mess to keep track of the different numbers and contacts you’ll need to have on hand. Through one vendor, budgeting is simplified into one bill, and all issues are handled via one phone number.  

Your bill will also include the cost of the maintenance plan. The maintenance plan provides you high-quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toner and service technicians.  

Having a maintenance plan with your copier vendor allows you to manage all service issues, toner, and other consumables through one person.    

Additionally, allowing your vendor to take care of your managed print services, will ensure all aspects of your office equipment are handled through one company that you know and trust.     

For these services and all other questions, you’ll have one number to call. No more keeping track of several numbers, all intended for different problems or services.     

Our ideal customer will see the value in allowing us to handle all aspects of their office equipment.   


2. You have confidence in our abilities to assist you .   

Every great customer-vendor relationship starts with trust.     

Our ideal customer will trust in our abilities to recommend the correct machine and continue to care for you post-purchase.    

Our mission is to match you with the perfect copier for your business and printing needs. We will not recommend a copier that fails to meet your needs or is unnecessarily robust.     

We review your current volume, number of employees, available space, and desired features/tools to learn more about your needs. From there, we can work with your budget and decide which machine is best for you.    

If you’re reading this article and don’t know much about us, we understand you may not trust us just yet. To learn more about who we are, check out the products and services we offer, and our  Learning Center  that  is dedicated to providing you information regarding office equipment.  

Feel free to explore our meet the team page to see and hear from the people who will be assisting you. 

Once desired research is complete, our ideal customer will have confidence in our abilities to match you with the perfect machine and continue to assist post-purchase.  


3. You are looking for additional features and productivity apps to maximize your equipment   

Our ideal customer is searching for a feature-rich machine that has additional tools and advancements to maximize your investment.    

We have apps for the education environment, business, healthcare, legal sector, and many more.     

One of our favorite apps is the Translator App. With this app, you can break down language barriers and open a dialogue with someone who speaks a different language than you. The translator app has over 40 languages available to translate documents from one language to another.    

A popular app in the education sector is the Remark Test Grading app. The test grading app frees teachers from the tedious task of grading hundreds of papers and allows them to focus on other important matters in their day.    

Our ideal customer will want to use these tools to maximize their investment and turn their machine into a workplace assistant.  


4. You aren’t scared of change or new equipment   

An ideal customer is open to new equipment or processes. Leasing/purchasing a copier that is different than your old one will come with changes.    

We understand this is a change, so we provide training upon installation to cover the features of your device.    

Many of our customers find, after initial training and practice on the new device, Xerox machines are in fact very user-friendly.     

Ideal customers understand that if they have a question, they can reach out to us, and we will gladly assist them.     

If you already know learning a new device or switching to a machine with different features than you are used to will hinder your office environment, we might not be the best fit.    

When changing machines or leasing a quality copier for the first time, try to understand and embrace the learning curve. We will help you along the way.    

5. You are ready to invest in a machine that will save you time and money in the long run    

Your current copier might be costing you more money than you’d like. Maybe that’s what brought you here.    

We hope to provide you with office equipment that will save you time and money in the long run.    

An ideal customer for STPT will understand that a commercial copier (sold by copier vendors, not retail giants like Wal-Mart or Amazon) will be an investment upfront. However, the investment can be, and is usually, broken down into affordable monthly payments.  

Additionally, a service agreement will be added to your machine to eliminate the stress of finding and purchasing toner and service upfront.   

The service agreement will provide:    

Our ideal customer is looking to invest in a quality machine, not purchase the cheapest machine possible. They will understand that the maintenance plan, and lower cost per copy/print, will save your company time and money in the long run.    


Are we an ideal fit?     

After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding of what we are looking for in an ideal client. Those who want to invest in a copier that can enhance and grow your office productivity with new tools and apps, and are open to change and trust, are likely an ideal fit.    

We want to create the perfect customer-vendor relationship. To ensure you can trust our abilities to assist you with your copier needs, check out our Learning Center.      

Our Learning Center provides helpful information and resources for those looking to expand their knowledge of copiers.    

If you think we would make a great team, we encourage you to check out our website and learn more about us. 


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