4 Ways That Having Personalized User Accounts Can Benefit Your Organization

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Mon, 09/27/2021 - 11:48
personalized user accounts for copying and printing

While it might seem like a minor inconvenience to some, constantly looking through apps just to find the same one that you use every day is a waste of valuable time that could be spent working. That’s why we’ve found one of the best solutions for organizations with multiple users assigned to print is personalized individual user accounts, made possible with Xerox ConnectKey Technology.  


Xerox ConnectKey Technology and Individual Profiles

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is the platform that Xerox products utilize in order to allow users to be more productive and meet the demanding challenges of their day-to-day work. It hosts a variety of apps designed to boost performance and make end-users lives significantly easier.    

A key feature of ConnectKey Technology is the tablet-like interface that’s consistent throughout the entire Xerox product line, so users can utilize their multifunction printers more easily and efficiently, reducing time wasted on transferring between different machines and terminals.  

Users can also set up their own personalized accounts, which they can login to from any authorized device. This way they have their own completely individualized user interface, with all of their favorite apps and regular settings automatically configured, minimizing any time wasted with adjusting back and forth.  

Having this personalized user interface that can transfer from device to device has a lot of benefits, so we’ve laid out the four main ones for you.  


#1: Cost Control

By creating individual profiles for users, and utilizing Xerox Standard Accounting, businesses can use these profiles to track and manage who is printing, how much they are printing, and what they’re printing. This is significant because when businesses can track and manage printing at the individual/departmental level, they can also limit printing if needed to stay within a certain budget.  

It’s especially useful for businesses/organizations that let a large group of people utilize their printing resources like colleges and universities, so only faculty and students can access their equipment, and not just anyone who walks into the library.  


#2: User Interface Personalization

On an individual level, users can create unique individual profiles that lets them add new apps to their own user interface they want to use based on their specific job function and eliminate other apps that they wouldn’t use, to make each user’s experience as simple as possible.  

For example, if you were to work in a law firm, the legal team could add apps like the Xerox Auto Redact app and other legal apps on their home pages so they can easily find and use apps they need on a daily basis. This saves you time by not having to constantly search for the program you need through a long list of apps for everyone in the company across different departments.  

You can also further customize functions within each app, by adding only email addresses you use, and settings that you utilize on an everyday basis, instead of having to constantly input your own settings and email addresses when sending documents directly from your machine.  


#3: Security

Whether you realize it or not, most machines retain a lot of your confidential data on the hard drive, such as contact information for your employees and clients, important documents like patient health records, or legal client’s court documents. You want to make sure you understand how to protect this important information from intrusion.  

By creating individual profiles for users at your company/organization, whether it’s by assigning them a PIN to log in, using badges, or limiting who can access your machines, you are better at securing your company’s data from potential information leaks or mistakes. You can find other ways to protect your data in our article Xerox’s Approach to Printer Security.  


#4: Efficiency 

A lot of times, people use the same workflows every day. In other words, people usually do the same jobs based on their specific workplace functions, on a daily basis. 

For example, teachers will always copy/print test materials, scantrons/bubble sheets, readings, and so on, while people in the school administration will always copy/print student/faculty records, paychecks, or scan the same types of office memos.  

By creating individual profiles for users that saves their everyday apps and personal settings, this saves them time from having to search for the apps they need and having to input their settings for every job.  


Learn More About Productivity

Now that you can see the value in setting up personal user accounts, you might want to look further into Xerox ConnectKey Technology, and specifically the Xerox App Gallery. Learning more about how to increase your productivity with your copier/printer can make a world of difference in your everyday tasks, and we have a lot of resources on how to do that in our Learning Center, featuring articles such as 6 Apps Designed to Enhance Productivity, apps for the educational, legal, and healthcare environment, as well as our app gallery spotlights on Translate and Print and ConnectApp for Cloud Storage.  

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