Y-Soft SafeQ Print Management vs. Xerox Standard Accounting

Submitted by Karla Metzler on Fri, 02/12/2021 - 09:00
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These days, businesses are always looking for different ways to cut costs and maximize their office productivity. With so many different options out there, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of each one and to decide which is better suited for your needs. Y-Soft SafeQ  Print Management Suite and Xerox Standard Accounting are two great options, but they each have their own key points worth highlighting.  

What is Y-Soft SafeQ Print Management Suite? 

Y-Soft SafeQ Print Management Suite is a comprehensive software that allows businesses to control printing costs and manage printer fleets all from a single dashboard. It has the capacity to track the exact number of prints, scans, faxes, or even color impressions, and allows the user to set limitations on certain types in order to cut costs or avoid overprinting.  

It can be sold either in modules or as an entire suite. The modules available are:  

1. Authentication 

  • Provides for secure user access to all machines in the fleet. 

2. Print Roaming (follow me print) 

  • Allows print release at any available device. 

3. Reporting 

  • Easy to read data reports on utilization and efficiency, with customizable details ready for export. 

4. Scan Management 

  • Integrated and immediate scanning of workflows straight to email or document folder. 

5. Credit and Billing (quota tool) 

  • Pay for print system allowing users to track and allocate specific costs. 

6. Rule-based Print 

  • Set printing policies in place for your business.  

7. Mobile Print 

  • Simple and secure printing from any device including smartphones or tablets, without any additional software installation required. 

Who Would Be an Ideal Customer for Y-Soft SafeQ? 

An ideal customer for Y-Soft SafeQ would be any business looking to save time and money, and specifically those who prefer to manage their fleet from a single dashboard, instead of from each individual machine. This also allows for IT staff to be more focused on mission-critical initiatives rather than spending time going from machine to machine.  

An ideal customer for Y-Soft SafeQ would also be anyone who is willing to invest in a comprehensive program and the costs that come with it. SafeQ does not come standard and must be purchased separately, so smaller enterprises with only one machine might not find the investment worth it.  

What is Xerox Standard Accounting? 

Xerox Standard Accounting is a standard feature on most Xerox devices that allows for setting up personal user-profiles and controlling both access and usage. It helps to control printing and copying costs and limits only those who have a specific account or code.  

Who Would Be an Ideal Customer? 

An ideal customer for Xerox Standard Accounting would be a small business or enterprise, that doesn’t utilize any more than one or two machines, or a business where cost is a major consideration when it comes to tracking or controlling printing.  

What Are the Main Similarities/Differences?

If all you are looking for as a business is a way to control authentication, then they both function very similarly. However, most companies that have the desire to understand a larger fleet of devices and account for usage will likely need something like Y-Soft SafeQ. The reference chart below displays a comparison visual for both.  

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 Differences Worth Noting 

  • Authentication: While both software is capable of this, Y-Soft SafeQ syncs with Active Directory for a seamless user management system. Xerox Standard Accounting requires users to add/remove or update user info on each machine individually. 
  • Credit and Billing: Both software can perform this function as well, however, Y-Soft SafeQ has significantly more options such as account prepaid balances, machine allowance, user allowance for black/white and color, and Y-Soft can apply all of these functions across Active Directory Organization Units. 

Which is Right for Me? 

In the end, the best way to tell which is right for you is to look at your business size and your budget. If your budget is tight and your enterprise only utilizes one machine, then there’s a good chance that Xerox Standard Accounting will perform all the necessary functions for your business. If you have multiple machines, then we highly recommend making the investment into Y-Soft SafeQ, to save you and your company immense amounts of time, effort, and money. 

As always, our team is available to answer any questions you might have about either software and to provide as many resources as possible when it comes to copier/printer technology. You can look through our Learning Center to find more information on different machines, programs, and even service questions.  

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