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Sep 6, 2022
Xerox PrimeLink C9070
By Nolan Fowler

Searching for an expensive, production-style printer, like the Xerox PrimeLink C9070, can be a daunting task. 

Production printers are…

Sep 6, 2022
An epson inkjet printer next to a Xerox laser printer
By Joel Metzler

What is the difference between an inkjet and a laser printer, and which one would be right for you? 

Those are the two major questions we…

Sep 2, 2022
Person on a computer with a credit card in hand
By Mary Shamburger

If you were offered a free membership to a service that would give you a discount on your next printer/copier, would you take it? 


Aug 31, 2022
Home office with a desk featuring a computer with "13:00" displayed
By Mary Shamburger

Trying to find an office printer for your home? 

If you are, then the number of home printer options on the market can seem unlimited…

Aug 29, 2022
Xerox AltaLink C8155 Multifunction Printer Review
By Nolan Fowler

There’s almost nothing more synonymous with the traditional work environment than printing and copying documents.   

But how do…

Aug 26, 2022
Xerox vs. Kyocera
By Karla Metzler

When looking through the major printer brands, what should you look for? 

It’s not as simple as just looking at a brand’s printer and…

Aug 24, 2022
By Magye Swenson

Print volume is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new printer but why? What does it even mean? 

Aug 22, 2022
A group of people around a desk with two computers
By Keith Metzler

An office printer/copier is a staple of the traditional workplace. 

So, how do you get the right machine that will fulfill your printing…

Aug 19, 2022
By Karla Metzler

So, you’re nearing the end of your lease agreement for your office’s printer/copier and want to know what your options are. 


Aug 17, 2022
Person walking into a building while holding a Chromebook
By Karla Metzler

One of the most common laptops for modern-day consumers is the Google Chromebook due to its affordability and simplicity. 

This is…