Xerox VersaLink C605 vs. Canon C475iF III (Features, Cost, Overall Quality)

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xerox vs canon

Looking for the right multifunction printer for your office can be a tedious task. With so many different brands to choose from, all with their distinct advantages and price points, it can be overwhelming, especially if you understand the importance of choosing the right machine.   

Because we’ve served as a copier/printer vendor for 35 years, we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to which print features certain organizations might be looking for. We work closely with many businesses to determine their budget, print volume, and desired functions, to make sure that they have everything they need for their business to be as productive as possible. In all our years working with different businesses, we’ve interacted with many customers who are interested in the differences and similarities between printer brands.  

That’s why we’ve decided to compare two similarly sized multifunction printers, the Xerox VersaLink C605 and the Canon C475iF III in order to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both and give an accurate representation of features that businesses might be looking for. This way you can determine if one of these options is the right choice for you and know that you’re making an informed decision.  

While we are always striving to be as objective and informative as possible, we are transparent with the fact that we sell Xerox products specifically. Because the purpose of this article is to accurately compare two separate devices, we will be as equitable as possible so that you can get a good picture of what each machine is capable of.  

Basic Printing Stats and Specs

Basic stats and specifications include the simple performative features of each machine, specifically print speed and resolution. EPEAT refers to the environmental rating system of each manufactured device, and which countries the standards are met in.  

Xerox VersaLink C605 Specs 

VersaLink C605 Print Speed: 55 ppm 

VersaLink C605 Print Resolution: 1200 x 2400 

VersaLink C605 EPEAT: US, Canada, EU 

Canon C475iF III Specs 

Canon C475iF III Print Speed: 50 ppm 

Canon C475iF III Print Resolution: 1200 x 600 

Canon C475iF III EPEAT: US  

User Experience/ Product Interface


The Xerox interface is a 7-inch color tablet-like touch screen with an app-based presentation of services and has an advantage when it comes to personalization because the UI allows for users to personalize their own specific workflows. This means they can edit their home screen to present their favorite apps first, choose specific features from each app and add them to a feature list, and more. This allows them to save time and keep their workflow as efficient as possible, making the machine easier to use.   

Personalization is enabled by system administrators, who can set company-wide defaults as well as control the overall settings. 


The Canon C475iF III has a slightly larger, 10.1-inch color touchscreen that requires users to utilize hard-off-screen buttons as well.  

Canon users can personalize their screens for the purpose of accessibility, but there aren’t any options for optimizing workflows, so users will not be able to save time or reduce errors.  



When it comes to copying, the user interface of the Xerox VersaLink C605 is simple- there's just one pop-up box, where you can enter the number of copies you’d like to make. For additional options, such as two-sided copying or color output, users slide upwards and more options will appear.  


Canon’s copy screen presents all available options at once, on the same first screen after selecting copy, rather than having users swipe up. This could be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your work style and how comfortable you are with the copying process.  



The Xerox VersaLink 605 has multiple scanning destinations that include Email, FTP, SFTP, and more. Other scanning features include: 

  • Embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets users convert scanning images into PDFs with search functions that recognize all text 
  • Scan directly to SFTP with no additional software necessary, so scans stay secure not only inside the network, but also when routed externally 
  • Preview function gives users the ability to zoom or add additional images to be scanned, making sure that what they want to scan is clear, aligned, and in the correct order.  


The Canon C475iii has slightly more limited scanning destinations; Email, SMB, FTP, Mobile, and HTTP. Other scanning features include:  

  • Embedded OCR allows for users to select OOXML formats that are compatible with Word and Powerpoint, instead of searchable PDFs, adding an additional 4 steps to the job. 
  • Preview function allows deleting images, zooming, and moving/switching an image’s position in the file.  
  • However, there is no secure method for scanning to cloud repositories

File Size


The Xerox VersaLink C605 provides smaller file sizes for scanned images without sacrificing quality, so that you save additional storage space on your devices and in your cloud repositories, and your files load faster.  


The Canon C475iF III does provide a smaller file size when it comes to compact PDFs; however, the image quality isn't maintained, so you’re sacrificing a clear image for smaller file size.  



The Xerox VersaLink C605 has:  

  • Native PostScript and PCL6 support  
  • Print from USB with automatic dialog when the USB drive is inserted, saving the user steps to get their task completed   
  • Users can easily get the correct print drivers added using an email or QR code from the Quick Link app  


The Competitor’s Printing features include:   

  • Native PostScript, PCL6, and UFR II support   
  • Print from USB, but no dialog is activated which means the user must search for the app they want, instead of having it instantly presented.  
  • Users can get a QR code for their mobile device to detect the printer but printing from their Windows or Mac OS computer will require them to find the drivers.  

Print Quality Settings


With the compatible recommended VersaLink PS driver, users are presented with 3 print quality settings to choose from; Standard, Enhanced, and Photo Mode.  


With the compatible recommended Generic Plus UFR II driver, users are presented with 7 different print quality settings; General, Publications, Graphics, Vivid Photo, Designs (CAD), High-Definition Text, and Special Red. 

Canon as a brand is well known for quality printing, and according to Xerox, this model was no exception.  




Cost is a difficult thing to measure, mostly because prices can fluctuate a lot depending on certain things. Adding more accessories and upgrades to your printer will obviously increase the price, but there are also special promotions that some manufacturers run, pre-negotiated special pricing that you could qualify for, and then also the gradual price shift overtime depending on the current market. For more insight on pricing and costs, read our articles How Much Does Leasing/Purchasing a Copier Cost?, and How Do I Get the Best Price for My Copier or Printer?     

Without including any form of service agreements or price-per-print, the MSRP price for the Canon C475iF III is $6,000. The MSRP price for the Xerox VersaLink C605, is $9,600. The Canon C745 was introduced to the market in May of 2019, and the VersaLink C605 was introduced in August of 2017. 

Price per print is an important thing to understand when making a copier or printer purchase, so to learn more about the top 6 things to consider, read this article. 

Which is Right for You?

Both the Xerox VersaLink C605 and Canon C475iF III are impressive models, and capable of producing excellent print jobs and performing additional functions. But now that you’ve seen the in-depth differences between them, your decision will be a bit easier to make, and you’ll feel confident knowing you’re making the right choice.   

If you’re looking for a more business-oriented machine with productivity apps and more advanced security initiatives, then the Xerox VersaLink C605 is the machine for you. While Canon usually prides itself on its advanced color quality, in comparing these two machines, the color DPI is higher on the VersaLink C605 and is also slightly faster.  

The Xerox VersaLink C605 has a newer version, the Xerox VersaLink C625. To learn more about it, check out our review of the VersaLink C625

If you have any additional questions or need help understanding which printer will best fit your needs, feel free to reach out to us at any time and an experienced business consultant will be happy to assist you. If you’d like to read more comparison articles, check out our Xerox vs. Canon article as well as these others:  

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