How to Order Supplies for Your Copier/Printer (Toner and Other Consumables)

Submitted by Shannon Scoggins on Tue, 12/01/2020 - 09:00
Person inserting toner

What number do I call to order supplies? 

This is a common question new or soon-to-be customers ask us. After all, supplies are required to keep your machine running.  

We hope to make your experience working with us and ordering supplies as seamless as possible.  

After you read this blog, you will know exactly who to call to order supplies and other related questions. 

STPT customers (with a maintenance plan) 

If you have a maintenance plan on your machine, the process of ordering supplies is simple. 

Toner will automatically be shipped to your doorstep as needed. Your copier will keep track of your toner levels and send replenishments when low, as long as your machine remains connected to your network.  

If you’ve recently lost connection, or aren’t seeing your toner shipments, give us a call to troubleshoot any problems.  

Quick tip, only change out your toner when the machine alerts ‘replace toner.’ Do not change the toner if the machine says, ‘low toner.’ There is still plenty of toner left at this point; changing too soon could mess up your auto toner shipments, causing unnecessary headaches. 

To ensure your auto toner shipments run smoothly, take a moment to review these common toner problems + with easy solutions. 

The auto system can take 90 days to kick in. If you’re running low and have not received a confirmation email that toner will be shipping soon, give us a call. 

800-569-0111 X153 


For all other supplies, such as waste containers, drums, and fusers, you will need to call to reorder. Luckily, these parts don’t need to be changed as frequently as the toner. Once again, the number is 800-569-0111 X153. 

For general service-related questions, you have our immediate phone support. Our service team is here to assist you via phone or onsite service.  

Service-related questions: 940-665-9722x200 


STPT customers (without a maintenance plan)  

If you are a customer of ours that opted out of a maintenance plan, make sure to monitor all your supply levels and call to reorder as needed. 

The cost will be added to your monthly invoice. 

Call: 800-569-0111 X153. 


The upfront cost of toner leads to people opting for the cheapest toner possible, which often provides low-quality prints and could damage your machine. If you decide to purchase elsewhere, we encourage you to buy high-quality toner, not cheap toner, to ensure your equipment functions properly.  

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If you need service, we can provide highly trained technicians on a pay-by-need basis.  

The upfront cost and time it takes to resolve these issues on your own are why we often encourage a maintenance plan with your purchased equipment. If your machine is aging and you’re experiencing higher than normal service issues, it may be time for a new machine. 

To discuss new equipment options, call:

940-665-9722 X115 


Is a maintenance plan right for you?  

When it comes to service issues, without a maintenance plan, you are stuck finding a service technician on your own. However, as your machine gets older, the issue will likely arise again.  

Additionally, the cost of finding and purchasing toner outright can be costly.  

To help budget for these costs, the maintenance plan breaks service and toner into affordable monthly payments.  

You can expect to pay around $12 plus your cost per copy/print each month. 

The maintenance plan provides: 

  • Auto toner shipments 

  • Immediate phone support 

  • Local and highly tenured service technicians 

  • The assurance you will always have a working machine  

Whether you leased or purchased your copier, the maintenance plan will save you more time and money in the long run than trying to manage and budget for service and supplies on your own.   

Not an STPT customer? We can evaluate your equipment!  

If you’re not a customer of STPT, reach out to your current vendor for more explanation of who to call. There is typically a sticker on your machine that will give you a number to call. Start there. 

If you purchased a printer from a retail giant like Wal-Mart or Staples, there might not be someone specific to call for supplies or service. It is up to you to manage all aspects of your printer on your own.  

Regardless of where you purchased your copier/printer, give us a call, and we can evaluate your current equipment. Often, people are using equipment that doesn’t match their printing needs, which causes them to spend more money on cost per print, toner, and service issues. 

Fill out the form below for us to evaluate your current equipment and discuss how we can save you more time and money.