5 Best Xerox Printers for 2024 

Submitted by Karla Metzler on Fri, 04/19/2024 - 07:15

It’s now officially the new year, which means it’s the ideal time for upgrades. 

Beyond personal ambitions, like cutting out alcohol during the week or trying a KETO diet for the third time, there are business goals you likely wish to accomplish, too. 

Welcome to the new year—a time synonymous with renewal and improvement. As you set personal resolutions, such as moderating alcohol intake or embarking on a new diet, consider also setting strategic business goals.

One often overlooked yet impactful way to enhance your office’s productivity is to acquire a new printer.

With nearly four decades of experience in the printer/copier industry, we’ve learned firsthand the major improvement a modern office machine can bring to your daily document workflows. Moreover, upgrading can be a cost-effective move, especially if your current printer is frequently having service issues.

Using our expertise as Xerox Platinum Status Partners, we have compiled a list of the five best Xerox printers to buy for 2024. However, before we delve into our list, it’s important to note two key points:

Firstly, while we proudly offer Xerox products, we recognize they may not be the perfect match for everyone. Our aim isn’t to persuade you but to empower you with the knowledge to make an informed choice.

Secondly, Xerox has a large catalog of machines, catering to various needs—from compact home office printers to robust traditional office models and even advanced production presses.

We will highlight five exceptional printers from Xerox’s extensive catalog. If you don’t see a machine that alights with your printing goals, we encourage you to explore the full spectrum of Xerox offerings and other competitive brands until you discover the ideal printer for your business.

Our goal is to help you with honest and unbiased information, which is the sentiment underlying this article and all others.

Top 5 Xerox Printers for 2024 

Based on our experience with Xerox machines, this list will feature the five top printers from Xerox’s catalog for this year. 

We will provide some basic features of each machine, such as print speed, print volume, and size. Then, we will discuss who would benefit from each printer. 

All images courtesy of Xerox. 

  1. Xerox VersaLink C410 

Xerox VersaLink C410

Basic Specifications   

  • Print Speed: Up to 42 pages per minute (ppm) in color and black-and-white    

  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 10,000 pages 

  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 125,000 pages  

  • Base Model Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.5” x 17.9” x 16.6”      

  • Base Model Weight: 45.3 pounds    

  • Cost: Starting at around $699 

Who Is the Xerox VersaLink C410 a Good Fit for?   

The VersaLink C410 is ideal for work teams of 5+ daily users who need to print documents in both color and black and white.  

If you need a printer that can handle 10,000 pages a month, then the VersaLink C410 is worth considering. That 10,000-page threshold is the machine’s recommended monthly print volume, which you should stick to if you want it to have a longer lifespan.  

A major advantage of the VersaLink C410 is its compact size, which allows it to fit on a desk. It’s a good option for those in small workspaces who still need to print documents regularly. 

Con: The C410 is a single-function model, which means it can only print. It won’t be able to copy, scan, or fax like an all-in-one or multifunction (MFP) printer.  

Read our review of the VersaLink C410 for more information on the pros and cons of the machine. 

  1. Xerox VersaLink C415 

Xerox VersaLink C415

Basic Specifications   

  • Print Speed: Up to 42 pages per minute (ppm) in color and black-and-white   

  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 10,000 pages per month   

  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 125,000 pages  

  • Base Model Dimensions: 19.3” x 18.9” x 18.7”     

  • Base Model Weight: 59.5 pounds    

  • Cost: Starting at around $1,199  

Who Is the Xerox VersaLink C415 a Good Fit for?   

The VersaLink C415 is ideal for work teams of 2-10 daily users who need a color MFP printer that can safely print around 10,000 pages per month. 

Unlike the C410, the C415 is an MFP machine, which means that in addition to printing, it can also copy, scan, and fax.

If you’re looking for a smaller desktop MFP to execute your daily document processes, the VersaLink C415 is a great option.  

Con: The C415 doesn’t let you print in black-and-white when you run out of color toner. This is a feature the C410 had.

If you’d like to see a full review of the VersaLink C415 or how it compares to an HP-branded multifunction printer, read the blogs below:   

  1. Xerox AltaLink C8135 

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Basic Specifications   

  • Print Speed: Up to 35 pages per minute (ppm) in color and black-and-white   

  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 15,000 pages per month   

  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 110,000 pages  

  • Base Model Dimensions: 24.4” x 28.5” x 44.5”   

  • Base Model Weight: 316 pounds    

  • Cost: Starting at around $13,385  

Who Is the Xerox AltaLink C8135 a Good Fit for?   

Now, we’re getting into the bigger machines. The AltaLink C8135 is ideal for medium- to large-sized businesses that need to print around 15,000 pages safely per month. 

Because it is an advanced printer, it comes with features like McAfee’s Whitelisting Technology and Cisco’s Identity Services Engine, which enhance the machines’ overall security profile. 

Con: The AltaLink C8135 is an advanced MFP, so it will have a higher price tag. Leasing the printer, instead of purchasing it in full, can reduce some of the upfront cost and is often the preferred option for people who buy this kind of machine.

Read our review of the AltaLink C8135 to learn more about the machine.  


  1. Xerox AltaLink C8155 

Xerox AltaLink C8155/H2 Color Multi-function Printer - JTF Business System

Basic Specifications   

  • Print Speed: Up to 55 pages per minute (ppm) in color and black-and-white   

  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 22,000 pages per month    

  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 300,000 pages 

  • Base Model Dimensions: 24.4” x 28.5” x 44.5”   

  • Base Model Weight: 316 pounds    

  • Cost: Starting at around $20,445 

Who Is the Xerox AltaLink C8155 a Good Fit for?   

The next machine on this list belongs to the same AltaLink C8100 Series as the AltaLink C8135, but it has a couple of notable differences. 

While they are the same size, the AltaLink C8155 prints faster (55 ppm vs. 35 ppm) and supports a higher volume (22,000 pages per month vs. 15,000 pages per month) than the C8135 model. 

So, if you want the more efficient option to handle a higher print volume, the C8155 will be a better fit than the C8135. 

You can include print finishers and added accessories to all AltaLink C8100 Series models, such as automatic stapling and hole punching.

Con: A drawback of the C8155 is that it is expensive, and you might have to buy extra accessories like finishers to enhance your printer's functionality.

Read our review for the AltaLink C8155 to learn more about all of the different ways you can customize the machine. 

  1. Xerox PrimeLink B9100 

Xerox PrimeLink B9100 Series Copier/Printer - Xerox

Basic Specifications   

  • Print Speed: Up to 100 pages per minute (ppm) 

  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: Up to 700,000 pages  

  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 3 million pages 

  • Base Model Dimensions: 54.8” x 62” x 31.6”   

  • Base Model Weight: Depends on the configuration     

  • Cost: Starting at around $18,700 

Who Is the Xerox PrimeLink B9100 a Good Fit for?   

The fifth and final machine we will list in this article is an entry-level production printer, the Xerox PrimeLink B9100. 

The PrimeLink B9100 is built for workgroups that need a printer to handle high-volume daily office printing. It’s an MFP, so it can copy, scan, and fax while also producing production-level prints.  

So, if you need a heavy-duty black-and-white machine that can handle a huge workload with few to no service calls, then you would be a fit for this machine. Some common places you might find a PrimeLink B9100 include school workrooms, accounting firms, and law offices. 

Con: The PrimeLink B9100 is a monochrome printer, which means it can’t print in color. You would need to look at either the PrimeLink C9065 or C9070 for an entry-level color production printer in Xerox’s catalog.  

Read our review of the PrimeLink B9100 to find out more about the model.    

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Interested in a Xerox Printer? 

Now that you’ve seen the top five machines in Xerox’s catalog for this year, you’re ready for the next steps. 

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