Xerox VersaLink C410 Review: Pros, Cons, Cost

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Every business and every person are different, so the need of each printer will always vary. With so many printing options on the market nowadays, finding the right one can certainly be a hassle. Fortunately for you, we keep ourselves informed and educated to help you finalize your decision with more confidence and clarity.

Because we’ve been 35 years strong as a print vendor, combined with our partnership with Xerox has given us expertise in the company’s array of machines and products and can guide you through the learning process to help determine which machine will be the best fit for you.

In this article, we’ll be taking a thorough look at the specifications, features, upgrades, pros, cons and cost of the Xerox VersaLink C410 color printer and determine whether it’d be a good fit for your printing goals. 

Xerox is not for everyone, and we know that. We strive to create content that is fair, accurate, and honest with the intentions of giving you the proper information needed to make the best purchase for yourself or business.

Xerox VersaLink C410 Basics   

Here are some general statistics and information to help you get a feel for print speed, volume, resolution and cost:    

Recommended Monthly Print Volume: Up to 10,000 pages.

Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 125,000 pages 

Print Speed (one sided): Color and Black and White up to 42/40 ppm

Print Speed (two-sided): Color and Black and White up to 21/20 ppm

Maximum Print Resolution: 1200 X 1200 dpi 4800 color quality   

First-Page-Out Time Printing: As fast as 6.1 seconds black-and-white/ 6.4 seconds’ color   

Base Model Dimensions: 12.5" x 17.9" x 16.6"

Base Model Weight: 47 pounds

Cost: Starting at around $749   

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Features of the Xerox VersaLink C410    

Let’s look at some of the notable features of the VersaLink C410 and detail how it’s effective at improving a work environment.

Touchscreen Interface and App Gallery    

The Xerox VersaLink C410 contains a customizable, 4.3inch tablet-like touchscreen that helps users achieve their printing tasks more effectively.

With the Xerox’s App Gallery, you can choose from various apps to tailor your use of the the interface to your business’s goals. A few examples include:    

  • Clean Hands Reminder, with how our history has gone, staying clean is so very important. And life can become a lot to remember. So why not have a quick reminder when you’re at the printer to keep your hands clean. This will display whenever the device is inactive as a quick reminder. This is very ideal for large workspace where multiple people are touching the printer daily.
  • Xerox Content Hub is another free app on the gallery that can help organizations win simples ways create a directory of documents that can only be securely accessed 24/7 from wherever employees need to print from.
  • mFax Connector, which is a software-only Fax application that allows you to scan and send faxes over an internet connection via the device. The price for the app is $20 per device.    

The Xerox App Gallery contains several applications that can aid in office productivity. For more information on the different kinds of apps, read the following blogs:   

Printer Security Features  

The VersaLink C410 is accompanied with a four-point approach to security, cybercrime has become more and more prevalent, so the importance of security rises too.

Here are a few of the security measures, courtesy of Xerox’s website, that comes with the VersaLink C410:  

  • Firmware updates test that alert users of harmful changes to the printer.  
  • Password reset to keep you on your toes to make sure no one can just login to your system at any time.
  • Wifi security that has WEP encryption (64 &128bit keys) 
  • Read our blog on Xerox’s approach to cybersecurity to learn more.

Additional Printer Features and Upgrades   

Let’s take a look at the upgrade and features of your machine in ways that best optimize your business needs:   

  • A 250-sheet output tray with a tray-full sensor.    
  • A 550+100 sheet tray that’ll handle media sizes from 3 x 5 in to 8.5 x 14 in/76 x 127 mm to 216 x 356 mm up to 100 sheets of 75gsm. 
  • 550 Sheet Tray (up to an additional 2) up to 550 sheets of 75gsm for sizes up to 5.8 x 8.3 in to 8.5 x14in/148 x 210mm to 216 x356mm
  • An accessible, front-side, USB port that’ll allow you to print from any standard USB memory device.       


Here’s a look at the VersaLink C410 with additional upgrades:

printer stand


2 Pros of the Xerox VersaLink C410   

Let's look at some of the main pros of the VersaLink C400:

1. Printer Size and Versatility 

A strong option to meet quality color printing demand for workplaces with 2-10 users is The VersaLink C410 and here’s why.    

The size of the printer makes for a great and easy way to find a place for it in the workplace that doesn’t disrupt workflow or take up too much space. This mixed in with its high-quality printing abilities allows for a smooth transition for better printing in the workspace.

Purchasing the VersaLink C410 means your machine will have the ability to print in color and black-and-white while also allowing for letter/legal printing capabilities.  

2. Tablet-Like Interface and Mobile Connectivity    

As stated previously, the VersaLinks 4.3-inch tablet-like interface and numerous applications make navigating your printer much easier while increasing productivity.    

Its USB port allows for users to quickly print from any standard USB memory device too.   

2 Cons of the Xerox VersaLink C410 

Now that we've looked at a couple of the pros of the VersaLink C410, let's go over a couple of the main cons:

1. Doesn't Copy, Scan or Fax

The downside of the VersaLink C410 is that it does not copy, scan or fax documents. This device only prints. it’s a single-function color printer, which means it can’t copy, scan or fax documents.   

If you need a color multifunction printer, the Xerox VersaLink C415 could be a better fit. It contains much of the same characteristics as the VersaLink C410 but, you can scan, fax and copy too.  

2. Smaller touchscreen 

The display screen of the touchscreen is 4.3 inches, which is just 0.7 inches smaller than its predecessor VersakLink C400. The smaller screen means making more detailed decisions when pressing what you want and organizing how much space for apps you can fit on the printer.

Xerox VersaLink C410 Cost   

The base cost of the VersaLink C410 is around $749. This cost doesn’t include optional upgrades or maintenance plans that you may want to include upon purchase of your machine.    

Some vendors may offer trade-ins and there’s also the option to lease your printer, rather than purchase it outright. Keep in mind that most lease companies have a minimum of around $1,000 in order to finance. For more information on this, read these blogs:    

Is the Xerox VersaLink C410 a Good Fit for Me?   

For a smaller workgroup that would prefer a machine that can provide proficient color prints, the VersaLink C410 serves as a solid option.   

However, as stated earlier, we understand that this machine is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a multifunction printer, you’ll want to look at different options. This device is truly best to be used in small to mid-size office workgroups.

Using our expertise with Xerox machines as a reference, we can tell you that the Xerox VersaLink C410 is a quality machine that can greatly perform color printing capabilities and easily contribute to the workplace atmosphere.

At Strategic Technology Partners of Texas, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate the traditional sales process to find the best solution for you.   

If you're interested in discussing the VersaLink C410 further or have any additional questions, reach out to us and we'll help you find the right solution for your situation.    


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