6 Ways Xerox is Helping to Combat Climate Change

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With the world around us constantly changing, and climate change becoming increasingly relevant, Xerox has enacted several different methods towards becoming more sustainable. Through its six main initiatives, several awards and certificates, and commitments and recycling programs, it’s clear Xerox is leading the industry when it comes to sustainability and becoming environmentally friendly. 

The Six Initiatives

Xerox has prioritized sustainability by enacting six specific initiatives:  

  1. Carbon Footprint: Xerox is lowering the carbon footprint of its equipment to meet ENERGY STAR requirements and reduce its greenhouse emissions. 

  1. Paper: Xerox has designed its paper use, recycled paper, and eco-responsible paper offerings to preserve forests and the environment. 

  1. Clean Air and Water: Over the years, Xerox has made efforts to remove toxic chemicals in manufacturing to result in clean air and water product lifecycles. 

  1. Waste: Xerox produces products that utilize resources efficiently and minimize waste. Xerox will recycle what can’t be used. 

  1. Chemical Management: Xerox minimizes the use of hazardous chemicals with strict international standards and requirements of suppliers 

  1. Health and Safety: The health and safety of Xerox’s people, products, workplaces, and customers is of paramount importance 

Sustainability Awards and Certifications 

Since 2018, Xerox has won several awards for sustainability.   

  • Xerox was named one of the “World’s 100 Most Sustainable Corporations”   
    • Awarded on January 25, 2021, by Corporate Knights.   
  • Xerox was ranked top 20 on the Wall Street Journal’s “100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies in the World” listing.   
    • Awarded on Oct. 12, 2020   
  • Xerox was ranked No. 20 on the “100 Best Corporate Citizens” listing   
    • Awarded on March 18, 2020, by Corporate Responsibility Magazine   
  • Xerox is recognized for its industry-leading sustainability efforts by FTSE Russell's FTSE4Good Index Series.  
    • Awarded on July 30, 2020  
  • Xerox was named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2020 by MediaCorp Canada twice.   
    • Awarded on July 16, 2020.   
    • Awarded April 15, 2019.   
  • Xerox was ranked No. 62 on Barron’s 3rd annual 2020 “100 Most Sustainable Companies” listing.   
    • Awarded on Feb. 7, 2020   
    • Ranked No. 70 on February 8, 2019.   
    • Ranked No. 83 on February 3, 2018.   
  • Xerox achieved a perfect 5.0 ranking in each of the FTSE4Good index environmental, social, and governance categories.   
    • Awarded on Sept. 21, 2018.   

Xerox’s Sustainability Commitment

For almost 30 years, Xerox has served as a pioneer for sustainability in the corporate and business world. Xerox created the Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) organization in 1991 in order to keep the company accountable for its sustainability and ethics goals. Its policies, taken from the Xerox website, are: 

  • Comply with applicable environment, health and safety laws, rules, regulations, and Xerox Standards.  
  • Take appropriate measures to protect the environment and health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and neighbors from unacceptable risk.  
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses; provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment.  
  • Assess environmental, health, and safety impacts before starting a new activity or project.  
  • Comprehend environmental, health, and safety impacts in the design and acquisition of products and services.  
  • Eliminate unacceptable risks from facilities, products, services, and processes.  
  • Strive for continual improvement of its environmental management system and to conserve natural resources, eliminate the use of toxic and hazardous materials; prevent pollution; recover, reuse and recycle.  
  • Address climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of our operations, products, and services.  
  • Require suppliers to adhere to the applicable environment, health, and safety laws, rules, regulations, and Xerox Standards.  

Xerox Greenworld Alliance Supplies Take-Back Program 

Over the past 20 years, the Xerox Greenworld Alliance Supplies take-back program has kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills by recycling toner cartridges and supplies free of charge. By ordering an Eco Box from the Green World Alliance website, users can fill it with the used supplies, and schedule pickup with UPS.  

For more information on the Greenworld Alliance Supplies take-back program and other recycling options for used supplies, read our article How to Recycle Toner Cartridges and Other Supplies

Through its specific sustainability endeavors and dedicated recycling programs, consumers can have peace of mind in knowing that Xerox is doing its part in reducing its carbon footprint and offsetting the effects of climate change.  

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