5 Problems with your Auto Toner Replenishment System and How to Avoid Them

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Tue, 09/08/2020 - 09:00
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Alexander Pope once said, “to err is human.” This phrase is applicable in many circumstances, even when learning and operating the functions on your copier/printer.  


Unlike Pope’s famous poem from the 1700s, Copiers/Printers are modern and typically easy to use, depending on the make and model of your machine. These modern machines often come with the ability to automatically ship your toner when needed, which is convenient, but we want to make sure you are using the system correctly to avoid any problems or delays in receiving your toner.  


Today we are going to discuss the top five mistakes that can lead to problems or delayed toner shipment, but first, let’s make sure you understand exactly what the auto toner replenishment system is.  


Auto Toner Replenishment System 

If you’ve ever owned a desktop printer, you know the hassle and expense that comes with replacing toners. This is one of the main benefits of investing in a high-quality multifunction printer (MFP). If you’re using a Xerox machine, an application called Xerox Device Agent (XDA) will be loaded onto one of your office computers. Once that is up and running, the XDA will monitor your toner levels so they can be ordered and shipped automatically whenever you start to run low.  


This auto-system is only for toner. Items like drums, waste toner containers, and BTRs must be ordered manually. These items have long life spans, so you won’t have to replace them often.  


The auto toner replenishment system has cut back on the time spent worrying about when to replace toner for many businesses. However, some people have complained that the system “messed-up” or didn’t ship the toners correctly. Let’s discuss how to avoid these issues.  


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid  


We want to address the top 5 mistakes we’ve seen people make that are preventing the Auto Toner Replenishment System from sending out the toners. After reading this article you’ll know exactly what to do and what to avoid when the XDA is set up. This way, you won’t have to stress about your toner not being sent to you.   

Mistakes you can make with toner written out

1. Changing toner too soon  


When toner is sent to you, check the label on the box to identify what printer it’s for. Then set it aside for when that printer’s toner runs out. We often see customers change the toner as soon as the new one arrives or change the toner when they see the ‘replace toner soon’ alert on the machine.  


When your machine says ‘replace toner soon’ it does not mean replace toner now. Your machine will continue to print high quality prints until the toner is completely out of ink. Low toner does not affect the quality of the prints.  


Wait until your machine says, ‘replace toner,’ before changing them out. If you replace the toner when you see the ‘replace toner soon’ alert, your machine will get confused and possibly not send your next toner on time.  


2. Using toner for the wrong machine 


As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to check the label on your toner box to see what specific machine it was sent for. Do not use this toner for any other machine. 


If you use the toner for a different machine, you won’t get another replacement for the original machine because the XDA knows it already replenished that machine.  


If you run out of ink for a different machine, and for some reason don’t have the correct toner to replace it, you’ll want to grab toner from your safety stock. 


Safety stock is a few toners you were likely given when your MFP was installed, as backups.  


If you were not given a safety stock, or if you are noticing a delay in your shipments, give your vendor’s service team a call for help resolving the issue.  


3. Turning off or unplugging the computer 


The XDA will be installed on one of your office’s computers. Do not turn off or unplug this computer.  


Do not unplug the ethernet cable that runs from your computer to the copier. If you need to move your copier or computer, give your service team a call to learn how to safely transport your devices. 


Additionally, do not mess with the network settings on your MFP. 


Ignoring the instructions above have shown to create problems in the auto toner replenishment system. If you leave your computer on and plugged in, you shouldn’t run into any issues.  


4. Changing computers  


An easily overlooked mistake is changing computers. If you have to change computers for any reason, reach out to your vendor’s service team. They will need to re download the XDA application.  


5. Ignoring updates 


Many of us are probably guilty of ignoring the software update notifications on our devices such as phone, tablet, or computer. This often happens with the XDA updates. People will see a notification that the XDA needs an update and push it off for later or ignore it completely.  


Like any machinery, if you ignore these updates you will start to see pitfalls in your system. Keep your software up to date to ensure maximum quality.  



Now that you understand the top 5 mistakes that can happen, and how to avoid them, your experience with the auto-toner replenishment system should be painless. If you have any questions, you can always give your vendor’s service team a call.  



Like Pope said, “to err is to human.” However, messing with your networks system and unplugging devices without talking to your vendor, is going to cause unnecessary headaches. Avoid the mistakes we discussed today and when in doubt, call your service team.  



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