How Does Your Copier/Printer Earn Your Company Revenue?

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Fri, 10/01/2021 - 09:33
copier printer winning revenue

We all know why we have copiers and printers- to copy and print. But when was the last time that you considered how your printing equipment might be directly bringing your organization revenue?  

As an authorized vendor of Xerox printing equipment, we know just how invaluable having a copier/printer can be for any organization, regardless of the industry, and how it can bring your company revenue through several different ways. We’ve outlined the two main ones in this article, so you can understand how your organization is financially benefitting from having reliable and quality printing equipment in-house.  

Marketing Revenue

The most obvious way that your copier/printer can win your company revenue is by using your printers to create marketing and promotional materials that will bring new customers to your business or organization.  

No matter your industry, if you use your printing equipment to make any type of handouts such as flyers or brochures for your business, and you give them to your customers or hand them out in public, and ultimately people choose to do business with you, you have just used your printing equipment to generate revenue for your company.  

Someone saw your printed marketing materials and it caused them to choose your company and spend their hard-earned money on your goods/services and in turn, has created revenue for your company.   


CMYK+ is a function available to production-style multifunction printers, where users are able to print in bright and vivid colors, as well as metallics and fluorescents. Having the option to print in these high-quality colors and materials is a big bonus when it comes to printing promotional material, because your flyers, brochures, etc. will always be the brightest and most visually appealing. In fact, 74% of consumers indicated that a direct mail campaign’s design technique influenced their choice of interacting with it.  

Entry-Level Production Machines

Not just any machine is capable of printing in CMYK+ however, and businesses who are looking to print promotional materials might not be interested in a heavy-style production machine.  

That’s where entry-level production machines come in. They’re capable of large print jobs and printing in metallics and fluorescents, still perform basic functions like copy, print, scan, and fax, and are significantly less expensive than other production machines. This way your organization doesn’t have to compromise print quality or your marketing materials just because of pricing or budget limitations.  

You also won’t have to outsource your print jobs to other print shops anymore, giving you the flexibility and ease of printing what you want, when you want it, with no minimum print orders to fulfill at a high cost.  

You can read our in-depth review on the Xerox PrimeLink C9070 for an example of what an entry-level production machine would look like.  


Expense Reduction 

If you cut the cost of running your business down, the money you saved becomes revenue. Therefore, by cutting down your printing costs, you could increase your revenue. If you are outsourcing your printing costs or using the wrong printing equipment, you could be paying way too much for your printed materials. A majority of businesses do not even know what they spend on printing, and they do not track or monitor these costs.  

Moreover, printing is vital and necessary to businesses and there is no way around it, this is something your business needs to function, and businesses spend a lot of money on their printing equipment. If you look at the cost of printers, their maintenance, and paper alone, this can account for a large chunk of your revenue. So why wouldn’t you want to track these costs and limit/manage them to increase your revenue?  

In addition, printing and the management of these machines take up a lot of your IT employee's time. This is why it’s important to understand the different kinds of managed print services that your copier vendors can offer you, and the software different copier brands can provide you to manage these machines with. To learn more about printer management software like Y-Soft, click here.  

Do you know how much money your company spends on printing? Do your current copiers and printers drain your IT teams of their time which prevents them from focusing on other critical tasks? Do your employees have to outsource and coordinate with another printing company to get their printed materials? How much time are they wasting by doing this and how much money are you spending? This is why it’s important to sit down with a copier vendor and determine what you are spending and how to limit and manage these costs to increase your revenue.   

Internal Printing

Another way to reduce expenses is to print your own internal communications. Think about these types of things you might be printing in your business: 

  • Signage throughout your building (employee notices, directional signs, etc.) 
  • Employee training manuals 
  • HR manuals and announcements 
  • Company presentations (I.e., meeting agendas or notes) 
  • Customer agreements and contracts 
  • Manufacturing instructions or manuals 
  • Church bulletins 
  • Educational material  

Not Convinced?

Having a copier/printer for your business is an invaluable asset that really can bring direct revenue to your company, whether it’s through improving your marketing efforts or managing your printing costs more accurately.  But we understand that these revenue-increasing benefits might not outweigh your hesitation on investing in a quality device. If you’re still not convinced, then read our article on 4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Printer for Your Business- Even in the Digitized Age.

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