How Do I Print in Metallics and Fluorescents? (What is CMYK+?)

Submitted by Wesley Bowen on Mon, 04/05/2021 - 09:00
how do i print in metallics and fluorescents

When printing promotional material for your business, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. We all see hundreds of advertisements a day, and our eyes get used to the colors and textures of different visuals.  

One way to elevate your business is by printing in CMYK+. As experienced copier/printer vendors, we know that many customers can be intimidated by a production style machine, or didn’t even think about printing in metallics and fluorescent colors, but we’re here to tell you that not only is it something that can impress you, but it can impress your customers as well.  

What is CMYK+?

CMYK stands for the four colors used by printers to create images: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. CMYK+ takes layering to a new level with a white base layer printed, followed by the color layers. This allows for colors to pop and become more vivid.  

With CMYK+, you are also able to print in metallics and fluorescents, due to how the production machines layer the toner and how many colors they can support. Depending on the production model, you can also have quick switch-out color sets that allow you to go between different color modes.  

Who Would Benefit from CMYK+? 

While anyone who wishes to print clear, production-quality images could benefit from CMYK+, it really shines for print shops or places that perform in-house printing. For example, a high school might use a Primelink C-Series to produce booklets, brochures, and flyers for its performing arts department or athletic teams. A vehicle manufacturer might have an Iridesse it uses to print promotional material for all of the dealerships that sell their brand of vehicle. Regardless of the industry, there are light and heavy production models they can choose from.  

Why Are Consumers Interested?

CMYK+ brings promotional items to the forefront of the conversation. Be it the gold lettering on your business card or the new window cling you just printed, if CMYK+ was used in its printing then the image is clearer and the text is bolder.  

Picture looking at a busy bulletin board. There are at least twenty different flyers hung up, business cards, and posters, but it’s the ones with the brightest graphics and the clearest image that really grabs your attention. This is what consumers look for when shopping or looking through magazines or company pamphlets, so if you’re able to deliver stunning visuals then it will drive business automatically. In fact, 74% of consumers indicated that a direct mail campaign’s design technique influenced their choice in interacting with it. The best way to build interest is by giving people something breathtaking to look at.  

What Machines Can Do CMYK+? 

The Xerox machines that are capable of printing CMYK+ are the Primelink C-Series, the Versant Presses, the Iridesse Production Press, and the iGen 5 Press.  

What's Next?

Now that you’ve gotten more information on CMYK+ and the various ways it can be used to enhance a business, you’re ready to start looking into how CMYK+ can provide you and your company stunning visuals, exceptional promotional materials, and an easy-to-use printing process. Contact us to gather more information, or if you’re interested in other production applications, then check out the resources below.   

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