Top 5 Printer Apps for the Business Environment

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Thu, 05/30/2024 - 07:03
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Running a business involves managing many tasks, including handling documents, both physical and digital. If you use a printer, there are ways to make the most of it. Printer apps can help streamline your daily tasks and organize your digital files, boosting your overall efficiency.

These apps work like the ones on your smartphone but are designed to enhance office productivity and simplify business operations. As a print vendor with experience in modernizing business processes, we know how powerful these apps can be for improving workflows.

If you have a Xerox ConnectKey-enabled device, you're in luck. We've put together a list of the top five apps from the Xerox App Gallery to help you decide if they're worth your time and money. Using our expertise as a Platinum-Status Xerox Agent dealer, we've highlighted the best apps for businesses.

Xerox offers several of its own apps, but it also collaborates with other developers to create apps for many different needs.

While some apps in the Xerox App Gallery are free, others cost money, and not all are worth the investment. Remember, Xerox isn't the only brand offering printer apps. If you use a different brand or don't find these apps useful, there are many other options available.

Check out the video below for a recap of the top apps in business:

The 5 Best Printer Apps in the Xerox App Gallery for Businesses  

Based on effectiveness, popularity, and distinctness, here are the five most useful business applications in the Xerox App Gallery:    

1. Connect for DocuSign    

Connect for DocuSign is an application that helps streamline daily business interactions by removing approval bottlenecks and ensuring that important agreements keep moving forward quickly and efficiently.

The app allows you to scan directly to your DocuSign draft envelopes and add recipients or signature fields where necessary. When completed, you can preview and print documents from your DocuSign inbox.   

Connect for DocuSign makes delivering time-sensitive documents a breeze.

This app also offers single sign-on (SSO) functionality when using one of the two Xerox Workplace Solutions: Xerox Workplace Suite or Xerox Workplace Cloud. This means you only have to sign in once to get access to all your SSO-enabled apps.

A preview of the Connect for DocuSign app:

Xeros Connect for DocuSign printer app_Add Recipient page


The Connect for DocuSign app has per-device prices for three different time lengths:

  • 1 month for $14
  • 1 year for $149
  • 3 years for $315

The “Connect for” applications allow you to link your service of choice to your printer, making it easier to accomplish tasks within the platforms you use in your daily business processes.       

2. Xerox Note Converter  

Want to transform your handwritten notes into digital files? The Xerox Note Converter app can help you do just that. The app utilizes Google AI technology to convert handwritten notes into a Microsoft Word document or text file that can be sent to you digitally.

 If your business relies on extensive note-taking, this app makes sharing notes easier.

The features of the app, courtesy of Xerox, include:  

  • Easily convert your handwritten notes to an MS Word document (.docx)  
  • Send the documents to yourself or another email address.  
  • Easily edit and then share without needing to re-type  

A preview of the Xerox Note Converter app:

Xerox Note Converter app_Scan settings


You can install the Xerox Note Converter app on an unlimited number of devices. The app charges per scanned document:

  • 750 Scan pages for $29
  • 1,500 Scan pages for $54
  • 3200 Scan pages for $108

For a quick guide on how to use the app, check out our Note Converter app tutorial.

3. Xerox Capture & Content  

The Xerox Capture & Content app simplifies and automates tasks by ensuring that documents are sent to the systems your business relies on.

Key features of the app include:

  • Intelligent capture capabilities
  • Classification of documents
  • Automatic data extraction
  • Routing & integration of data into workflows & content management platforms
  • Encrypted data storage

To use the app, you need a Capture & Content Services account. Once you’ve logged into your account, scan your documents into the app and integrate them with existing business processes.

A preview of the Xerox Capture & Content app:

Xerox Capture & Content app_Scan documents preview


The exact price for the app isn’t available. You’ll have to pay a certain amount to use this app through your Capture & Content Services account.

Xerox Capture & Content Services and this App are available for sale by Xerox Direct/Enterprise sales.

4. Scanning App for OnBase

Hyland OnBase is an enterprise information software platform that lets you centrally control your business content by organizing, managing, and optimizing it.

With the Scanning app for OnBase, you can securely log in to your existing Hyland OnBase account. Then, you can scan your hardcopy documents and import them directly to your Hyland Scan Queues. Plus, the app lets you name your files so you can search and find them easily.   

Like the Connect for DocuSign app, this app also offers single sign-on functionality when using a supported Xerox Workplace Solution.  

A preview of the Scanning App for On-Base:

Xerox Scanning app for OnBase_Scan queues preview


The Scanning app for OnBase has per-device prices for three different time lengths:

  • 1 month for $6
  • 1 year for $54
  • 3 years for $131

5. Xerox ET-Badge    

ET-Badge is a solution developed by EtiQube, an IT consultancy that offers software and app development services. Its goal is to help the HR department keep track of employees.

With the ET-Badge app installed on a device, employees can clock in or clock out with their badge or with a PIN. The app also features a web portal through which an administrator can display or download a .csv file with the summary of all activity.

Some other features of the app include:

  • Ability to choose authentication method for employees
  • Ability to create a registry with all employees with a PIN

To use the app, you must be registered to the ET-Badge portal.

A preview of the Xerox ET-Badge app:

Xero ET-Badge app_Enter PIN preview


The ET-Badge app has a per-device price for the following time length:

  • 1 year for $150

Boost Productivity with Apps

Downloading apps for your printer can result in many benefits for you and your business. To read about a few of these benefits, check out our blog on the pros and cons of printer apps.

If you want to learn more about the various apps on the Xerox App Gallery, read these blogs:        

Interested In a Free Xerox App Trial?  

Printer applications have contributed to the innovation of printers and can help improve daily business operations if you have a general need for them.    

Just a reminder: It's important that you purchase apps that meet your business's specific needs. If you don't have a clear need for the app's features, it may not be worth buying.

We only discussed five apps in detail today. The Xerox App Gallery offers many more options for a range of industries and business goals. You can find apps specifically catered to sectors like healthcare, legal, and education.   

The business world has evolved, and we have gained a lot of insight from working with print customers every day. We can offer you professional guidance if you are interested in finding out how apps can boost your business productivity.    

If you’d like one of these apps for your MFP, Xerox offers free 30-day trials for most of its apps. Contact us for information on how to get a free trial.