Top 5 Printer Apps for the Business Environment

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Wed, 11/23/2022 - 07:03

Running a business operation is a day-to-day grind. Finding the best way to execute those daily tasks is usually at the top of mind for business owners and employees alike.  

One of the ways you can improve efficiency with the basic office responsibilities that form the foundation of most workplaces is by investing in applications for your printer.    

Printer apps work in much of the same way as the apps you use on your smartphone, except their purpose is to streamline productivity in the office and make daily company chores more efficient.  

As a print vendor that’s worked closely with companies of all kinds to modernize business processes, we know that apps can help with the goal of increased efficiency, but only if you have a general need for them.  

To help you decide whether an app could be worth your time and money, we’re going to use our industry expertise as a Platinum-Status Xerox Agent Channel to scan through the Xerox App Gallery and highlight the top five applications listed under the Business category to help you decide which one may be worth investing in.  

While there are free applications on the App Gallery, some of them do cost money and not all of them will be worth investing in.     

And Xerox is certainly not the only brand that offers apps as a feature. There are plenty of other solid options out there if you have a different-branded printer or don’t find the apps discussed here today useful.    

The 5 Best Printer Apps in the Xerox App Gallery for Businesses  

Based on effectiveness, popularity and distinctness, here are the five most useful business applications in the Xerox App Gallery:    

  1. Connect for DocuSign    

Connect for DocuSign is an application that can aid daily business interactions by eliminating approval bottlenecks and keeping essential agreements moving forward quickly and efficiently.   

Connect for DocuSign works by allowing you to scan directly to your DocuSign draft envelopes and adding recipients or signature fields where necessary. You can preview and print documents from your DocuSign inbox when completed.   

The price of the app is $14 a month, $149 a year or $315 for three years, and there is a 30-day free trial available. You must have a DocuSign account to access the app.  

In addition to Connect for DocuSign, the App Gallery contains other “Connect for” applications to various platforms that frequent the business world. They include:  

  • Connect for Concur ($99-699, depending on the number of receipts you account for)     

  • Connect for DocuSign ($14/month, $149/year, $315/three years)    

  • Connect for Exchange Online ($5/month, $49/year, $119/three years)     

  • Connect for NetSuite ($10/month, $99/year, $208/three years)    

  • Connect for Sage Intacct ($79-$899, depending on the number of bills you account for)    

  • Connect for Salesforce ($10/month, $99/year, $208/three years)     

  • Connect for signNow ($5/month, $49/year, $119/three years)    

  • Connect for XM Pie (Free)    

The “Connect for” applications allow you to link your service of choice to your printer, making it easier to accomplish tasks within the platforms you use in your daily business processes.       

  1. Xerox Note Converter  

The Xerox Note Converter app is one of the more valuable applications in the App Gallery for businesses that rely on extensive notetaking because of its ability to convert handwritten notes into a Microsoft Word document using Google AI technology.   

The features of the app, courtesy of Xerox, include:  

  • Easily convert your handwritten notes to an MS Word document (.docx)  

  • Send the documents to yourself or another email address.  

  • Easily edit then share without needing to re-type  

The price of the app is $5 a month, $49 a year and $119 for three years.    

  1. Xerox Content Hub  

The Xerox Content Hub app is a free cloud-based solution for any Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printer. The app allows you to create a cloud-based repository of documents that can be accessed whenever and wherever you need to print.     

Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity, and although there are other cloud-based solutions on the App Gallery, such as Connect for Microsoft 365 and Connect for Dropbox, the Xerox Content Hub offers businesses a free cloud-storage service for documents they can select, customize and print at any time.    

Read our blog on the Xerox ConnectApps for cloud storage to learn more.    

The Xerox Content Hub app:    

  1. QuickBooks Online    

QuickBooks, one of the most commonly used platforms in the business world, is available on the Xerox App Gallery as an option for companies that frequently use the QuickBooks service in their business operations.    

QuickBooks Online links users directly to the QuickBooks service to help accelerate the expense reporting process and eliminate inefficiencies that may come up while using the financial management suite.       

The app will let you scan multiple receipts at once, preview the receipts, edit and submit the data fields and notify the approver directly from the printer. The price of the app is $20 for 100 receipts, $69 for 500 receipts and $99 for 1000 receipts, and you must have an existing QuickBooks Online account and access to a computer to use the app.   

  1. Xerox ID Checker    

The Xerox ID Checker is an app that can check the validity of an ID document from the printer to circumvent the chance of ID fraud.    

You can also use the data gathered from the ID to automatically export for custom onboarding workflows.     

The Xerox ID Checker features include:  

  • Allows the scanning of typical ID documents like driver’s licenses, passports and country IDs.  

  • Review the scan with a clear scan preview, both front and back.  

  • Receive instant feedback right from the Xerox ConnectKey-enabled device.   

  • Email or Print the Certificates of Authenticity.  

The app is applicable for all of your Xerox devices after purchase and the price is $99 for 50 verifications, $399 for 250 verifications and $699 for 500 verifications.    

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