How Much Will I Be Paying for a Copier/Printer?


“How much does it cost?”

This is likely the definitive question you have when it comes to buying your next office printing equipment, and the truth is, the price can vary dramatically.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t address pricing at all.  As a consumer, you need to know how much to budget for so you’re not surprised when you find out how much an office printer/copier will cost you.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Printer?

To break cost down in simple but effective terms, we’re going to provide you with the cost of leasing and purchasing a machine by workgroup size:


The numbers provided are estimates designed to help you understand the potential cost of a printer based on the size and volume of a workgroup.

Many factors go into the total cost of an office machine, including the type of printer you're getting, your monthly print volume, maintenance, supplies, and any additional accessories or digital solutions you might want.

Printer prices will not be the same at every vendor, print provider, or retail store you choose from. Each situation is different, and there are hidden costs, such as property taxes and insurance fees, that you might incur during your ownership of a printer.    

When leasing or purchasing a printer, consider the relevant workgroup size and use the prices in this article as a starting point.


Monthly Printer Payment Structure    

In the previous sections, we talked about the factors that determine the price of a printer and showed you the approximate cost of a printer without a maintenance plan. Now, let's incorporate the maintenance fees to create a monthly expense plan for your printer.

Remember that the total cost of owning a printer includes the initial cash purchase or base lease payment, usage fees (cost per print or copy), and maintenance fees.

Whether you buy or lease a printer, you can invest in a maintenance plan. After purchasing a printer, it is crucial to be aware of the ongoing costs of printing and maintenance.

Purchasing Option   

If you opt to purchase your machine, below is what you can expect to see on your monthly invoice:    

  1. Maintenance Fee: Around $10-$30 per month  
  2. Black-and-White Prints: Around $0.0079-$0.03 per page  
  3. Color Prints: Around $0.05 - $0.30 per page   

Leasing Option   

If you decide to lease your machine, below is what you can expect to see on your monthly invoice:     

  1. Base Lease Payment: Around $79-$535 per month  
  2. Maintenance Fee: Around $10-$30 per month  
  3. Black-and-White Prints: Around $0.0079 - $0.03 per page  
  4. Color Prints: Around $0.05 - $0.30 per page    

The cost of a printer/copier varies depending on the machine type, supplies, and type of prints you make.

However, you can use these estimates as a starting point to figure out your monthly expenses, including maintenance, usage, and base lease payment, if you opt for leasing.

If you need clarification on whether leasing or purchasing a printer/copier is the right choice, check out our blog on leasing vs. purchasing a printer/copier.  


Monthly Payment Examples (Leasing vs. Purchasing)

Now, let's compare example monthly payment plans for leasing and purchasing side by side.

Monthly Payment Plan (Leasing)

Your company leased a new copier. Congrats!

Your base lease payment for the copier is $100.

You also have a $12 monthly maintenance fee.

The first month you print 100 black and white papers, which are $0.01 each.

You also print 100 color papers, which are $0.07 each.

$100 + $12 + $100(.01) + 100(.07) = $120 per month

Monthly Payment Plan (Purchase)

Your company purchased a new copier. Congrats! You have a $12 monthly maintenance fee.

The first month you print 100 black and white papers, which are $0.01 each.

You also print 100 color papers, which are $0.07 each.

$12 + 100(.01) + 100(.07) = $20 per month.

Ready to Purchase a Printer?

By reading this guide, you've gained more knowledge about the general costs of printers. You are on the right path toward making the most informed buying decision possible.

The price ranges provided above are estimates of what you might expect to pay when purchasing or leasing a new machine. Make sure to consider the amount of cash or lease payments you are willing to spend, the service plan you prefer, and the expected usage of your printer. Considering all these factors will help you make a purchasing decision you won't regret later.

However, it would be best to customize your machine to determine the exact cost for the specific printer you want. Our product configurator can help you achieve that.

You can target a specific printer by selecting specifications like printing speed, price range, and paper size to ensure the ideal printer matches your requirements. Once you've chosen the machine you want and configured your options (if available), you can input your checkout information, and a business consultant will reach out promptly to finalize your purchase.

If you have any further questions about purchasing options or printer costs, please get in touch with us. Our experienced printer technicians can help you find the right solutions.