What Is the Xerox Fleet Orchestrator?

Submitted by Mary Eberhart on Thu, 12/10/2020 - 09:00
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Between technical support, computer management, monitoring servers, and more, the IT department has its hands full. 


Often, the IT department spends hours updating and making changes to the company’s fleet of multifunction printers.  


Constant upgrades or help desk requests can take up a huge chunk of the department’s time.  


Companies who find themselves annoyed by tedious copier tasks would benefit from software that allows for configurations to take place in one centralized location, like the Xerox Fleet Orchestrator. 


What is the Xerox Fleet Orchestrator? 


The Fleet Orchestrator is a software that allows for automatic changes to be deployed across an entire copier fleet, from one location. 


Through one designated machine, the publisher, you can create a family tree by connecting all other copiers, called subscribers, to the publisher. This way, if you make a change to the publisher, it gets automatically changed on the subscribers. 


Fleet Orchestrator Tree


For example, if you update the security firmware on the designated host machine through the orchestrator, you can automatically send the updates to your entire fleet. 


If you have MFPs in multiple locations, the IT department no longer has to drive from place to place. This frees them from the tedious and time-consuming task of making a single change on every machine. 


New devices can be added to the orchestrator via IP addresses. Once your publisher and subscribers are set up, the IT department can easily make changes, upgrades, and password updates from one location.   


Fleet Orchestrator Questions?

Who is the Xerox Fleet Orchestrator best for? 


Medium-large sized companies, school districts, or businesses with machines spread out across multiple locations will benefit the most from the Fleet Orchestrator. 



Businesses with multiple machines will also have the benefit of making changes to only one machine (the publisher). The publisher then automatically makes the changes to the rest of the fleet (the subscribers). 


If unwanted changes are made, the orchestrator allows the IT department to easily revert the settings back to default. 


Medium-large sized companies, school districts, and businesses with multiple locations should take advantage of the Fleet Orchestrator to centralize tedious processes, free up time for the IT department, and ensure security risks are kept at a minimum.  


Who is the Fleet Orchestrator not for?  


The fleet orchestrator is not a good fit for small businesses. 


If a business is only utilizing one copier/printer, they definitely won’t need the Fleet Orchestrator.  


These businesses should double-check that they are not overusing their machine by exceeding the recommended print usage each month. If you happen to be overusing the printer, now would be the time to look into a backup to avoid running your machine into the ground.  


However, even if you decide to purchase a backup machine, two machines within the same location won’t be enough to need the Orchestrator. 


We would not recommend the Fleet Orchestrator to any business that we don’t think would benefit from the service.  



What copier/printer has the Fleet Orchestrator capabilities?  


The Fleet Orchestrator is available for any Xerox Altalink MFP. 


 If the Fleet Orchestrator sounds like something that could benefit your business by freeing up your IT department from tedious and repetitive tasks, then switching to an Altalink will likely be beneficial for your business. 


Before you make the switch, read on to learn more about the Altalink. 


Altalink’s are designed to be a workplace assistant. This machine provides productivity tools and features such as: 


  • Mobile and cloud-ready 

  • Comprehensive security via McAfee and Cisco ISE 

  • High-resolution output and best-in-class toner that produces superior color quality  


If you are a medium-large sized business, the Altalink will likely be the most beneficial machine for your business.  


If you are utilizing multiple machines, consider switching them to the Altalink so you can take advantage of the Fleet Orchestrator.   



Which AltaLink is right for you?

Consider adding the Fleet Orchestrator to your machine 



As discussed today, the Fleet Orchestrator is best for businesses with multiple devices. Changes, password updates, and other upgrades can be done via one centralized location and automatically changed through the entire fleet. 


Freeing the IT department from hours of mind-numbing tasks will allow them to work on more pressing matters, such as the technical support for the entire company.  


For more information on the Fleet Orchestrator, trading in your current machine for an Altalink, or switching to Xerox, contact us today. We will honestly let you know if we think the Fleet Orchestrator or Altalink machines are right for your business needs.  




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