Copier/Printer Apps: Can I Write My Own?

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copier/printer apps can i write my own

We all know that in today’s digital world, having access to the applications you need is a big deal. Whether it’s on a cell phone or a multifunction printer, apps are the go-to source for convenience. With Xerox, you can take your applications to another level- by creating your own with the Xerox Personalized Application Builder Program.   

What is the Xerox Personalized Application Builder Program? 

The Xerox Personalized Application Builder Program is designed to allow you to work with a Xerox Partner or Xerox directly, in order to have a custom application built for you.  

Most of the time these applications are designed to bridge different cloud systems to your Xerox device. However, there are some unique applications that have only come around due to individuals having the ability to create their own.  

How Does it Work?

Once you come up with the idea for an application that you think would benefit your company, you have two available options to get started.  

The first, and also the easiest, is to contact your local Xerox Channel partner and discuss with them the application you would like to design. They’ll go over the idea with you and determine if it’s something that can be done or not. Then they’ll take it to the Xerox Design Team, where they’ll handle the next steps of designing, coding, and developing the application. 

The second option is a little more intensive, and slightly less common because it requires a member of your staff to have prior coding experience. First, you’ll contact either Xerox or an authorized Xerox Partner and request access to design the application. Then, you’ll be in charge of designing, coding, and developing yourself.  

How Does it Benefit End-Users?

Once the custom application process is done and developed, then it will save your company valuable time by automating steps in the process and allowing users to focus on more mission-critical initiatives. Automating some of that process will also help mitigate human error that could potentially occur.  

Who Would This Program Be a Great Fit For?

A great fit for this program would be any company that uses specialized software that can interact with networked devices. Another great fit would be a company trying to modernize its older way of doing things.  

For example, one application in the Xerox App Gallery is a time-clock application, for employees to clock in and out of their shifts. This was an application designed for a company through the Personalized Application Builder Program, and after its implementation, there was no need for HR to collect manual punch cards. Now, all they have to do is log into a portal so see everyone’s logged time.  

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is incredibly easy. Just contact us and let us know that you’re wanting to have a custom application made for your Xerox device. We’ll get you in touch with the right people and make the process for you a breeze.  

The Personalized Application Builder Program is just one of the many ways that Xerox is enhancing productivity in the workplace with specialized applications. If you want some examples of popular apps, you can check out our articles on apps for the education environment, the legal industry, and the healthcare sector.  

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